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Stuffed Dates 2 Ways: A Sweet And Savory Snack

5 Dessert Recipes | Christmas in July Special – Know The Cause – 5555a

This dessert offers 73 calories, 2g protein, 7g carbohydrate, 1g fiber, 5g total sugar, and 0g added sugar for each sunflower butter and seed stuffed date. The goat cheese and honey stuffed date offers about 10 calories less and 3g of added sugar. Both are ready in less than 5 minutes. Get the recipes here.

This is another easy-to-make finger food for when a sweet craving hits. There are two versions herethe sunflower butter stuffed date contains no added sugar, the goat cheese and honey one has about 3g added sugar per date. The other nutrition stats are similar.

Bonus Low Carb Mascarpone Dessert Recipes

Since publishing this blog post Ive shared a few more easy keto diet friendly desserts with mascarpone:

Mascarpone Panna Cotta this delicious recipe is popular over Valentines Day, the Festive Season, Christmas and really all year around when craving a super creamy, rich dessert.

Mascarpone Stuffed Strawberries this delicious dessert makes the most of fresh summer berries by stuffing them with mascarpone cheese and arranging on a platter.

Mascarpone Chocolate Frosting the ultimate chocolate indulgence, this frosting celebrates the creaminess of mascarpone cheese to enjoy as a mascarpone filling with low carb baked treats.

To make the keto mascarpone dessert recipe, simply combine together heavy whipping cream, mascarpone, cocoa powder and stevia in a large mixing bowl and whisk with an electric mixer to create a delicious low carb treat with a super smooth texture.

Tiramisu Mousse this easy keto tiramisu recipe is the perfect combination of tiramisu flavors in a creamy, elegant dessert.

Peach Crumb Baked Donuts

I wanted to include one more donut recipe in addition to my favorite cinnamon sugar and Chai spiced donut recipes. Katiebird Bakespeach crumb baked donuts are another perfect recipe for fresh fruit season. The donuts feature sweet layers of crumb topping and fresh peaches with a dusting of powdered sugar on top.

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Top 5 Easy Low Potassium Desserts

NO NEED TO GIVE UP SWEETS! Yes, even on a low potassium or kidney friendly diet.

The good news is there are plenty of delicious sweet, low potassium desserts you can enjoy!

Here are my favorite quick low potassium desserts:

These fun and delicious crackers are made of enriched flour, sugar, canola oil, baking soda, salt, and artificial flavors. All these ingredients are considered low potassium foods.

One ounce only has 28mg of potassium.

Very cheap and made of toasted rice cereal and sugar. One treat only has 9mg of potassium! Make them at home, or the store-bought treats* are phosphorus additive free!

Homemade Cookie Dough Oreos

Chocolate Napoleons

Nutrition: 234 calories, 15.4g fat , 122 mg sodium, 21.5 g carbs, 1 g fiber, 9.6 g sugar 4 g protein

Skip the processed stuff and bake these instead. Aside from being void of trans fats and sketchy ingredients, these Oreos are made with waist-whittling dark chocolate. According to studies, flavonoids in chocolate can lower blood pressure, shrink your waist, improve your cholesterol profile, and lower your risk of heart attack by up to 31 percent. Just make sure to opt for a kind that has at least 70% cacao .

Get the recipe fromLove and Olive Oil.

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Easy Desserts To Make At Home Our Best Desserts

Not all easy desserts recipes are going to be created equal. Sometimes, your dessert will take longer to make than others, but no matter what you choose, they all require minimal prep.

Whichever delicious option you go with, you can cut down on cooking time by adding store-bought ingredients like pie crusts or instant pudding.

Whether youre headed to a family get-together or a community block party, this list of fun desserts to make has something for everyone.

Youll find everything from chocolate cake to caramel sauce to rice krispy treats. Your next favorite easy dessert recipe is waiting below.

Sugar Cookie Chex Mix


Nutrition: 137 calories, 4.8 g fat , 140 mg sodium, 23.5 g carbs, 0.5 g fiber, 10.6 g sugar, 1.2 g protein

Craving a sugar cookie ? Whip up this instead! Rice Chex mix cereal is covered in white chocolate, vanilla and sprinkles to create a gluten free treat that will have your taste buds humming. What’s more? It’s just 137 calories and contains less than 5 grams of fat per serving.

Get the recipe fromLove From the Oven.

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Key Lime Cheesecake Bars

These creamy & tangy key lime cheesecake bars are sure to be a refreshing treat despite the fact that they contain barely any sugar! If youre a fan of raw diet options, you should also note that this is a no-bake recipe . Get the full recipe plus a great video showing the preparation process at Better Homes And Gardens here.

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bites

Chocolate Donut Recipe With Abby Miller Simply Healthy Recipes – Know The Cause

Nutrition: 68.9 calories, 4.1 g fat , 18.6 mg sodium, 6.9 g carbs, 1 g fiber, 3 g sugar, 2.3 g protein

According to a study in the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders, peanuts increased metabolic activity by 11 percent when subjects consumed about 500 calories of peanuts daily for 19 weeks. While we don’t suggest consuming 500 calories worth of these cookie dough bites, one or two servings won’t diminish your body goals and just might even turn up your calorie burning oven!

