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How To Make A Dirty White Russian:

White Russian | Cocktail Cards Style, Dude!

For the full recipe steps and ingredient amounts for a white Russian with cold brew, scroll to the recipe card at the bottom of this post.


  • Add ice to a glass or pint mason jar.
  • Add two parts cold brew coffee, one part vodka, one part Kahlua and one part heavy cream.
  • If desired, top with whipped topping or whipped cream.
  • What Does It Taste Like

    It tastes like a creamy and delicious iced coffee with a kick. The alcohol flavor is not overpowering because of the sugar and sweetness of Kahlua and the richness of the cream thats added on top. Its perfect for those that love dessert cocktails like an Espresso Martini, Irish Coffee, or a Chocolate Martini!

    What Is A White Russian

    The White Russian is, shockingly, a slight variation on a similar drink, the Black Russian. The Black Russian recipe calls for a simple combination of vodka and coffee liqueur, typically Kahlúaall you need to do to transform it is throw in a little bit of cream. Theres nothing Russian about it other than using vodka as the base spirit, and its less white than it is a light brownish color like chocolate milkbut hey, in the grand scheme of cocktail misnomers, this one is pretty tame.

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    White Russians And The Big Lebowski

    A rich and satisfying after-dinner drink blended from vodka, coffee liqueur, and light cream, the White Russian could almost be said to have it all. A one-stop source of alcohol, sugar, caffeine, and milk fat, the only legal substance it lacks is nicotine.

    The Coen brothers cult comedy classic, The Big Lebowski , is a trippy, California-noir, loosely inspired by The Big Sleep . But here, in the place of a hard-boiled, hard-drinking detective, we find the bowling-obsessed, bathrobe-wearing slacker, Jeffrey the Dude Lebowski , who slurps down White Russians instead of rye.

    We first meet The Dude in a supermarket shopping for drink ingredients , and, through the course of a convoluted plot involving a soiled rug, a millionaire, mistaken identity, a kidnapped trophy wife, nihilists, porn stars, marmot-wielding thugs, bowling, and avant-garde art, the cocktails remain a constant.

    Sometimes theyre referred to as White Russians, other times, jokingly, Caucasians. Usually theyre made with cream, but occasionally, in a pinch, powdered non-dairy creamer. Nevertheless, The Dude abides even when he drinks the one with the mickey slipped in.

    What You Need To Make This Recipe

    The White Russian Recipe from Big Lebowski

    Vodka the vodka doesnt need to be super expensive and high quality but get one you enjoy. I really like Titos vodka .

    Kahlua this is a sweet coffee-based liqueur made with 100% arabica coffee, rum and sugar. If you dont have this particular brand you can use any other coffee liqueur you like such as Tia Maria.

    Heavy cream it wouldnt be a White Russian without the cream!

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    The History Of The White Russian

    The history of the White Russian, on the other hand, appears to be a little less straightforward. Theres little written on the subject, but it seems that the Black Russian was first mixed in 1949 in Brussels, Belgium. Gustave Tops, a bartender at the Hotel Metropole, came up with the combination in honor of Perle Mesta, the US Ambassador to Luxembourg at the time.

    Yeah, its a pretty obscure origin, and one that probably isnt going to warrant a biopic anytime soon.

    When March 6 rolls around, youre bound to come across a few devotees clad in bathrobes, long hair, oversized sunglasses, and White Russians in hand.

    Beyond that, though, the evolution of the drink isnt very well documented. Adding cream or juice to a two-ingredient cocktail has been a pretty common practice for some time, so we can only assume that somewhere along the way, thats exactly what happened to the Black Russian. Apparently, the first time the name appeared in print was in a 1965 issue of the Oakland Tribune, and it stuck.

    Fast-forward through 33 years of middling popularity, and we come to the White Russians zenith: The Big Lebowski. The films protagonist, Jeff The Dude Lebowski, was reportedly based in part on a real-life friend of the directors who was fond of the drink. And since he sucks them down left and right throughout the movie, its gradual cementing as a cult classic carried with it a new-found appreciation for White Russians.

    Classic White Russian Recipe

    The Big Lebowski’s “White Russian” | How to Drink

    Published on November 26, 2021 by Ben · As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. ·

    The Dude Abides, and you can too by making this delicious Classic White Russian recipe. This is a big drink with big flavors. Perfect for any time of the year, but especially wonderful in the colder months. A great holiday drink or a Friday night belly warmer. Give our Classic White Russian recipe a try.

    A hardy cocktail that we are going to make today as part of our White Russian series. We just looked into the interesting history of the drink and if you are curious about how this drink came about, check out that article. We love White Russian cocktails, and we have made a few spin-off recipes, but you just can’t beat the classic drink.

    Yes, we have made some great drinks inspired by this one, but today is devoted to our Classic White Russian Recipe that you should try today.

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    White Russian With Coffee Recipe

    I wanted to change up the original recipe to include cold brew coffee, my new favorite afternoon beverage. I love that cold brew coffee can now be found at the grocery store in the refrigerated section.

    My favorite type contains a hint of chocolate. I like mixing milk and cold brew in a one to one ratio for a treat to get me through an afternoon at work.

