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Swap Ingredients

Want to cook your favorite meal but are not happy with the nutritional value? No worries! You can swap ingredients and re-calculate the nutritional values.

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Have amazing recipes that work perfectly for you but are tired of recreating them ? You can now save them in RecipeIQs app , create your personalized cookbook, add images to your recipes and save valuable time!

Menu Feature

Want to group a number of recipes together to get the total nutritional value for a meal? Or for a day or a week? By using our menu feature, you can select your saved recipes and see the full picture!

Sub Recipes

Are you creating a healthy recipe and want to add your all-time favorite sauces? You can now add sub-recipes from your saved recipes and calculate the overall nutritional value.

Reverse Nutrition

Want to see which ingredients in your recipe contribute to the nutrients you need or want to eleminate? You can determine which ingredients contribute to each component. Where is the fat coming from? Why is there so much sodium? Now you can get the answers.

Maximizing Our Recipe Nutrition Calculator

Nutritional facts labels are vital if you are tracking your daily calories or trying to eat more nutrient-rich foods. However, these facts can also help you maintain a healthy diet. Below we explain how to maximize the recipe calculator.

  • Create healthy recipes: The recipe calculator lets you see what each ingredient contributes to the overall nutritional value of the dish. If you find some items in your recipe have a high calorie, fat, or sodium content, you can swap them out for healthier options or adjust the measurements. For example, mayonnaise is high in fat and calories. Replacing 1 cup of mayonnaise in a dish with Greek yogurt can lower the calories and improve its nutritional value. The recipe calculator is a great way to create healthy meals before you even start cooking.
  • Compare recipes: If you have two recipes for the same dish, entering the ingredients into the recipe calculator can help you determine which one is healthier.
  • Discover the nutrition facts: Most recipes found online and in cookbooks list the nutritional facts, but this may not always be the case. If you come across a recipe without this information, the recipe calculator can help.
  • Improve meal prep and shopping list: Using the recipe calculator, you can plan your meals for the week and determine which ingredients you need. Once you bring your groceries home, you can clean them and measure them ahead of time to make the cooking process quick and easy.

Easy To Use But Inaccurate

I was very excited about this app and thought it would help calculate nutrition values to manage type 1 diabetes. But I began to be suspicious about the values I was getting compared to my own calculations from the ingredient label, they were way off! I contacted the company and to their credit they engaged in a lengthy email exchange regarding the problem. But ultimately they argued with me and told me I was doing it wrong and did not correct the errors. I would not recommend this app because the nutrition values are wrong! I would love an easy to use app that had accurate values to help manage my diabetes.

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Paste The List Of Ingredients Into The Text Box

Tips when adding your recipe:

  • Combine duplicate ingredients: If you are analyzing a cake recipe that has 2 cups of granulated sugar in the cake, and 1 cup of granulated sugar in the frosting, instead of listing them separately combine them for a total of 3 cups of granulated sugar. Im not sure why but the analyzer doesnt like duplicate ingredients listed.
  • Remove duplicate measurements, butter is sometimes listed in a recipe as: 1 stick butter, remove one of the measurements.
  • Remove ingredient options: If your recipe reads: 1 cup chopped walnuts or pecans make sure to omit the one you are not using. 2 ingredients on one line will cause an error message.

Thats It Check Out Your Nutrition Label

Get a Nutrition Label and Nutrition Facts for Any Recipe ...

If you are a blogger you can embed this label on your site, although I am not sure it provides Google with the Structured Data needed to help with search engine optimization.

I will admit these calorie tracking tools are extremely useful at helping you reach your weight goals, they can also help if you are trying to make specific changes to your diet, such as eating more protein or less sodium. But they are not something I use all the time. I just track for a week or two to help me get a clear picture of my daily intake, so using the Calorie Counter website is a little more involved than I want to devote to daily food tracking, but it is the perfect EASY solution to quickly finding the calorie content of a recipe.

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Calculating Calories For Recipes And Mixed Dishes

A lot of the foods we eat have more than one ingredient. For example, a chicken breast is rarely prepared plain and may include some type of fat used during cooking, a sauce added afterward, or other ingredients. Multi-ingredient recipes can be calculated by entering data for each individual ingredient into an MS Excel® spreadsheet that has been set up for this purpose. The spreadsheet gives you the option to list how many servings the recipe makes and will calculate the calories and nutrients per serving. Follow the steps below to calculate the nutrition information for a multi-ingredient food or recipe.

