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Yes, totally you can use store-bought cauliflower rice to make cauliflower pizza crust. I prefer to make my own cauliflower rice since its very easy to do it but you can use store-bought cauliflower rice if you prefer. If you use pre-riced cauliflower, theres no need to cook the cauliflower, but youll still need to use the cheesecloth method to squeeze excess water since there will be some and thats really the secret to crispy cauliflower pizza crust.

Separate Cauliflower Head Into Florets

  • Using cauliflower rice: Skip this step.
  • Preheat oven: It is a good time to preheat oven to 375 degrees F. We first cook rice in it and after bake the crust, so it makes sense to keep the oven on.
  • Using a paring knife, remove outer leaves, rinse and cut off florets one by one. Here is easy tutorial how to cut cauliflower.

Tip: Core is used too do not discard.

Low Carb Cauliflower Pizza Crust

No need to refrain from pizza on a gluten free diet. This low carb cauliflower pizza crust is delicious. Just add your favorite toppings and bake.

In my last post, I described how my 13 year old daughter refuses to eat vegetables of any kind. It should come as no surprise that pizza is one of her favorite foods.

I discovered a low carb pizza crust recipe made from cauliflower that is so good that I had to share.

This amazing gluten free low carb cauliflower pizza crust is a mixture of cooked cauliflower rice and shredded mozzarella.

There is also egg added to hold it together as well as your choice of spices to add flavor.

Ive since tried other low carb pizza crusts, like the Fat Head pizza and low carb frozen pizzas.

Its has to be good if my daughter can stomach it without fussing. Ive tried other low carb pizza crust recipes before, but they had a funny taste that I just couldnt get past.

I like my crust thin. So when making this recipe, I pressed the mixture down well. The original recipe post did not appear as thin as mine.

In fact, the original recipe states that the crust can be cut and served as bread sticks. I may try that next time. UPDATE: Check out my cauliflower breadstick recipe.

I should also mention that this low carb cauliflower pizza crust can be made ahead and put in the freezer for later. I ended up making two smaller crusts to freeze and one double recipe large crust to eat immediately.

Its been a favorite recipe of mine for well over decade now.

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Toppings Ideas For Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Can You Freeze The Crust

Vegan Cauliflower Pizza Crust

To be honest, we never get to that point! We make just enough for a meal. However, the consensus among the other cauliflower cooks out there is yes! Based on their advice, we recommend that you bake the crust first, put it in a sealed bag or container, and then freeze it. When youre ready for pizza, let the crust thaw thoroughly. After that, you can add toppings and finish cooking it as described in the recipe.

So now, just get this vegan, gluten-free pizza goodness into the oven. Youll be munching in no time! And when youre done, please let us know what you think with a comment and rating! Every bit of feedback helps make the blog even better!

If youre interested in trying gluten-free Pizza Dough instead, check out our super-simple recipe! Or for something a little different how about our stunning Tomato and Green Onion Galette?

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People Ask Is Cauliflower Pizza Crust Good For You

Really, just like with about anything else that you eat, it really depends upon what goes into the pizza crust. Using just healthy ingredients, for example, should yield a healthier pizza.

Really, who says that pizza has to be bad for you?

Making your own pizza crust using cauliflower will ensure that no unnecessary ingredients, such as flour, are added to you pizza. You can also be assured that other unwanted ingredients are added as well.

Here Are Some Tips For Making Cauliflower Pizza

Using dry, as in as dry as possible, cauliflower is the secret to making the perfect cauliflower pizza crust. I suggest using clean paper or kitchen towel to pat the cauliflower dry.

Here are some more helpful tips for you.

  • While this recipe for cauliflower pizza crust assumes that you are using fresh cauliflower to make your crust with, this is a simple cheat that you can try. Using cauliflower rice can be used as an alternative. I suggest for best results, making sure that the cauliflower rice is fully dried and making ingredient adjustments as needed.
  • This recipe also calls for coconut flour to help keep the crust together. If you are thinking about an alternative to coconut flour, it is essential that you use one that measures 1:1 with coconut flour and making adjustments as needed because coconut flour has holds on to moisture differently from other kinds of flour.
  • This recipe also calls for a premade sauce. You can find vegan, keto and low carb pizza sauces here.
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    Cauliflower Pizza Crust Recipe

    Whats this? A recipe for cauliflower pizza crust? Well, a wise person once said If cauliflower can be pizza, you can be anything! OK, you got us. We have no idea who said that, so were going to just attribute it to the internet. Anyhow, that brave soul was right. Cauliflower really can be pizza! Were going to show you how to transform this veggie into a vegan, gluten-free pizza crust firm enough to hold in your hand!

    Vegan Cauliflower Pizza Dough

    Incredible Vegan Cauliflower Pizza Crust!

    Once you have the dry cauliflower pulp, add it to the ground flax, almond flour, and seasonings. It may look crumbly at first, but I find that if you mix it with your hands it starts to stick together nicely.

