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Wild Turkey Kentucky Rye

How To: Make a Jim Beam Old Fashioned

At £27.45, the Wild Turkey Kentucky Rye is just about the cheapest Rye Whiskey we have on our list.

One Amazon reviewer said:

“Wild Turkey fan for years and normally 101 kinda guy. Now with the rye its an easier drink as goes down smoother with just a rock in the glass.

The other thing is that comparison to 101 I dont wake up with such a fuzzy head.

Overall great taste and smooth.”

Brown Butter Old Fashioned

Liquor.com / Tim Nusog

If youve never tried a brown-butter-washed bourbon Old Fashioned, then drop whatever youre doing and get to it. There are few flavors that pair better with bourbon than the rich nuttiness of brown butter. The process of washing the bourbon is simple: Heat unsalted butter in a saucepan until it lightly browns and has a nutty aroma. Then combine the browned butter with a bottle of bourbon in a heavy-duty Ziploc, toss it in the freezer overnight to freeze the fat, then skim off the solids. That bourbon base is combined with a complementary brown-sugar syrup and Angostura bitters before being garnished with the usual orange twist and a Luxardo maraschino cherry.

History Of An Old Fashioned

Now that weve covered how to make an Old Fashioned, lets take a look at the history of this cocktail.

Whilst this story isnt as wild as the origin of the Moscow Mule or even the Margarita, its still fascinating.

One of the most prominent claims comes from The Pendennis Club in Louisville, Kentucky. Founded in 1881, The Pendennis Club was a private social club based on those prominent in London at the time. Its thought to be one of the first social clubs in Kentucky, if not the United States.

Links between The Pendennis Club and the Old Fashioned cocktail started in 1931. In a book called In Old Waldorf Bar Days the writer, Albert Stevens Crocket, claimed:

This was brought to the old Waldorf in the days of its sit-down Bar, and introduced by, or in honor of, Col. James E. Pepper, of Kentucky, proprietor of a celebrated whiskey of the period. The Old-fashioned Whiskey cocktail was said to have been the invention of a bartender at the famous Pendennis Club in Louisville, of which Col. Pepper was a member.

However, Cocktail Historian David Wondrich, casts serious doubt about this Old Fashioned origin story.

He says:

Since the Chicago Daily Tribune was already discussing “old fashioned cocktails” in February of 1880 and the Pendennis Club wasnt founded until 1881, I think its safe to pronounce this myth busted.

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Is Jim Beam A Sipping Whiskey

Bourbons from Jim Beam fit the budget category perfectly. In many cases, its where people begin their journey into the world of bourbon. With its low proof and affordable price, it is an excellent place to start. Despite its smooth flavor, lack of complexity, and low proof point, this isnt a great drink to sip on.

Pumpkin Spice Old Fashioned

15 New Takes on the Old Fashioned

Liquor.com / Tim Nusog

So-called pumpkin spice-flavored drinks have become so ubiquitous as to elicit eye rolls, but this Old Fashioned riff proves the flavor has merit when used wisely. This cocktail calls for a homemade syrup employing pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice, brown sugar, and vanilla extract just combine this liquid pumpkin pie with bourbon and orange bitters and let the autumnal sensation wash over you.

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Classic Old Fashioned Cocktail

This Old Fashioned Bourbon Cocktail is a classic. Made with muddled orange and cherry, sugar cubes, and a dash of bitters, the flavor profile is definitely bourbon but with the perfect touch of sweetness and balanced acidity.

Its been nearly a month since we shared a #survivalcocktail and should our absence lead you to believe that weve been neglecting Friday happy hour, let me absolve you of that assumption right quick. In reality, its because weve been busy, well, surviving. But were back, and were back sooooo good with this recipe for a Classic Old Fashioned.

