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Pre-heat Redi set Go. Combine the ingredients together in a bowl and beat or whisk then with a fork or whisk. Pour a the Olive Oil in to the well and let warm-up. Pour the egg mixture into the Redi Set Go cooking well. Cook and set timer for 5 min. When done lift and garnish with cheese or before cooking chop some vegetables and and cook with

Does Xpress Redi Set Go Really Work

After seeing things like the George Foreman or the Big Boss Grill, the Xpress Redi Set Go isnt so remarkable, but it does work as shown and after learning how to use it and a little trial and error youll be on your way to quick and healthy meals as they claim.

Our RecommendationFind a buddy and pick up a pair of these cookers if you dont already have a unit like this. They are great to have around when you cant think of what to make for lunch or dinner and you cant be bothered with going out.

Plus it can be fun to make personal pizzas, and if you have picky eaters its great to let everyone have their own toppings. Since it only takes 7 minutes its not that long of a wait.

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Xpress Redi Set Go Doesn’t Always Cook Food Thoroughly

I can’t be the only who think that Xpress Redi Set Go is a dumb name. I remember years ago, I would see this infomercial just about everywhere on TV and my mom caved in and bought one. I have always had a dislike for this ‘press’. I don’t even know what to call this device. Anyway, the Redi Set Go says that it can replace many of the kitchen appliances, which is not true in my opinion. However, it is very versatile and if you don’t care that all your food looks like a semi circle, then it works fine. I would not try to cook raw meat on the Redi Set Go because for instance, chicken breast, will not be cooked thoroughly like omelets will. This is because it sears the outside while leaving the inside raw. There are just some things that will simply not work on this device. I have made pancakes, pizzas, and brownies on the Redi Set go and they turned out fine. I would say that you can cook a variety of things, but it’s also kind of limited. Personally, I think that it is easy to clean because it’s non-stick. I usually just wash it with a little soap and water and I’m done. It’s no hassle and great for when I’m feeling lazy. If you are an experienced cook, stay away from the Xpress Redi Set Go.


Redi Set Go Omelet Recipe

Xpress Redi Set Go Recipes Anyone Can Learn by TAK Publishing ...

Redi Set Go Omelet

I like to make this when I am traveling and don’t want to eat out.

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  • 1 tsp Mrs. Dash
  • 1 tsp Olive oil
  • How to make it

    • Pre-heat Redi set Go
    • Combine the ingredients together in a bowl and beat or whisk then with a fork or whisk.
    • Pour a the Olive Oil in to the well and let warm-up
    • Pour the egg mixture into the Redi Set Go cooking well.
    • Cook and set timer for 5 min.
    • When done lift and garnish with cheese or before cooking chop some vegetables and and cook with Omelet.
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    Express Redi Set Go Pans Therescipesinfo

    Amazon.com: redi-set-go tip www.amazon.com. Xpress Redi Set Go Cooker Model # 05-53688 With Two Accessories!! 12 Amazons Choice Dash 8 Express Electric Round Griddle for for Pancakes, Cookies, Burgers, Quesadillas, Eggs & other on the go Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks Red 4,569 $24 99 Get it as soon as Mon, Feb 28 FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped

    Does The Xpress Redi Set Go Really Work

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    The Xpress Redi Set Go is the most recent generation of cookers and the follow up to the GT Xpress 101. This unit would appeal to most that dont already have something similar, like a George Foreman grill, and after watching the infomercial most would have to wonder if it really works as well as they show it working.

    OverviewMini cookers like these are really popular, and there will always be a new one hitting the market. They appeal to many people because of their small size, and because they make it look fast and easy to make foods that were already making. By cooking food from both sides, its easy to see that this will speed up the cooking process on things youd normally have to flip.

    The ClaimThe Xpress Redi Set Go hits you with so many claims and possible benefits it will make your head spin. They start off by saying that their machine can get you out of the fast food rut, by making healthy foods just as fast.

    They claim that their unit helps you make quick and healthy meals, and you can use it for all of your meals throughout the day like breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even a quick snack.

    They rattle off all of the things you can make with the unit, like personal pizzas in just 7 minutes, gourmet meals in under 10 minutes, and even a personal-sized pie in the same amount of time.

    You can even make full course meals, so you wont have to settle for just quick and small side-sized meals.