  • Type the names and amounts of each ingredient into the spreadsheet.
  • Go to the USDA National Nutrient Database. Determine calories and nutrients for each individual ingredient in the correct quantity as described above.
  • Enter the data into the spreadsheet and it will add up values for the total recipe. When you enter the number of servings, the spreadsheet will determine calories and nutrients per serving.
  • How To Use The Recipe Calorie Calculator

    • Enter your ingredients: First, enter your recipe ingredients. Before each ingredient, list the items measurements. For example, 2 tablespoons of olive oil.
    • Enter serving size: Once youve listed all your ingredients and measurements, enter the number of servings. If you dont know the number of servings, you can enter the serving size1 cup for example.
    • Understand the nutrition facts: Next, click Analyze Recipethis will generate the nutrition label listing calories, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, protein, and various vitamins and minerals in the recipe. Reading through the nutrition facts will give you a clear idea of the dishs nutritional value.
    • Save and print your label: Once you finalize your list of ingredients, measurements, and serving size, you can choose to print your nutrition facts label or save it with an embedded code. Clicking the Embed this Label button will generate a link you can copy and paste for future reference. You can even use this link to insert your recipes nutrition facts into a blog.
    • Edit and start over: Before you print or save your nutrition facts label, you may want to make changes to the ingredients list. You can do this by clicking Edit Recipe. Then you will need to click the item you want to edit and make the necessary adjustments. To start from scratch on a new label, click Clear Recipe. Keep in mind clicking this button will delete all previous ingredients.

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    How To Calculate Your Own Nutrition Facts On A Recipe

    A common comment here on Tasty Yummies I dont see the carb count or where are the calories or the ever-popular and very profoundly simple in its aggressive request nutrition facts?. First of all, my favorite thing about these comments is the ALWAYS demanding nature of them. No please. No thank you for this amazing FREE recipe and the 1000s of articles you have written and shared with us nope just can you give me more, for FREE?.

    Yes, you are sensing a slight snarky undertone. Today this question finally got to me. No, I dont provide nutrition facts here on Tasty Yummies that is correct! Will I ever? I dont know. But for right now, there are no nutrition facts listed with my recipes. One of the main reasons being that there are far too many variables involved, from various brands of ingredients offering wildly varying nutrition facts, to slight mis-measurements on your end, portion size discrepancies and so much more. At this point, this isnt a focus with my clients in my nutrition practice and I am not interested in providing this information with my free recipes.

    Recipeiq Is More Than Just A Calorie Calculator App

    How to Calculate Nutrition Info for Any Recipe

    Its your guide to living a healthier life!

    With a database of more than 7,300 ingredients, RecipeIQ displays macro and micronutrients per serving and by ingredient.



    How It Works

    RecipeIQ is a recipe nutrition calculator app that gives you all the information you need to cook and eat healthy. Simply scan, review ingredients, and start cooking.

    Snap a photo of any recipe, or paste a link to an online recipe.

    RecipeIQ will automatically generate the ingredients and nutrition facts by serving.

    Edit or add ingredients to suit your dietary specifications or preferences.

    Review the updated nutritional information to ensure compatibility with your dietary needs.

    Name the recipe something you will remember. Think: Awesome Stuffing Thanksgiving 2017 or Dads Favorite Chickpea Salad.

    Put the recipe in View mode, and cook with confidence!

    Refer back to your RecipeIQ library for tried-and-true favorites.

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    How Do I Calculate The Nutritional Values Of A Recipe

    I love to cook and experiment with recipes. While I’m aware that calories are not a perfect measure of what makes you gain weight and what doesn’t, I would still love to have a rough idea of the energy values of the dishes I’m preparing, and ideally be able to fiddle with the ingredients just to see what happens to the calorie count.

    How would I best approach this?

    My vision is that of a tool that

    • lets you enter a recipe’s ingredients and amounts, and can calculate an approximate calorie count for the most common ingredients

    • ideally, lets you add other ingredients and their energy values?

    I know for a fact there is software like this, but all the good products I’ve seen are for professional diet advisors, nutritional consultants and the like, and tend to be very expensive.

    I guess the basic functionality could be achieved with an Excel sheet, but where to get high-quality nutritional data from? Are there industry-standard databases for this?

    This question matches mine in the title, but seems to be more about the calorie differences between cooked and raw food, which is not my concern.

    How To Determine The Nutritional Value Of Food

    Ever read the labels on your food products? If yes, ever wondered how they come to the nutritional values stated on these labels? Or what they mean?

    Whereas people tend to think these are hard fixed numbers that have been analyzed in full detail, this is often not the case . Foods are natural products so there is a lot of variation in their nutritional values. But still, being a good scientist, youd probably want to know somewhat more about these numbers and how we come to them.