This week were spending some time with our good friend bourbon. Ahh, bourbon. Its good winter drinkin. Most recipes for an Old Fashioned call for whiskey, but as I said, were using bourbon as the base here. Besides, bourbon is whiskey, although not all whiskey is bourbon. Clear as mud, right? I cant do any better differentiating between the two, so you might as well google it. #sorrynotsorry #thisbrainismadeforcooking

Speaking of spirits, lets talk a little bit about the quality of such. Remember when we discussed the Bourbon Honey Cocktail, and I said that Jim Beam was just fine? Not gonna fly here my friends. Put on your big girl panties and splurge on the semi-good stuff. We like Elijah Craig. If you enjoy sipping it straight, youll love it just as much in an Old Fashioned.

While youre at it, lets be friends follow me on and for the latest and greatest.

Ingredients For An Old Fashioned Cocktail

BourbonA dash of Angostura bittersIce

Many people like to add a maraschino cherry or slice of orange when serving. Others like theirs straight up.

As you can see, I actually added some maraschino cherries to my whiskey ice cubes. This way the ice cubes are infused with a bit of flavor, so when they melt, you get a hint of flavor as well.

You can grab my simplesimple syrup recipe, I also give some great ideas on how to infuse the simple syrup with flavors, such as oranges. So, if you would like to garnish your Old Fashioned with orange, the orange infused simple syrup may be good to try once. Sugar syrup will keep for months if stored properly in a screw-top bottle or mason jar. It can be used in any number of other cocktails, particularly other whiskeys/bourbon cocktails such as a whiskey sour or mint julep.

Too much sugar syrup can mask the bourbon, and too little bitters can make it taste a little one dimensional. The perfect Old Fashioned should taste greater than the sum of its parts. It may be worth experimenting slightly with amounts, particularly if using a different type of whiskey or bourbon.

An alternative way of making an Old Fashioned if you dont have any simple syrup is to dissolve a sugar cube in a small amount of water before adding ice, bourbon, and bitters.

Now, here is the classic Old Fashioned Bourbon Cocktail recipe, be sure to Print It and Pin It so that you can make them again and again.

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The Main Features Of Bulleit Straight Bourbon

One of the main features of Bulleit Straight Bourbon is that it offers you some distinct and unique flavors. In addition, it has a mouth coating and creamy feeling that you are going to enjoy. These things are going to allow you to have a unique experience. Another great feature is that the bourbon is typically found at most bars so if you fall in love, you can get your favorite drink everywhere.

History Of The Original Bourbon Old Fashioned

How to make an Old Fashioned with Jim Beam

The Old Fashioned was one of the first drinks specifically called a cocktail. The Sazerac is widely believed to be the first. Regardless, the earliest mention of the word cocktail was in the first decade of the 19th century , in reference to a combination of spirit, sugar, bitters, and water. The cocktail evolved over time using rum, brandy, and even gin in various forms and measure.

In addition, other modifiers were added over time producing a vast array of flavors and combinations. But of all the old fashioned cocktail combinations that arose, the most widespread was made with whiskey, and became known as the whiskey cocktail. The Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail was later simplified to just the Old Fashioned.

Nevertheless, there isnt a widely agreed upon time or place when/where the first Old Fashioned was created. However, there is a well-received origin story for the Original Bourbon Old Fashionedit begins deep in Kentucky bourbon country.

The Original Bourbon Old Fashioned was created in the late 19th century. A bartender at the Pendennis Club of Louisville, KY developed it for a local distiller James E. Pepper. Soon after, the cocktail was introduced to New Yorks Waldorf-Astoria Hotel and from there quickly became of the most popular cocktails in the world, just like it is today.

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The Main Features Of Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon

The flavor profile of Knob Creek offers so many things. There is the natural flavors and woodsy hints that you only find in the best bourbons. In addition to that, the flavors include hints of vanilla, honey, toasted almond, and allspice. It is a bourbon that is going to sit on the palate and taste different than you might expect. It has a nice bite and solid backbone as it is a 100 proof spirit.