    The Dude Drink White Russian Recipe

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    Vodka And The White Russian Recipe

    This is a big drink, and vodka is not a big flavor, so the vodka brand is not that important. I am a fan of Smirnoff Vodka for most of my mixed drinks. If I were to drink the spirit alone, I might look a bit further at vodkas I want to try, but we are putting this in a drink with strong flavors. There is a strong coffee flavor, and the cream brings a heaviness to this drink that would likely hide the nuances of any vodka flavor.

    Reach into your liquor cabinet and grab that vodka you would use on the regular. Keep the top shelf stuff where it is.

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    Find Your Own Version Of The Dudes Signature Libation

    During the course of Ethan and Joel Coen‘s The Big Lebowski, Jeffrey the Dude Lebowski downs nine White Russians, thus making the sweet, creamy drink synonymous with the film. Despite its name, the cocktail was actually created in Belgium. In 1949, a bartender at the Hotel Metropole in Brussels invented a pair of coffee liqueur and vodka concoctions to honor Perle Mesta, the U.S. ambassador to Luxembourg. The White Russian had cream in it the Black Russian didnt. During the sixties and seventies, the White Russians sweetness and high alcohol count appealed to both lightweights and lushes, recalls master mixologist David Wondrich. After The Big Lebowski, the cocktail gained new fame and a bigger audience.

    Over the years, fans have extended the cocktails shelf life by creating their own variations, often naming them after other characters from the film. As you get ready to watch The Big Lebowski, mix up the classic version or find a White Russian that speaks to your inner Dude.

    The classic White Russian.

    1) Classic White Russian

    The classic White Russian is basically three ingredients served chilled. Mix together one ounce Kahlúa , two ounces vodka, and one ounce cream, milk, or half-and-half in a cocktail shaker with ice. Either strain into a glass or serve on the rocks. You can garnish with a sprig of mint or a cinnamon stick. Serve with something sweet like a piece of dark chocolate, a small brownie, or homemade cookie.

    2) The Dude

    3) The Dude Abides

    6) El Dude

    Big Lebowski White Russian Recipe

    4 white russian recipes from the dude little lebowski how to make a white russian fit for the dude white russian tail recipe mixopedia the white russian abides imbibe magazine

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    The White Russian Empire Mixology

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    Sambuca White Russian Recipe: The Dudes Delight

    The white russian originated from vodka cocktails like the Russian, Black Russian & Barbara of the 1930-1940s. The Big Lebowski’s “The Dude” is largely responsible for the resergence in the popularity of the white russian cocktail, having previously been regarded as a drink for people who don’t really like booze.

    The addition of fresh coffee gives this White Russian recipe an added depth and richness thats just right. Its one of easiest cocktails to make and drink, made popular again in the late 199os when it made an appearance as The Dudes favorite drink in The Big Lebowski.

    Channel the Dude this weekend with an old classic in the White Russian. It’s as decadent as it is easy to sip, and would go great with the pancakes you ordered for the table. As Drizly so expertly puts it, this cocktail sits “somewhere between a jacked up iced coffee, and a boozy dessert.”

    A classic White Russian cocktail is a tool every bartender needs in their tool belt. So simple to make and is always a crowd pleaser. The perfect cocktail to cap off a perfect evening.

    White Russian Recipe. This Skinny White Russian Recipe is amazing and delicious! We have swapped the cream for soy creamer and added a caramel rim to kick this classic cocktail up a notch and take down the calorie count. A White Russian with less calories? Sign me up! We all have our favorite cocktail.

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    How To Make A White Russianperfectly

    Want to make this drink recipe to impress guests? Weve got a few ways to serve it that make it look impressive. Heres how to make a White Russian:

    • Add 2 ounces vodka and 1 ounce coffee liqueur to a glass. Add ice, then 1 ounce of heavy cream.
    • Stir gently to get the swirl effect. Stir a White Russian vigorously and its a solidly beige drink. But want to get the swirl effect? Stir it gently just a few times, and the cream will swirl into the vodka and Kahlua in a beautiful pattern. It looks much more impressive!
    • To step it up: use clear ice! Clear ice is artisanal ice thats crystal clear, instead of cloudy like normal ice. Cut it into large, organic shapes and it looks like something youd find at an upscale bar! Its easy to make: all you need is 24 hour and a small cooler. Go to How to Make Clear Ice.

    White Russian Cocktail Recipe

    So called because vodka was the primary ingredient, the white russian enjoyed a period of popularity during the disco years of the 1970s before fading into obscurity. That is until the release of The Big Lebowski in 1998, where it was the go-to drink for Jeff Bridges the Dude, who drinks nine of them throughout the film. White russian recipe

    Of course The Dude has tried quite a few White Russians over the years. Especially traveling, it’s hard to always find Kahlua. Vodka on the other hand is pretty much all over the world. Here are 4 White Russian Recipes, to give a try. Or for when you invite over a Big Lebowksi fan.

    While the recipe above is a great one, it is unfortunately the recipe for a White Russian not a Caucasian. The two drinks are very similar, but there is one key difference a White Russian contains vodka, a Caucasian does not. In other words, to make a Caucasian just omit vodka from the recipe above.

    The Dude’s White Russian “Another Caucasian, Gary.” Article by Dribbble. 451. Recipe Graphic Christmas Party Drinks Holiday Drinks Holiday Parties Instructional Design Information Design Menu Design Presentation Design Data Visualization.

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