    Keep in mind that this is not your average pizza dough. It wont be stretchy, because theres no gluten involved. Instead, it will be a pile that youll need to press out onto a large pizza sheet. Get your hands wet if the pizza dough sticks to them too much, as that will help you press it out. You want the pizza to be a flat and even as possible.

    The flatter it gets, the drier the resulting crust will be. I can get this crust to be about 12-14 inches in diameter, or you can make two 6-8 inch pizzas if you prefer something smaller to work with.

    Bake the pizza crust until it is dry and easy to pick up with your hands, about 45 minutes. You can flip it over at this point and bake for 10-15 minutes more to dry out the other side, but Im usually impatient and just start adding the toppings after I flip it over.

    Since this process is still a bit labor-intensive, I recommend making a double batch so you can keep an extra crust in the freezer for an easy pizza night in the future.

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    How To Cauliflower Crust That You Can Hold

    Once you have your cauliflower rice, you need to make sure you squeeze out every last drop of liquid for a nice sturdy crust with crisp edges.The cauliflower pizza dough will not be stretchy like your typical flour dough, its a little more similar to making a graham cracker crust. You end up with a moist pile that you need to press out and shape.

    You want to get your crust as flat as possible. The flatter you get it, the drier the crust will be. This is key to making a crust that you can pick up and hold like a traditional pizza crust.One way to ensure you get a particularly nice crust is to flip it over before adding your toppings.

    How To Get A Firm And Crispy Pizza Crust

    Now were in the final stages of the recipe this cauliflower is nearly a gluten-free pizza! First, mix the cauliflower rice with the eggs and some seasoning . Then, push the mixture into a pizza pan. After that, bake it until it turns golden brown.

    We really cant stress this enough pre-baking the crust is essential for making your cauliflower pizza slices firm!

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    Best Mix: Bobs Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix


    Looking for a gluten free pizza crust that feels a little more homemade, but still quick and easy? Bobs Red Mill makes an excellent gluten free pizza crust mix. All you have to do is add water, eggs, and olive oil for a thick and delicious gluten free pizza crust.

    Bobs Red Mill gluten free pizza crust mix contains a variety of gluten free flours to make the perfect blend, including brown rice flour, millet flour, and sorghum flour. One serving of the prepared pizza dough provides 4 grams of dietary fiber and 3 grams of protein.

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    Paleo Thai Pizza Option

    Vegan Cauliflower Pizza Crust

    The pizza pictured is topped with Thai red curry shrimp and 1/2 of a Dole Slawesome Mango Sriracha Salad Kit, prepared. Its a cabbage and carrot slaw with a fruity and spicy dairy-free dressing.

    To make the shrimp, toss 1/4 pound peeled and deveined shrimp with 1½ teaspoons Thai red curry paste in a small bowl. Top the par-baked pizza with the shrimp, 1/2 cup chopped pineapple, and 1/4 cup red onion. Prepare half of the salad kit and scatter it atop your pizza. Garnish with 1/4 cup chopped cucumber and 2 tablespoons chopped roasted unsalted peanuts. Finish baking the pizza as directed in the dairy-free cauliflower pizza crust recipe below.

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    How To Freeze And Store Cauliflower Pizza Crust

    Yep, you can make this easy cauliflower pizza crust ahead of time and freeze it. After cooking the pizza, allow it to cool, and then place into an airtight container or freezer safe ziplock bag. You can add the toppings on the cauliflower pizza crust and freeze them together or just store the crust.

    When you crave pizza, all you have to do is remove your pizza crust from the freezer, add your favorite toppings , and reheat it in the oven for 10 minutes at 425° F. Easy peasy.

    Vegan Cauliflower Pizza Crust

    What do cauliflower and pizza have in common? Apparently, a lot.

    All the cool kids are making cauliflower pizza crust and I want to be in the club, too. Plus, for those experimenting with lower grain diets, this is a great option!

    This recipe requires 9 basic ingredients to make. Its also entirely gluten-, grain-, and oil-free, and its vegan! Shall we?

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    How To Make A Cauliflower Pizza Crust

    To begin with, were going to make cauliflower rice. Thats simple just use a cheese grater, or a food processor with a grater blade, to shred the cauliflower into tiny pieces. Youll know when youre done it will look like a pile of rice! Quick note: you can use riced cauliflower to make many traditional rice dishes less starchy.

    Next, were going to take our cauliflower rice and steam it. The benefit to steaming is that we cook the cauliflower without boiling away all the nutrients we mentioned above.

    Why Youll Love This Buffalo Vegan Cauliflower Pizza Crust Recipe:

    The BEST Vegan Cauliflower Pizza Crust Recipe
    • Its incredibly easy to make, with minimal mess
    • It is full of that buffalo flavor we all love
    • It is a healthier alternative to regular pizza
    • Its gluten-free and grain-free
    • You can customize it add your fav toppings or your fav dipping sauce like vegan ranch
    • You can eat the buffalo bites on their own too

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    Vegan Cauliflower Crust Pizza With Mushrooms

    This Vegan Cauliflower Crust Pizza with Mushrooms is gluten-free, low carb, and has the best taste and texture.