Why I Chose Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon

One of the things that I personally love about Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon is that it is smooth. In fact, Knob Creek seems to offer a bourbon that is smoother than what you are used to. When you use Knob Creek to make your old fashioned, it makes it feel more elegant and gives it the flavor profile of a sophisticated and special cocktail. This makes Knob Creek one of the best choices if you really want to impress friends and/or family.

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The Absolute Best Tasting Jim Beam Cocktail & Mixer Recipes

Jim Beam is made by a family who started distilling in 1795. Seven generations on, they’ve become one of the biggest distillers in the world, producing a huge range of well-respected and award-winning whiskies. The first of the Beam family to become a distiller in Kentucky was Johannes Jacob Beam, who was born in 1770. Jacobs distillery was called Old Tub and his whiskey, known as Old Jake Beam, was introduced in 1795. Remarkably, seven generations later, the business is still operated by Jacob Beams descendants, although ownership has now passed to Fortune Brands.

Where Can You Find Four Roses Yellow Label Bourbon

Recipe for Jim Beam Whisky Sour and Old Fashioned ...

Four Roses has a nice section on their website that offers you what you need to know where to buy. This link even allows you to pick out the exact style of bourbon that you are looking for and then directs you to the retailers near you that carry it.

Jim Beam is one of the most well-known brands in the entire United States and even possibly the best known American whiskey throughout the world. Jim Beam has branded the Old Grand-Dad brand to procure additional bourbons under their brand name. One of the things that is unique about Jim Beam is that the brand is a family-owned company that has been in operation for more than two hundred years and over seven generations.

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Elements Of An Old Fashioned

Whiskey: Both rye and bourbon offer different flavor profiles. Bourbon is slightly sweeter and rounder, whereas rye introduces a peppery bite. Either way, youll want something high in proof as this extra alcohol will stand up to the dilution from melting ice.

Try: Knob Creek, W.L. Weller Antique, Bookers, Old Grand-Dad, Bakers, Wild Turkey 101, Wild Turkey Rare Breed, or Rittenhouse.

Glass: The Old Fashioned is one of the few drinks in existence that has a glass named in its honor. The ideal glass should be between eight to 10 ounces, with a thick heavy bottom.

Ice: This is a sipping cocktail, but you dont want that expensive booze turning into a watery mess. Avoid small cubes and pick up rubber molds or invest in an ice sphere.

Sweetener: While simple syrup works well, other options are to sub in honey, maple syrup, or agave nectar. But, make sure to dilute these with equal parts water.

Bitters: There are dozens of new bitters on the market. The best, however, is still the most common: Angostura. Two healthy dashes will do the trick. Chocolate or walnut bitters work well in this drink if you can find them. I also like Dale DeGroffs pimento bitters.

Technique: The most balanced Old Fashioned is made by stirring the drink with ice for about 20 to 30 seconds and then straining that mix over fresh ice.

Garnish: Orange twist, lemon twist, or both.

Pegu Club’s Old Fashioned

2 dashes Angostura bittersOrange twist

Try The General Warren Honey Bourbon Old Fashioned Cocktail

Make this bourbon-based nightcap when youre in the mood for a classic libation thats silky smooth and a delight to drink.

A nice match for its historic surroundings, the Honey Bourbon Old Fashioned by General Warren in Malvern is made with muddled oranges and cherries, club soda, orange bitters and bourbon for a silky, rich flavor thatâs easy to imbibe.

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Why I Chose Bulleit Straight Bourbon

Bulleit Straight Bourbon offers a unique and interesting taste for those who are interested in being able to enjoy a great old fashioned. This bourbon will help to ensure that you have an old fashioned that has a lot of spicy flavors as it is loaded with both black pepper and ginger. One of the things that make Bulleit Bourbon unique is that it is made with a high rye mashbill. This means that it has more of the pepper flavors of a traditional rye whiskey along with the smooth and mellow flavors of vanilla and caramel corn that come with a bourbon.

