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5 DAY ANTI-INFLAMMATORY MEAL PREP | Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Reduce Bloating & Inflammation


Chicken breast is what I used for this recipe, but you can easily use chicken thigh as well!


Broccoli goes best with these flavors and hold up well in the fridge, but you can also use other veggies like asparagus!

Cauliflower Rice

I often buy cauliflower rice pre-riced to save myself some time in the kitchen. Its a worthy expense to me! Ive seen pre-riced cauliflower at Sprouts, Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and even Target. However, you can also just use a food processor to rice cauliflower!

Coconut oil

You can also used avocado oil.

Turmeric, ginger, and fresh parsley

Turmeric is the main anti-inflammatory ingredient here, but ginger also adds in some more benefits!

Storage containers

I use glass like this, but you can also use stainless steel!

Your Sunday Prep Game Plan

1. Make individual smoothie packs for Golden Milk Smoothie: pile all dry ingredients into a silicone bag or container and freeze.
2. Prep Keto Sheet Pan Breakfast through Step 1. Cool and refrigerate vegetable-bacon mixture.
3. Make Turmeric-Roasted Vegetables with Parsley Almond Gremolata through Step 3. Refrigerate vegetable mixture and gremolata separately. .
4. Make Citrus Poached Salmon with Herb Sauce. Refrigerate separately.
5. Make Muhammara Dip completely and prep vegetables for dipping refrigerate separately.
6. Bread chicken and make sauce for Breaded Chicken Strips with Spicy Marinara. If eating within a couple of days, cook chicken if holding for later in the week, freeze before cooking.
7. Prepare Rainbow Mango Slaw with Almond Butter Dressing & Fresh Herbs. Refrigerate slaw and dressing separately and toss just before serving.

Snack: Lemon Ginger Turmeric Energy Balls

Im a huge fan of date balls because there are endless flavor combinations, and theyre super easy to make! These have a lemon kick to them that makes them so delicious and slightly tangy. Theyre perfect as a healthy on-the-go snack and an easy way to sneak in those anti-inflammatory spices. Oh, and the kids will love them too!

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Factors Our Experts Use To Rank The Best Anti

Our experts have listed down the factors they use to judge the best anti-inflammatory meal delivery services in the US. Here is a short list out of the hundreds of meal delivery services available.

  • Average Meal Price Our experts use the price of the average meal/serving as one of the key defining factors for judging meal delivery services. Its essential to make sure that the meals or meal kits are 100% pocket-friendly. They also consider the shipping cost of the packages.

  • Prep & Cook Time People order meal kits to make their lives simpler and convenient. Thats why our experts consider the prep and cook time required to prepare one of these meals. The convenience of the user is supreme!

  • Shipping Availability When looking for the best anti-inflammatory meal delivery services, its vital to understand where exactly they ship to. On the whole, its not a good idea to pick services that have a restricted or limited delivery range.

  • Variety of the Meals Its also important to look into the vastness of the menu. Does the delivery service cater to different diets such as keto, paleo, vegan, and so on? Is the food kosher and halal? Is the food safe for people with allergies to consume?

  • Flexibility of the Meal Options Our experts look into the flexibility of the weekly meal options provided by the delivery service. Are the meals available on a strict weekly basis? Conversely, can deliveries of incoming meals be canceled with short notice?

Most Importantly Listen To Your Body


Whether or not a certain food group causes inflammation in the general population is, in many ways, irrelevant. What matters is this: how does the food affect YOU?

Again, Ill come back to the apple example. A nutrition blog may tell me that apples are great for weight loss, contain lots of polyphenols and prebiotics, which are good for gut health. So I follow the blog and eat an apple every day. Instead of feeling better, I have increased bloating, headaches, nausea.


Because Im allergic to apples.

Are they still nutritious for the average person? Absolutely. Is the research wrong? No way. But is it wrong FOR ME? You better believe it.

That leads me to my next question

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Grape And Apple Race Cars

This is a fun recipe to make with kids. Involve them in cooking and get the creative juices flowing.

Grapes are also a good source of another anti-inflammatory polyphenol called anthocyanins. Red grapes are a great source of , which may help reduce inflammation.

Apples are high in fiber, which also has anti-inflammatory properties.

A Meal Plan Designed To Decrease Inflammation In The Body

This meal plan I created for ortho rehab patients I was working with so it is also full of powerful plant-based inflammation-fighting whole foods like antioxidant and phytonutrient-rich veggies, fruits, whole grains, spices such as turmeric, and healthy omega-3s. Youll also get plenty of lean protein sources to help keep you feel full and help your body recover and repair adequately. I highly suggest purchasing high-quality meat, poultry, and dairy while following this meal plan. Organic, 100% grass-fed/pasture-centered, wild-caught options are the best case for decreasing inflammation.

The meal plan includes five days of breakfast, lunch, dinners, and snacks for each of the six weeks. Snacks vary depending on the meals, but there are usually 1-2 snacks per day each week. It is intended for you to eat leftovers on the weekends or enjoy meals out with friends and family. Remember, results can be obtained when you are consistent just 80-90% of the time with your diet. On the other hand, trying to be strict 100% of the time usually leads to burnout, weight regain, and a lack of adherence to the overall program. Each week starts with a full grocery list and a prep guide to help keep you on track! Serves one person for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Serves two people for dinner. The meal plan can be scaled to fit as many servings as you want for an additional fee of $3.00. Just click the custom servings drop-down on the product page.