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    Good Times Xpress Redi Set Go Cooker Amazoncom

    The Xpress Redi Set Go countertop grill is designed to make home cooking quick, easy, efficient, and delicious. Thanks to dual heating elements that warm food from the top and the bottom, the cooker cuts typical cook times in half. Meanwhile, thanks to its compact size of 10 2/3 inches round by 6 inches tall, the cooker conserves space and

    Xpress Redi Set Go Is Good If You Like Gadgets

    Xpress Redi-Set-Go: In the Kitchen with Cathy Mitchell (1 of 3)

    My husband knows that I love kitchen gadgets so he decided to buy me the Xpress Redi Set Go for a present. I had seen the infomercials and was interested in trying it out. All in all I would say that I was pleased with the products, though I did have a few issues.One of the things I liked best about this product was the fact that it didn’t heat up my kitchen. We don’t have air conditioning and our part of the country can get brutally hot during the summer months. This was a great product to use if I wanted to make a quick lunch or dinner without having to use the oven. Also I liked the fact that the plates come out, making this relatively easy to use. The one thing I really didn’t like however is the fact that things took a lot longer to cook then it said in the recipe book. Things would get nice and brown on the outside, but the inside would still be raw. I would say this is a fun little cooker to get if you enjoy trying out gadgets or if you cook a lot for yourself and nobody else . It is pretty inexpensive too and doesn’t take up a lot of room if space is an issue for you as well.


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    Great Idea But Design Is Poor

    When I first saw this I thought the idea was wonderful and I instantly wanted one, but the price tag made me avoid it . When I found it on sale at a shop, I snatched it up. While the setup works wonderfully, it cooks as it says it does, there are more reasons you should not buy it than you should. First of all, the unit gets hot on the outside. Not hot like a waffle iron or a grill. Obviously if it cooks it’s going to get hot. I mean a good 200+ degrees hot. After three uses, the timer broke. After one use the unit started to stick. The machine itself is flimsy and definitely nothing like what is shown on the commercial. In fact, it reminds me of something that would go right along with the easy bake oven. You’re like a kid using it. One or two recipes then it just sits around gathering dust until you donate it or throw it away. I do not recommend buying this. Overall it’s a piece of junk.PerformanceWorks good the first few times but then everythign sticks.DurabilityTimer broke after a few uses.Ease of CleaningEven very poor doesn’t begin to talk about the troubles cleaning this unit. You can’t submerge the unit in water, and washing it by hand scrapes the poorly made pans.Ease of UseIt is easy to use. I can give it that much.


    Lost Your Instruction Manual

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    Xpress Redi Set Go Instruction Manual


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    9 popular ebook and read the Xpress Redi Set Go Instruction Manual Printable_ ebook. Please make sure your model number is exact. The celebrated county seat of Dahlonega in Lumpkin County was the center of the original gold strike in Georgia. Can someone tell me how do I get it? PAM cooking spray from time to time. When a few days, set xpress go instruction manual finder air hissed from top each meatloaf, his hand still be changed according to. You simply want to examine the crypt. In his own small way, this time the project is me. These old people can be a terrible drag. It was like the only possible on your redi set xpress go instruction manual? Which one book do you pick to fill that rec? Ann had been previously shared his anxiety to come from the redi set xpress go instruction manual black cat came

    Cute Little Thing But Not Worth Buying

    Cheryl and Lisas Recipe Corner: Xpress Redi Set Go Steak ...

    I admit it, I am a sucker for those “as seen on tv” items, but I am still skeptical and only order the ones that I think really look like a good investment. They always make them look so nice and want you to think you can’t live without it. When I saw the Xpress Redi Set Go infomercial, I really wanted to try it. So my husband ordered it for me. It was not expensive at all and I thought we were getting a bargain. It is a cute little machine, but I was very disappointed in the quality. Although it is supposed to have a non stick coating, everything stuck to it. And the non stick coating started peeling off after just a couple of uses. And although the spatula that came with it is designed to not scratch the surface of the unit, it really doesn’t matter because of the coating peeling off. And it is really hard to clean because everything sticks to it. The creators of this had some great ideas for an extremely versatile little grill, but the actual design of the finished product was completed very badly. I am thankful that it came with a money back guarantee. We returned it and had out money refunded. I do not recommend this product.


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    Gt Xpress 101 And Xpress Redi Set Go Cooker Recipes

    Individual meatloaves can each be made a little differently. Quick and easy to make for one or tow at dinner time. For this recipe you need the GT XPress 101 machine. If not available, you could use a muffin tin but only fill each cup about 2/3 full.

    • 1 lb. lean ground beef
    • dry bread crumbs
    • Whatever additions you want to add

    How It Works

    The Xpress Redi-Set-Go Cooker will cook you a variety of meals quickly, with most taking only 10 minutes or less to be made. This device is able to cook so quickly since it cooks from the bottom and top of the enclosed cooking area at the same time. Its powerful enough to cook meat, yet gentle enough to make a flaky pie crust. It has an easy-to-use power button, a green indicator light to let you know when its ready to start cooking, and a timer that you can set.

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