What Are The Best Drinks To Make With Bourbon

Jim Beam Devil’s Cut Old Fashioned

Do you want to sit back and enjoy sipping on bourbon all summer long? Are you looking for a way to enjoy your favorite bourbon as a fancy cocktail? Look no further. We are going to share some of the most delicious bourbon cocktails with you. If you are considering drinking bourbon in the summertime, you are probably picturing sitting on one of the stereotypical wrap porches on a home in the south. You might even hear a southern drawl.

Letâs be honest, there is nothing that you probably love more during your summers than relaxing. Itâs natural that you want to kick back and enjoy life when you are working or moving around a lot in the heat. Relaxing means staying cool and being able to enjoy the world around you, even if only for a few minutes at the end of the day.

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Does Jim Beam Make You Gain Weight

Despite its reputation as a health tonic, research suggests that alcohol can actually support healthy weight loss and certainly doesnt contribute to weight gain if consumed responsibly. Whiskey can ake you fat? Despite being fatless, carbless, and low-fat, whiskey has a very low sugar content. There are about 100 calories in one shot.

Top 12 Bourbon Drinks

1. Old Fashionedâ As per the name, we believe the best cocktail of the summer to be the old fashioned. . A delicious blend of raw sugar, bourbon, and bitters to make you really appreciate the notes of your bourbon that get highlighted when combined in this way.

2. Bacon Bourbon Cocktailâ Letâs face it, there are few things that people in the south love more than bourbon and bacon. So it is only natural that a mixologist somewhere decided to combine bacon and bourbon in a cocktail.

3. Jalapeno Bourbon Punchâ A Jalapeno Bourbon Punch is just what it sounds like. This drink combines the flavors of fruit punch, orange juice, and pineapple juice, bourbon and all poured over a muddled jalapeno slice or two and simple sugar.

4. Whiskey Sourâ A whiskey sour is another simple and delicious drink. This one combines your favorite bourbon with sour mix. Do keep in mind that either creating your own sour mix or shelling out the money to buy a high-quality one is important.

5. Mint Bourbon Lemonadeâ The flavors of mint, bourbon, and lemonade marry perfectly when blended together. Simply muddle some mint leaves in the bottom of a glass, add a shot of bourbon, and fill the glass with lemonade. You will want to either make fresh squeezed lemonade or choose a fresh squeezed lemonade.

6. Apricot and Bourbon Cocktailâ Pairing apricot brandy, bourbon, apricot puree, and orange juice is simple. It is a simply delicious cocktail that you will be recreating all summer long.

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Where Can You Find Bulleit Straight Bourbon

Bulleit Straight Bourbonâs website has a great tool that you can check out here. This tool will allow you to type in your zip code and find the nearest retailer of Bulleit Straight Bourbon to you.

Four Roses has a very unique process in procuring their bourbon. They actually have five different proprietary yeast varieties that they use in their process. They handcraft their bourbons with two different mashbills as well. Four Roses Yellow Label Bourbon uses three different grains: rye, corn, and malted barley. The two different mashbills have different bills. The first has 75% corn, 20% rye, and 5% malted barley. The second has 60% corn, 35% rye, and 5% malted barley.

How To Make An Old Fashioned Cocktail

Pin on Whisky Cocktails

An old fashioned is a very popular bourbon cocktail. It is a cocktail that could potentially be made from a spicy rye whiskey as well, but today bourbon is preferred. Keep in mind that the bourbon that you choose can drastically change the flavor profile with an Old Fashioned. In my list of the top bourbons for an Old Fashioned, I add some tasting note comments for you.

There are a few different recipes out there for an Old Fashioned. Some use lemons or oranges instead of cherry as the garnish. Some use simple syrup instead of raw sugar. They all use bitters, but some use flavored bitters. This is the basic Old Fashioned recipe that is classic and it is a good place to start. It is the one that will help you to identify if you are looking for something else.

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