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Gin Martini Variations To Try:

Dirty Gin Martini – Tipsy Bartender
  • Dry Martini – Use our recipe above, but adjust the ration of gin to vermouth to be 5:1. Your ingredients should come out to, for example, 2.5 ounces gin, and half an ounce of vermouth.
  • Vodka Martini – The Vodka Martini is as controversial as it is simple: Vodka, dry vermouth, and a twist of lemon are all you need to make this classic drink.
  • Dirty MartiniEither loved or hated, the Dirty Martini is one of cocktail cultures most polarizing drinks. Some believes the concept was born in the Waldorf Astoria.
  • Espresso Martini – This iconic modern classic was created in 1983 by London bartender Dick Bradsell at the Soho Brasserie for a guest supposedly a model.
  • Apple Martini – The Apple Martini, also known as the Appletini, is a bright green drink that defines the neon style of the 90s.
  • Gibson – A cousin of the Martini, the Gibson is an often overlooked classic cocktail that’s all about tasty pickled onions.
  • Vesper – True cocktail pros and Bond lovers alike also know about the Vesper, Ian Fleming’s gin and vodka combining Martini riff.
  • LOrange Martini – For those who love oranges, look no further. This drink takes all of the best parts of a Martini and adds plenty of citrus flair. Orange liqueur, orange bitters, and an orange twist result in a lively Martini.

What Is The Best Vermouth For A Martini

What kind of vermouth do you use in a martini?

  • FOR A COMPLEX WET MARTINI. Ransom Dry Vermouth.
  • FOR A CLASSIC AIRPORT MARTINI. Martini & Rossi Extra Dry.

Best Practices: The Key To Mastering Martinis Is Finding Your Balance

Served in fancy glassware prone to sloshing, Martinis can intimidate otherwise confident home bartenders. After all, drinks without a lot of ingredients hide even fewer flaws.

Fortunately, mastering Martinis is easier than you think. Like life itself, Martinis are all about balance.

A traditional Martini recipe has exactly two ingredients: gin and dry vermouth. The trick is balancing the herbal spirit with your fortified wine, and then tweaking the results to your tastes. Martinis can be dry or wet, depending on the amount of vermouth involved. They might be garnished with a twist of lemon, a pearl onion, or a skewer of olives. And, depending on who you ask, Martinis can feature gin or vodka.

What’s the best way to find your footing? We culled advice from expert bartenders to determine these five dos and donts for making Martinis.

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Appearance In Cocktail Recipe Books

The recipe for a Martinez first appeared in print in the 1887 edition of Jerry Thomas’Bartender’s Guide, How to Mix All Kinds of Plain and Fancy Drinks. This publication is regarded by many as the best classic cocktail recipe book and is still in print today. Thomas was a bar owner who is widely regarded as the father of mixology in America.

But there were additional late 19th-century cocktail recipes similar to the Martini. Harry Johnson’s Bartenders’ Manual, published in 1888, listed a Martini Cocktail recipe that required half a wine glass of Old Tom Gin and half a wine glass of vermouth.

The Martini shares its name with a bartender who made the drink at the Knickerbocker Hotel in New York City in 1911 or 1912. The “Marguerite Cocktail,” first mentioned in 1904, is considered an early version of the Dry Martini. The recipe called for a 2:1 mix of Plymouth Dry Gin and dry vermouth with a dash of bitters from an orange bitters recipe.

What Is A Gin And Vermouth Cocktail Called

10 Best Gin and Vermouth Martini Recipes

The Negroni is a traditional gin and vermouth drink that is also a perfect reason to pick up a bottle of sweet vermouth on your next shopping trip. The Negroni is a classic gin and vermouth cocktail that requires no introduction to any drinker.The greatest gin and vermouth cocktails are those made using gin and vermouth.

  • Pour the gin and vermouth into a cocktail glass filled with ice and shake vigorously for approximately 50 spins. Remove from the mixer and strain into a chilled Martini glass. Garnish with a lemon twist. The Negroni is a traditional gin and vermouth drink that is also a perfect reason to pick up a bottle of sweet vermouth on your next shopping trip. The Negroni is a classic gin and vermouth beverage that need no introduction.


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How Do You Make A Gin Martini

The cocktail:

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  • To make the cocktails, add the gin, cranberry juice, lime juice and simple syrup to a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously to chill.
  • Strain into two glasses with fresh ice.
  • Top with club soda, stirring gently to combine.
  • Garnish with a slice of lime and a sparkling brand and serve immediately.

Is The Negroni An Aperitif

A Negroni is an aperitif that has gained widespread recognition as a drink that can be consumed before a meal to stimulate your appetite. A cocktail made out of gin, sweet vermouth, campari bitters, and an orange slice is served up. Negronis are traditionally swirled rather than shaken, and they are served over ice in a classic or rocks glass.