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What Is An Indian Anti

You will find several anti-inflammatory meals plans on the internet but the ingredients and meals tend to be unfamiliar to those who are used to an Indian diet.

Foods like blueberries, olives, brussel sprouts, broccoli etc are not easily available in all parts of India and tend to be more expensive than locally produced foods.

The meal plan in this article substitutes these with regular Indian foods that have the same or similar properties and nutritional value. This will help you follow an anti-inflammatory diet without having to adapt to a new cuisine.

Ginger and garlic are anti-inflammatory spices

Tropical Turmeric Detox Smoothie

NEW! EASY 1 WEEK MEAL PREP FOR WEIGHT LOSS (with macros) | Anti-Inflammatory Foods

I actually featured this smoothie recipe in my recent Smoothie Meal Prep video, and it was a huge hit with yall! Because it has tremendous anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the turmeric and hemp seeds, I just had to include it in this meal prep menu.

Turmeric contains a compound, called Curcumin, which has extremely powerful anti-inflammatory properties and is a strong anti-oxidant. It can even help to prevent cancer!

Servings: 1 | Prep Time: 5 minutes

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Seared Salmon With Zucchini Noodles

If you like crisp salmon skin, this cooking method is for you. Just be sure when you place the salmon, skin side down in the pan that you dont touch it for the full 6 minutes while it cooksthats the key for the crispiest browned skin around. After turning the fish, cook it to your preferred degree of doneness. The barely warmed vegetables are still crunchy and flavorful. Serve with lemon wedges, if you like.

How To Choose The Best Anti

  • Quality of the Ingredients? It is essential to use fresh, quality ingredients. While weighing the pros and cons of anti-inflammatory meal delivery, you need to see the types of components. Are the ingredients derived from local, free-range sources? Are they all cruelty-free, non-GMO, and organic? All of this is super important.

  • Meal & Delivery Pricing Plans? Always look at the pricing before committing to meal deliveries. Our experts think its a great idea to pick the best subscriptions within your budget. If you enjoy gourmet foods and are willing to spend extra, Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon are a great idea. On the other end of the spectrum, Hungryroot and Freshology have the cheapest anti-inflammatory meal delivery plans. Shipping costs are also an important factor to consider.

  • Variety of the Menu You need to understand that healthy food doesnt have to be tasteless and boring. The best meal and meal kit delivery services have a diverse menu with lots of choices. If you subscribe to these, youll be able to have a delicious and memorable meal every single day.

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Foods To Avoid To Lower Anti

These are foods you should generally avoid when trying to reduce anti-inflammatory markers.

  • fast food and potato chips
  • Refined carbohydrates: white bread, pasta, crackers, flour tortillas, biscuits
  • Fried foods: french fries, donuts, fried meats
  • Sugar-sweetened beverages: soda, tea with added sugar, sports drinks
  • Processed meats: bacon, canned meat, salami, sausages
  • Trans fats: vegetable oil and margarine

How Does Sugar Affect Our Bodies


According to a review of studies done in 2018, people who consumed higher quantities of sugar in their diets had higher instances of inflammatory markers in their blood. In contrast, drinking less sugary drinks lowers certain inflammatory markers in the body according to a study done from 1999 to 2010.

Its simple :

More sugar = more inflammation.
Less sugar = less inflammation.

An important study done in 2015 showed that a high sugar diet in otherwise healthy, young individuals impaired their memory functions as well as hindered their ability to tell if they were hunger or full. Sugar also stimulates the reward center of our brain so that we crave more sugar.

So the more sugar you eat, the more sugar you want to eat.

Another study showed a causal relationship between sugar and depression meaning that in people who ate a lot of sugar, there were higher incidences of depression and mental disorders.

We may not understand or know all of the reasons why, but sugar messes with our brains in a profound way. If we cant really tell if were full or hungry AND we crave the very substance that is causing this chaos AND it somehow affects our moods and mental healththats just scary.

In addition to chronic inflammation, eating lots of sugar can lead to diabetes, heart disease, tooth decay and more.

Read more about the effects of sugar on inflammation here and here.

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Why I Love These Anti

Theyre perfect for meal prep for the week

This recipe is designed for three days worth of meal prep. My husband and I share meal prep, so it can essentially be two days worth of lunches plus one for two people. You can simply scale up or down from there and use leftovers for dinner.

They feature anti-inflammatory turmeric

Turmeric is one of my absolute favorite ingredients to cook with and it has made such a dramatic difference in my own health. Regular turmeric has really helped support my overall health, and I notice an immediate difference when Im trying to fight off the start of a cold and I super dose on turmeric. Perfect for supporting your health during flu season!!

Theyre veggie packed!

Broccoli, cauliflower rice, and fresh herbs for a nutrient-dense meal!