    Cauliflower crust is huge right now, and its something Ive been experimenting with and enjoying personally.

    Its a great way to eat one of my favourite foods without loading up on all those carbs and guilt.

    This recipe starts off with an amazing vegan cauliflower pizza crust made from just 3 simple ingredients. Its egg-free, dairy-free, gluten-free but not flavour-free!

    Toppings For Pizza With Cauliflower Crust

    Looking for some inspiration for your next pizza night?

    Of course, you can always keep your toppings simple. A little marinara or pizza sauce with shredded mozzarella is a classic for a reason. You can even throw some pepperoni on there if you like.

    Personally, I love making funky veggie pizzas! One of my go-to topping combos is spaghetti squash, sun-dried tomatoes, red peppers, and mozzarella. What a great blend of flavors!

    Or, if I want a little meat, Ill add chicken-apple sausage, gold beets, and herbed goat cheese. So delicious.

    You could also check out my spinach and artichoke pizza made with a cauliflower crust. I tried a slightly different cooking method for the crust in that recipe, but either way will work just fine!

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    Healthy Pizza Crust Ingredients

    The recipe needs just five ingredientsno eggs, and no cheese required.

    It can be low calorie, dairy free, plant based, paleo, and completely flourless.

    And even before you add any toppings whatsoever, the tasty cauliflower crust is packed with nutrition: 3 grams of fiber, 2.5 grams of protein, and over 50% of the RDA for Vitamin C in each slice of pizza.

    Thats just for one slice

    Who ever stops at just one slice of pizza???

    *Note: For traditional pizza, try this Vegan Pizza Crust.

    What Is The Point Of Cauliflower Pizza Crust

    Vegan Cauliflower Pizza Crust

    It turns pizza from a gluttonous indulgent treat loaded with carbs and gluten, two modern-day nutritional pariahs and turned into something made mostly from vegetables. Cauliflower crusts allow those attempting to adhere to a gluten-free or low-carb diet the opportunity to still tear through slices of pizza.

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    How To Remove Excess Liquid From Cauliflower Rice

    Believe it or not, this step makes a BIG difference in the final texture of your crust and is totally worth the small extra effort. Youll need to squeeze out the liquid from the cooked cauliflower before forming the crust. You absolutely dont wanna skip this step. You know me I skip steps when theyre unnecessary. BUT thats not the case here with the cauliflower, you wanna make sure you remove as much liquid from the cooked cauliflower as possible so the resulting crust isnt soggy.

    Trust me on this one.

    I use cheesecloth for this step, but you can also use a clean kitchen towel or paper towels though this cheesecloth, Ive found, is the best suited and makes the least amount of mess. Its also okay to squeeze the cauliflower as hard as you can you wont hurt it

    Vegan Cauliflower Crust Pizza

    Hi friends!

    I am so excited to be sharing this new recipe with all of you. Cauliflower is all the rage these days which is why I decided it was time to introduce a healthy plant-based 100% vegan cauliflower crust pizza. I know you guys are going to be as obsessed as I am.

    HealthyGirl Kitchen + Josies Organics

    I used the cauliflower from Josies Organics, an amazing all organic company that grows their produce in the fertile California Valley. Their family farming business dates back to the 1920s, when two young Swiss immigrants, Sebastian and Josie Braga decided to start growing beets, tomatoes, onions, hay and corn.

    Today, three generations later, the organic family farming tradition is being kept alive! Josies Organics harvests over 25 varieties of USDA certified organic veggies. How cool?! I have to say, their produce is always fresh and abundant.

    Josies Organics doesnt use any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides on their farms. This is so important!

    Be sure to look out for Josies Organics in your local store! Use their store locator here!

    This recipe is a labor of love but its worth it! Once the dough is in a ball on the parchment all you have to do is flatten it out and put it in the oven.

    I like to make my pizza into a circle but feel free to put your own spin on it! Make a heart, square, rectangle whatever makes you happy!

    Make this vegan cauliflower crust pizza for friends and family and you will impress them for sure!



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    Ingredients For Cauliflower Crust

    • Cauliflower: You will need a large head of cauliflower, 6 7 in diameter, about 2.5 3 lbs.
    • Egg: Egg is part of the glue that holds cauliflower pizza dough together.
    • Cheese: As cheese melts during baking, it helps to bind small pieces of cauliflower into a crust. Cheese is crucial! So is the egg. Sorry cannot be vegan.
    • Spices: Simple dried herbs like oregano, basil or Italian mix plus salt and pepper add flavor to the crust. Cauliflower itself is pretty bland. Also you can add garlic powder.

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