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Social And Cocktail Says:

Some would argue that the is the greatest cocktail of them all and certainly the most iconic. The Martini cocktail is quite a simple cocktail in theory, made with just gin & vermouth and garnished either with an olive or a lemon twist.The challenge in making a good Martini is knowing what ratio of gin and vermouth to use and this will often come down to the preference of the drinker. Legend has it that Winston Churchill was said to whisper the word vermouth to a freshly poured glass of gin. The Martini can be shaken or stirred although, despite the best efforts of 007, it is general advocated stirring produces the superior cocktail.

There are many variations on the original Martini, such as the Dirty Martini, which adds olive brine to the cocktail and the Perfect Martini, which uses equal amounts of sweet and dry vermouth. Many drinks are now named martinis but this is mainly due to the martini glass they are served in and very little else. These new martinis give us the chance to taste many different flavours, such as the fruit flavours in the Watermelon Martini or sweet, chocolatey flavours of the Toberlone Martini.

How To Make A Perfect Martini

Classic Dry Gin Martini Cocktail Recipe

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A classic martini is made with dry gin, dry vermouth, ice, and olives. A perfect martini adds sweet vermouth and a citrus twist for garish. Contrary to what James Bond preferred, to make a classic or a perfect martini, always stir it instead of shaking and strain it into a chilled martini glass.

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Vermouth Scented Dry Martini

You can also scent the martini with vermouth while still keeping it dry by stirring ½ ounce of vermouth with ice in a mixing glass for 30 seconds. Pour the vermouth through a strainer and discard it while keeping the ice. Add 2½ ounces of gin to the vermouth-scented ice and stir to chill for 30 seconds. Strain into a chilled martini glass.

The Best Dirty Martini Recipe With Olive Juice Tips

This gin cocktail recipe is our flavorsome ode to the platonic essence of cool. Ingredients 2 1/2 parts HENDRICKS GIN 1/2 part Dry Vermouth Cucumber to Garnish How to make Stir ingredients well with ice cubes in a mixing glass. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a cucumber slice. Flavours Clean, Intense Occasions

The debate as to what the correct measurements of gin and vermouth are for a gin martini is a fierce one. However, a good starting point is a 3:1 ratio. 60ml/2oz Gin

How to make a dirty martini. Here’s all you need to do to make a great cocktail. You can see the process in action in the video that accompanies this post. Add plenty of ice to a mixing glass. Pour in gin, vermouth, and olive brine. Stir until very well chilled. Strain into a martini glass. Garnish with three large, skewered olives and serve.

Gin Martini Variations . Wet Martini: This recipe is a semi-dry martini, with a relatively small amount of vermouth. To make a wet martini, use equal proportions of gin and vermouth. Vesper: A splash of vodka is added to a good pour of gin, and the slightly fruity Lillet blanc fills in for your dry, savory vermouth.

Strawberry Gin Martini. This cocktail does begin to move beyond what you know as a gin martini. Now, the cocktail does still have gin and dry vermouth, so it can be classified as a martini. The additional ingredients just give it a sweeter, rather interesting taste. It uses strawberries and mint on top of the gin.

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The History Of The Negroni

Like the origins of many cocktails, the Negronis are only found in bar stories and guesswork. Its believed that the Negroni was originally created in a small establishment in Florence, Italy in 1919, Caffè Giacosa. The story goes that a French general demanded that his favorite drink, the vermouth and Campari base Americano, be strengthened.

The bartender added a shot of gin instead of the usual soda water, and a sprig of orange peel to signify that it was a different drink, and the Negroni cocktail was born.

Caffè Giacosa is now an Armani boutique, but the Negroni didnt stop there. Upon the success of the cocktail, the generals family, the Negronis, started their own distillery where they began bottling a pre-made mixture of the drink known as Antico Negroni 1919.

Famed filmmaker Orson Welles would go on to write to the Coshocton Tribune in 1947 while on set in Rome about the drink:

“The bitters are excellent for your liver, the gin is bad for you. They balance each other.”

As with any cocktails origin story, the Negroni is mired in controversy over dates and details. Descendants of the Negroni family dispute the date of the drinks founding. Some claim the Negroni was invented in 1857 in Senegal, and still another claim says the Count invented the drink around 1914. As with any other cocktails murky beginnings, its impossible to say where the truth really lies.

Ditch Your Cocktail Shaker

The Vya Extra Dry Wet Martini

James Bond notwithstanding, bartenders recommend stirring, not shaking Martinis. Stirring gives you more control over your drink and its temperature, and you are less likely to over-dilute it with errant ice shards.

Stirring a Martini is great in the same way driving a manual car is, Felix Cohen of Londons Every Cloud bar tells the BBC. You can see, feel, and hear whats happening, and, with one hand on your mixing glass or tin, you know when its reached the perfect temperature.

A general rule of thumb is that spirit-forward drinks like Martinis, Manhattans, and Old Fashioneds are rarely shaken whereas those involving egg whites, dairy, citrus, or liqueurs usually involve a cocktail shaker.

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How To Make The Perfect Martini

It is the quintessential cocktail. But for a recipe involving just two ingredients, the debate over its correct preparation is endless. Vodka or gin? How wet? How cold? Shaken or stirred? And should you ever use salt?