    Therefore, today a crash course in determining the nutritional value of foods. Well be discussing carbohydrates, calories, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals and well discuss how we know how much of all of these is in our foods.

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    May Not Be For Everyone

    Though spaghetti squash is highly nutritious, there are some things to keep in mind before adding it to your diet.

    Certain people may be allergic to winter vegetables like spaghetti squash, which can cause food allergy symptoms, such as hives, itching, swelling, and digestive issues .

    If you experience these or any other adverse symptoms after eating spaghetti squash, discontinue consumption immediately and consult with your doctor.

    Moreover, spaghetti squash is very low in calories.

    While this can be very useful for those looking to shed extra weight, its important to avoid cutting calories too much, as severe calorie restriction can decrease your bodys metabolic rate .

    To maximize the potential health benefits of spaghetti squash, select healthy toppings and pair it with other nutritious foods like veggies, herbs, spices, heart-healthy fats, and lean proteins.


    Spaghetti squash may cause food allergies and is very low in calories. For best results, pair it with other healthy foods and toppings.

    Spaghetti squash is a winter vegetable rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

    Due to its low calorie and high fiber content, it may aid weight loss and digestive health.

    Try roasted spaghetti squash as a low-carb alternative to pasta, combined with veggies, protein, whole grains, and healthy fats.

    Troubleshooting Errors With The Recipe Analyzer

    Recipe Nutrition Calculator

    You might see an error message pop up once you analyze your recipe. Here are a few common ones and how to fix them:

    • Ingredient not recognized, please try editing: click or tap the ingredient for a dropdown of options to choose from. When you choose the correct one, hit “update.”
    • Measurement not recognized, please try editing: click or tap the pencil icon next to the ingredient name. Choose a measurement from the dropdown, then hit “update.” You can also easily convert the measurement with a unit converter if needed, to match the listings available.

    Please make sure that you are using the most up-to-date version of your web browser in order to avoid potential errors. This recipe analyzer is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

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    The Recipe Analyzer May Need Additional Clarification

    If you get an error that reads: Measurement not recognized, try converting your measurement into grams. You can easily convert the measurement with a unit converter if needed, or do a quick Google Search. In my recipe, the analyzer got hung up on 1 cup pecans, a search told me 1 cup of pecans is roughly about 109 grams.

    Information We Collect And How It Is Used

    Your IP address is automatically collected when you visit the site because your IP address needs to be recognised by the server. We use your IP address to record general site usage information and browsing preferences, but not to track your individual visit. We do not identify individual users in this sort of research. By using this website and by submitting information to us via this website you give your consent that all your personal data collected by us via this website may be processed by us for the purposes set out in the following data privacy policy. You have the facility to submit a limited amount of personal contact data about yourself in the course of accessing our main site. These contact details are held on our database and used exclusively by the BNF for the purpose of sending you information on current and future information about the services and publications and any other services described on this website, and/or implementing any other requests or suggestions you may have made.

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    Calculating Calories And Nutrients In Meals

    It is not always feasible to calculate nutrition information for all of your recipes, but having information for some of your meals is better than having nothing at all. Calculating nutrition information for more standard recipes is a great place to start.

    We hope you find the following suggestions on how to calculate calorie and nutrient information in three scenarios helpful:1). Single Ingredient Meals 2). Recipes and Mixed Dishes 3). Full Meals

    Nutrient analysis software, nutrient analysis companies, and laboratory analysis are also listed below.

    Click here for the MS Excel® spreadsheet tool that is mentioned for Calculating Calories for Recipes and Mixed Dishes.

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    Calculating nutritional value of recipes

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    This app is truly genius! I have tried other nutrition calculating apps in the past but hated how time consuming and frustrating it was to enter each ingredient separately with recipeiq all you do is take a photo, so easy!

    Verica V.

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    I use this app every day to check nutrition info & collect high-protein recipes to power me through my workouts It’s my go-to recommendation for clients who want to make a change in their diet, highly recommend.

    Eva G.

    Mother of 3

    This app is really useful for family meal planning! It shows me which recipes are healthy, and I love that you can save all your edited recipes in one place. Wish someone had thought of this before!

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    Labeling The Nutritional Value

    Within the European Union there is legislation stating how and when the nutritional value should be labeled on food products. The labeling is regulated through the EU 1169/2011 directive. This is a very extensive piece of regulation on how food products should be labeled. The regulation defines things such as the name of products , but also weight, shelf life dates, etc.

    It also describes the nutrition labeling. It describes which nutritional values have to be on the label, how they have to be determined, etc.

    Once a manufacturer knows which data has to be put on a label it is time to determine the values for the label. So lets dig into how these numbers are determined, starting with the energy content.

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