Get the recipe fromPinch of Yum.

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Essential Oils + How To Use Them

Essential oils add more than just a little flavor to your desserts. Check out our infographic below to learn about the most popular essential oils and the benefits they can have!

What’s your favorite essential oil to bake with?Let us know in the comments!

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From Doughnuts And Scones To Homemade Cookie Butter Coconut Oil Is The Secret Weapon In So Many Of Our Favorite Dessert Recipes

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At a recent stop on my book tour, someone asked if I had any “pet” ingredients that the average baker may not have on hand. In the heat of the moment, all I could think of was malted milk powder, what I call the “umami bomb” of dessert. As handy as malted milk powder can be when it comes to layering a toasty/malty flavor into desserts, the secret workhorse of my kitchen is undoubtedly coconut oil.

Like any oil, it’s a pure fat, but what sets coconut oil apart is that it’s solid but creamy at room temperature . That means it behaves more like butter or shortening in baked goods, creaming up light and fluffy when beaten with sugar.

Coconut oil melts quickly on the tongue due to a melting point well below body temperature, so it doesn’t feel greasy like shortening or cold butter. Refined coconut oils like LouAna or Nutiva are absolutely neutral, with no taste or aroma whatsoever, while virgin coconut oil can have flavor that ranges from mild to intense depending on the brand .

These properties allow coconut oil to wear a number of hats in the kitchen, functioning like shortening in snickerdoodles, like fry oil with doughnuts, like butter in scones, like liquid oil in banana bread. While this is by no means a complete list of desserts where coconut oil comes in handy, these recipes go a long way in demonstrating the scope of its utility.

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Can A Person With Diabetes Eat Sweets

Yes, but like everyone else, sweets should be kept to a minimum. It is a myth that people with diabetes should never eat sugar. The trick is to balance sugar with protein, fat, and fiber to slow the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream, and to track your overall carbohydrate intake so you stick within your recommended diet plan.

Mountain Dew Apple Dumplings

Coconut Whipped Cream

You might not think of apples when you buy crescent rolls at the store, but the versatile pastry can do just about anything!

All you need to do is wrap thin apple slices into your crescent rolls, top with brown sugar and butter, then pop them into the oven.

The Mountain Dew might seem odd to add, but you wont regret the flavor if you do.

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How To Make Blender Lemon Pie

Okay, here we go. Eggs, butter, sugar, lemons. And a splash of vanilla if youre feeling extra. A store-bought pie crust if you dont do homemade .

I picked all five of these ingredients up for a steal at ALDI and by picked these ingredients up I mean my Instacart shopper picked these ingredients up and brought them right to my front door because grocery delivery is life.

If youre a first-time ALDI Instacart shopper, PAY ATTENTION!

You can grab $10 off your first ALDI order of $35 or more just use the code ALDIPOY at checkout.

Boom. Ten dolla in your pocket.

Bonus: YOU CAN USE THAT CODE 3x. Enjoy your extra $30!

Next up: we blend. YES THE ENTIRE LEMON GOES IN THERE! I know. Trust.

Once its blended: pour into a crust. Bake and cool. Yada yada yada.

And then onto the good part:

Your first, creamy, custardy, perfectly lemony bite. Important point of discussion: why is the top triangle bite always the best?

BRB cannot get enough.

All hail the Blender Lemon Pie! A springy, lemony, ridiculously creamy lemon pie on the table with no fancy fussing is my exact hope and dream for you this spring.

  • Total Time:1 hour 15 minutes
  • Yield:10 slices 1x

Why You Should Be Baking With Essential Oils

Yes, building up your collection of essential oils is very expensive, but over time, you’ll probably find that the amount of time and money you’re saving is well worth it.For starters, you don’t need to use much essential oil to get the same amount of flavor. One to two drops of cinnamon essential oil will make your baked goods burst with flavor! This makes the whole baking process easier.Essential oils will also last pretty much forever! While your herbs and spices will shrivel up and turn brown over time, as long as your essential oils are stored properly. There’s nothing worse than reading for your fresh herbs and spices, only to realize that it’s old and has lost its beautiful flavor. With essential oils, you don’t have to worry about that!Lastly cooking and baking with essential oils will give you most of the same benefits as using them for aromatherapy. While the baking process can change the chemical make up of your oils,the less time they spend exposed to heat, the more you can reap the benefits of these magical liquids, while also enjoying your favorite desserts… like this recipe for that use lime essential oil!

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Deep Dark Chocolate Pudding

Finely chop 3 ounces unsweetened dark chocolate

Follow above directions through step #4.

Remove pudding from heat

Add chopped chocolate and coconut oil to hot mixture and continue to stir until melted smooth

Add stevia, one packet or more according to your taste

Pour into individual ramekins and refrigerate until thoroughly chilled and set, at least two hours

Quick Notes:

To prevent a skin from forming on the top, you may cover each dish with plastic wrap pressed right on top of the pudding.