Turkey Sausage Apple Breakfast Hash

This breakfast hash is a protein-packed and nutrient-rich breakfast recipe thatll keep you full all morning long. And, its super delicious full of Fall flavors! The choline in the sweet potatoes contain anti-inflammatory properties while the apple and zucchini provide additional antioxidants to help reduce overall inflammation.

Servings: 3 | Prep Time: 10 min | Cook Time: 25 min

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What Is The Anti

The anti-inflammatory diet is very similar to the Mediterranean diet, which consistently ranks as the healthiest diet due to its numerous benefits. Both diets emphasize large amounts of antioxidant-rich produce, like berries and dark-leafy greens plus a high intake of a healthy fats and seafood such as salmon and nuts.

The diet limits refined grains, like white bread and white pasta, high amounts of sugar and processed foods. You won’t see a lot of meat, particularly red meat like beef and pork, but you can expect to see plenty of fish and vegetarian proteins, like legumes, nuts and seeds.

While research suggests that the anti-inflammatory diet can be beneficial in reducing some chronic conditions, it’s also a general healthy way of eating that can be beneficial for everyone due to its high amounts of fresh produce, healthy fats and high fiber levels from whole grains and legumes.

Inflammation Is So Last Year

Meal prep with me! Cook once and eat for a week! Wfpb, anti-inflammatory foods

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Inflammation is your body’s normal way of protecting you. However, chronic inflammationdue to excess stress, sleep deprivation, or a poor dietis not normal or healthy.

When your body is chronically inflamed, you can experience swelling, joint pain, bloating, digestive problems, fatigue, and the worsening of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, depression, and cancer.

Fortunately, there are foods that can help fight the effects of chronic inflammation. Vegetables, low-sugar fruits, healthy fats from avocados, fish, and nuts, herbs and spices, and whole grains can all help to reduce inflammation in the body.

If you are experiencing any chronic inflammation, or if you’re looking to simply give your body a healthy reset, here are some anti-inflammatory recipes that will make you glow from the inside out.

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Word Of Caution: Foods In The Nightshade Family

Most people find that incorporating foods like eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers into their diet can decrease their inflammation levels.

But some experience the reverse!

Those people can experience increased inflammatory flare-ups after incorporating foods from the nightshade family. So slowly add these foods to your diet and see how you feel after a couple of weeks to determine if these foods are right for you.

Lunch: Grain Free Salmon Fish Taco Bowl With Chipotle Lime Dressing

This Salmon Fish Taco Bowl is one of my new go-to healthy lunch recipes! Once you get ready to eat it, be sure to mix everything together like you would a burrito bowl. Then, drizzle the chipotle lime dressing over top . If youre not a fan of salmon, feel free to substitute it with any other type of fish or chicken.

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Oat Porridge With Berries

Oats with berries delivers high doses of prebiotics, antioxidants, and fiber.

Oats are high in a type of fiber called beta-glucans. Beta-glucans are an important prebiotic for the gut bacteria Bifidobacterium, which reduce diabetes-related inflammation and obesity.

Prebiotics help the healthy gut bacteria to flourish, which can help reduce inflammation.

Berries are high in antioxidants, and blueberries are especially high in anti-inflammatory polyphenols called

A quinoa and citrus fruit salad is gluten-free and great for people on a vegan diet. Quinoa contains lots of protein and nutrients.

Add citrus fruits, such as lemon, lime, or grapefruit, to the salad for an antioxidant boost. Citrus fruits are full of vitamin C, which is that can also help renew other antioxidants in the body.

Vitamin C also helps the body absorb iron from plant-based sources, such as spinach and quinoa.

Quinoa is easy to cook and store, so people can prepare it ahead of time and keep it in the fridge until needed.

It is easy to make trail mix at home by mixing together nuts and seeds.

This is a versatile snack because people can mix different types of nuts and seeds together depending on their prefrences.

Nuts and seeds are high in omega-3, protein, and healthful fats. Try adding goji berries, which are high in vitamin C.

What You Need To Know About Inflammation


Most of us have experienced inflammation at some point in time, and believe it or not, it is actually a good thing!

Like anxiety, many automatically assume inflammation is completely bad and should be avoided at all costs. But just like anxiety, inflammation is necessary biologically.

Mechanically, inflammation is a rush of blood to an injury to aid in the healing process it can even help remove unwanted pathogens!

Pretty neat, eh?

This type of inflammation is the good kind. Intermediate spells of inflammation targeted towards specific compounds is extremely healthy for the body.

Inflammation becomes the enemy when it attacks invaders that dont exist.

For reasons we dont fully understand yet, sometimes the body misinterprets signals and thinks there is a foreign body or pathogen that needs to be eliminated, even though theres nothing there.

And this can occur for daysssssssssss .

Chronic inflammation is the true enemy here.

Image source:

Unfortunately, chronic inflammation has been linked to many diseases, like cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, arthritis, and depression.

Oof, that hits hard.

If thats not a motivator to be better with my eating habits, I dont know what is!

With this information in mind, lets get to work on changing our bad habits! And at the end of this article, I have included an easy anti-inflammatory diet menu for 1 full week.

Let’s dive in!

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