Perhaps the simplest of all cocktails, what the martini lacks in ingredients it more than makes up for in mystique and as cocktail historian David Wondrich observes, where simplicity and mystique collide, almost inevitably you get religion. Though zealotry might be a better word: rarely has so much high-falutin rubbish been talked about a glass of cold booze.

The martini was certainly not the first cocktail, though it does have good claim, as writer Richard Godwin points out, to be the quintessential example indeed, legendary bartender Dale DeGroff calls it the king of cocktails. Popping on to the scene in the late 19th century, apparently as an evolution of the earlier, sweeter, Fancy Gin Cocktail, its been getting progressively drier, and more serious, ever since.

Famous fans include President Franklin D Roosevelt, the man who repealed prohibition and is said to have mixed the worst martinis Ive ever tasted, Churchill, Humphrey Bogart, Raymond Chandler, WC Fields and, last but not least, Homer Simpson, a man who is very clear how he likes his martinis: full of alcohol.

Origins Of The Martini Cocktail

The Martini has been a pop culture muse in its own right practically since its invention, and perhaps no other cocktail order says so much about the person who orders it, or the mood theyre looking to set. In the collective mind, a Martini drinker is cool, collected, contemplative a three-Martini lunch is code for the kind of luxurious midday indulgence usually reserved for the very rich.

Early recorded versions of the drink featured more accouterments and were sweeter than the streamlined modern recipe. Depending on the location, things like gum syrup, Maraschino, or Curaçao occasionally made an appearance. The first iteration of the modern-day Martini was said to have appeared at New York Citys Knickerbocker Hotel in 1911 or 1912.

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What Is The Difference Between A Dirty Martini And A Filthy Martini

The phrase dirty refers to the addition of olive brine to a drink, which is often obtained from a jar of cocktail olives. Generally speaking, most establishments use equal amounts vermouth and brine, however you can request a extra dirty or filthy to increase the amount of brine in your drink.

Best Brand Of Alcohol To Use

Don’t Use Old Vermouth – Martini Cocktail Recipe

The Martini is not a drink that calls for mixing versions of your spirits youll want the highest quality gin and vermouth, and you will be able to taste the difference. Some of the most affordable and available of the quality choices include:

  • Beefeater Gin: one of the most versatile gins. It is high proof but doesnt overpower more nuanced ingredients. Tremendously affordable, and well-suited for a multitude of cocktails.
  • Plymouth Gin: is a treasure to keep on your shelves. Its more gentle, and lower proof, than Beefeater. Plymouth has a dreamy balance of the botanical with suggestively citrusy notes.
  • Vermouth: Dolin Dry, is a beautifully dry, bright, and slightly herbal and just slightly bitter white vermouth.
  • Noilly Prat Extra Dry vermouth: falls somewhere between the best dry white wine and best mountain spring water youve ever had.
  • Dolin Blanc vermouth is another great option, less dry than Dolins other white vermouth , with a delicate, honeyed finish.

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The Naked Or Direct Method

The key to a good Dry Martini is the temperature it is served at. The colder the better . Hence, it’s advisable to store your gin or vodka in the freezer along with your serving glasses, while your vermouth should be in the refrigerator. If stirring, then also keep your stirring glass in the freezer.

Given the above, it is perhaps not surprising that a way of making Martinis emerged without the need to shake or stir at all. The merest hint of vermouth is either spayed as a mist onto the inside surface of a frozen glass using an atomizer, or a splash simply poured in, swirled around and the excess shaken out, usually onto the floor. Then frozen gin, or vodka, is simply poured directly into the vermouth-coated glass. This style of Martini is known as a “Naked Martini” or a “Direct Martini” and it originated at London’s Duke’s Hotel where it is still deployed, sometimes with devastating effect.

What Is A Dry Martini

The term dry refers to the amount of dry vermouth used in your Martini. Heres the golden rule to remember: the less vermouth you use, the dryer it is the more vermouth you use in your cocktail, the wetter the Martini!

There are many terms coined for the different ratios of vermouth to gin.

  • A Naked Martini is around 10 parts gin to 1 part vermouth – literally just a spray or quick swirl of vermouth in the glass!

  • A Wet Martini is generally considered to be a 2:1 ratio of vermouth to gin

  • The Fifty-Fifty version is equal parts dry vermouth and gin

  • Some people call the Perfect Martini a combination of equal parts sweet and dry vermouth, balanced with the same quantity of gin.

Feel free to experiment until you find the level of dryness that you most enjoy!

Once youve mastered the perfect classic Martini recipe, you might like to try your hand at a few variations.

Below, weve chosen five of the best alternative versions of the traditional recipe, including the much-loved Dirty Martini the Gibson , and a couple of others we absolutely love here at Craft Gin Club HQ. They are all incredibly simple so theres nothing stopping you!

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Bar Spoon Of Dry Vermouth

The Dry Martini requires one bar spoon of dry vermouth. It plays a vital role in the formulation of a flavour profile that is flowery, herbaceous and fruity on the aroma and finishes with a bracingly dry aftertaste. It is one of the drinks primary ingredients. In most cases, it contains 15% alcohol by volume and has 45 calories.

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