Cookies ‘n’ Cream Cookies

Dark Chocolate Avocado Brownie Recipe with Abby Miller – Know The Cause

In this recipe, coconut oil stands in for 50% of the butter in what amounts to a basic sugar cookie dough. That cuts back on the toasty brown butter notes that cookies develop as they bake, giving the finished product a clean vanilla flavor that contrasts beautifully with the bold, bitter flavor of crumbled Oreos for a cookies and cream-themed cookie.

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Chocolate Muffins & My Interview On Know The Cause

Do you have acid reflux, or heart arrhythmias, maybe chronic infections or chronic anything? Watch my interview on televisions Know The Cause it will be an eye opener! And a delicious Chocolate Muffin recipe for you!

Part 2 of interview below starts at the 16:26 mark

  • ½ cups xylitol or monk fruit
  • 2 eggs
  • ½ cup coconut flour
  • ¼ cup almond flour
  • ¼ cup sugar free chocolate chips such as Lily’s chips
  • walnuts optional
  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  • Place cupcake holders inside cupcake tray
  • Mix all dry ingredients in a medium size bowl
  • Mix all wet ingredients in a separate bowl
  • Combine wet and dry ingredients
  • Using a spoon fill the cup cake holders ¾ way full
  • Bake for approximately 22-25 minutes
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    Tasty And Easy Baklava Squares

    Baklava isnt known for being an easy-to-make dessert. Not to mention it can really eat up your time.

    If you follow this version of the tasty middle eastern dessert, you wont have to deal with nearly as many layers as normal Baklava.

    On top of that, you wont need any sugar syrups either. All you need is some butter, nuts, and honey to create the same flavor palette with half the work.

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    Cocoa Almond Butter Fondue

    This dessert offers 137 calories, 4g protein, 5g carbohydrate, 2g fiber, 3g total sugar, and 2g added sugar per two tablespoon serving. It’s ready in 10 minutes. Get the recipe here.

    We’re fond of this nutrient-balanced, dairy-free, chocolate almond butter fondueit’s incredibly creamy and offers healthy fats. You can use it as a vehicle for fruit and pretzels or swap it in for Nutella outside of snack time.

    Why Are My Chocolate Chip Cookies Flat

    Want to know the secret to a delicious dessert recipe that your party ...

    Be sure your butter is at a cool room temperature before beating with your sugar. It shouldnt be greasy or overly soft, otherwise itll melt and spread the cookies too much.

    The warmer your cookie dough is when it enters the oven, the thinner and flatter your cookies will be. To prevent flat cookies, try freezing your balls of cookie dough while your oven preheats. Learn more about how to bake THICK cookies here.

    Better yet, refrigerate your cookie dough for 24 to 48 hours. This marination process will transform your cookies by making them thicker, chewier, and more flavorful! Plus, this is a perfect way to make your cookies ahead of time. Read more about the magic of chilling your cookie dough here. NOTE: chilling is OPTIONAL for this recipe but will enhance your cookies!

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    Pumpkin Pie Chia Pudding

    This twist on a traditional pudding is sure to satisfy your spiced pumpkin pie cravings without the usual load of sugar that goes along with it. This recipe is also no-bake, dairy free & contains chia seeds which are often called a superfood. Get the full recipe at Low Carb Yum here.

    Got another low-sugar or sugar-free dessert favorite? Share it with us & well be sure to tell the rest of our family of dental patients about it!

    Tropical Papaya Yogurt Walnut Boats

    This dessert offers 184 calories, 9g protein, 21g carbohydrate, 4g fiber, 15g total sugar, and 0g added sugar per 1/2 papaya. The mousse is ready within five minutes. Get the recipe here.

    Transform a tropical snack recipe into dessertjust halve the portion size and get creative with the toppings. We recommend a dusting of cinnamon, which may help with blood glucose control, and plant-based omega-3s like walnuts and chia seeds, which offer a nice crunch.

    The papaya adds natural sweetness that’s nicely balanced with creamy, protein-rich yogurt and textured walnuts. If you have half of the half, you’ll take in slightly under 100 calories, about 5g protein, 11g carbohydrate, 2g fiber, and 8g total sugar. The best part is that you only need five minutes to make it.

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    One Of The Best Low Carb Desserts For Any Occasion

    Despite the conflict between the name and the fact that I had family coming for New Years, I made this sex in a pan dessert for the celebration. I wanted something that looked cool, tasted extra rich, and it had to be something I wouldnt make every day.

    Fortunately, even with multiple steps, it turned out to be a lot easier than it looks! And, the rave reviews were worth the effort.

    Ill admit, I couldnt bring myself to tell my family what this thing was called. And they did all ask, because it doesnt look like any other dessert people have seen before. I just said its chocolate layer dessert. Feel free to do the same if youre in the same boat!

    You may be wondering why Im sharing this chocolate layer dessert recipe now, toward the end of January. Isnt this month supposed to be all about healthy eating for many people? Well, yes. But like I said, this low carb dessert is definitely healthier than traditional sex in a pan.

    The other reason is, Valentines Day is coming up! What better time than that to make this sugar-free sex in a pan dessert? Its special, its chocolate, and you wont have to come up with an alternate name like I did.

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