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THE HULK: Healthy Green Smoothie Recipe for Weight Loss, Glowing Skin, Energy & Health!

A typical detox diet involves a period of fasting. This is followed by a diet of strictly fruit, vegetables, juices, and water.

Unsurprisingly, making fresh juice at home is great for detoxing. We have a number of detox juice recipes here at Goodnature. Heres one you might want to try: Lemon Strawberry Ginger Root Detox Juice Shot.

You Get Top Nutrition

Fruits and vegetables contain nutrients that are good for your overall health and vitality. I cannot stress the importance of eating your raw fresh fruits and vegetables and greens enough you just feel it in your body when you feed yourself with the much-needed nutrients! You instantly feel better, your skin glows, your eyes have a new spark. Theres something about eating right that no other anti-wrinkle creme can give you!

Fruits do contain a natural sugar called fructose but eating fruits does not make you fat and is not bad for you. This sugar is not the same as processed sugar found in junk food. If you have diabetic tendencies, check with your doctor. Otherwise, as a healthy person, you need not worry about fruit so much as about eliminating all processed sugar from your diet!

Green vegetables on the other hand contain very low levels of sugar. They help you to detoxify and cleanse by helping your digestive system to eliminate waste. And the more you consume vegetables in their fresh and raw form, the lesser you crave junk foods.

How To Juice Correctly So That Youll Lose Unwanted Pounds

The first thing youll need is the right tool, which is a juicer.

Before buying one, read this article where I explain in detail the different types, the pros, and cons and how it will fit your needs.

While you can still make juice using a blender, the process will take longer, and it is a bit messy.

If youre starting and you want to see if juicing is right for you then, by all means, use a blender, but if youre serious about this, please do invest in a quality extractor.

Now before you tell me that these machines are expensive, hear me out.

If you look hard enough, youll find that certain brands dont cost an arm and a leg.

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You Can Go On Juice Fasts And Detoxification

Once you form your juicing habit, you can start going on mini-fasts on a consistent basis and build up to a longer fast. As your diet becomes cleaner, you may not need to fast as much but its a great way to detox your body at the beginning. During a juice fast, youre doing your body a favor by giving it a break. Your digestive system can now focus on eliminating the wastes instead of processing solids and junk foods.

Why Are We So Scared Of Cellulite

Community Recipe: Mean Green Hulk

It is important that all women know that cellulite is perfectly normal to have. I dont know where or when it was sold to us that it was bad to have cellulite, but somehow along the way the beauty and health industry has profited off the backs of normal women anatomy by selling us unrealistic ideas of womens bodies. I know it will take a lifetime of unlearning what is considered beautiful and acceptable in society, but the thinking will never shift if leaders in media and marketing continue to deliver the same outdated messages. One thing to consider, apart from how we as women feel about cellulite, is the males reaction to it. Not that I ever cared about what a man thinks, but many men react a certain way to things according to the way they think women want them too. Lol. Can we blame them? Theyre just listening to us complain and they dont know any better. Ive written this piece so that women can understand a bit more on what cellulite is, how to live with it and also how to improve the smoothness of their skin. I hope to remove the thought that cellulite is ugly. My job is to empower you with knowledge about the phenomena and how to address it, if thats what you want.

For those who want to know, yes it is possible to improve the appearance of cellulite.

You can also try the famous Hulk Juice from my Glow Cleanse. It is loaded with lemon and greens as it helps emulsify the stubborn fat deposits so that they can be flushed out more easily.

Love, RushTush xoxo

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Juice Recipes For Weight Loss

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Potential Risks Of A Juice Detox

  • Drinking a large amount of vegetable juice high in oxalates can potentially be harmful to the kidneys. Oxalates are one contributing factor to kidney stones.
  • The low-calorie nature of these juices recipes will significantly contribute to weight loss, but going crash course may not be sustainable.
  • Folks with weak immune systems may be susceptible to the bacteria that are in these juices because it is unpasteurized.
  • Going on a low-calorie diet in an extended period can lead to low blood sugar levels other risk factors include hunger, dehydration, fainting, and weakness.

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Easy Start Detox Juice

This makes a good beginner detox juice recipe for those just starting out with juicing, thanks to its simple ingredients and delicious flavors that arent overwhelming.

Carrots have a lot of health benefits. They are a good ingredient when juicing for weight loss and have been linked to lower cholesterol levels and improved eye health.

This green juice cleanse recipe is a great starter to a juice diet, so is a great juicer, like this best selling electric juicer!

Easy Start Detox Juice Recipe:

Health Benefits Of A Juice Detox

avocado smoothie recipe | avocado banana smoothie | weight loss smoothies | avocado juice
  • Fruits and vegetables contain high doses of vitamins and minerals that our body needs. Drinking juice minus the pulp means that these nutrients get absorbed quickly.
  • Drinking fresh juice helps with the digestive system by introducing enzymes that are beneficial to the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Fresh vegetable juice contains lots of anti-inflammatory compounds that will help boost the immune system.

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The Meals Might Seem Light But They Keep You Full

I was taken back by how small I thought the meals were at first, and how little protein I would be consuming. But the three meals plus the hulk juice kept me full throughout the day. I was never starving or hangry. It made me reconsider my protein intake, as I was used to 8-12 ounce portions before.

Add Some Protein And Fat

Healthy fat is a concept that I wasnt familiar with until I read Drew Canoles post here.

I used to think that protein powders are nasty tasting, but on the contrary, some brands make excellent tasting protein powders that when combined with the right vegetables will give you a filling and nutrition rich drink that will also supply the body with the protein that your muscles need.

Chia seeds are another rich source of protein that you can add to your juice not only for the nutritional benefits but also for a contrasting texture.

It is one of the main staples of a lot of smoothie recipes so why not add them to juices.

An ounce of chia seeds contains 4 grams of protein. It is also a rich source of antioxidants, Omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium.

The best part of chia seeds is it has only 137 calories per ounce and 12 grams of carbohydrates.

And out of that 12, 10.6 grams is dietary fiber that isnt digested.

When you do the math, the actual carb content is only 2 grams, which is pretty low.

The fiber content makes chia seeds in itself filling, and it has another side benefit it feeds good bacteria to your gut and keeps it healthy.

An alternative to chia seeds would be flaxseeds. It is also a rich source of Omega 3 acids and protein.

If youve decided to add this, get something grounded, so its easier to use.

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This Smoothie Recipe Is A Morning Blast Because It Can Provide You The Most Needed Nutrients That Your Body Craves For In The Morning And Also Make Sure You Have A Smooth Running Day You Will Need The Following Ingredients:

  • One cucumber
  • One apple
  • Four garlic cloves
  • One chunk of ginger make it as big as you would prefer, but be careful ginger can be pretty spicy
  • Three celery sticks
  • One clump of kale, about the size of salad portion

Blend all the ingredients together, just make sure to first chop them at least a bit, so that your blender does not get overwhelmed.

You can add a couple of ice cubes that will contribute to the freshness of the beverage.

This smoothie is an amazing energy booster that will last the whole day. As a bonus it will take care of your digestion system and detoxify your stomach and intestines.

Zesty Lemon Apple Juice

The Ultimate Green Juice Recipe

This juice for diet is a surprisingly light and tangy detox drink that makes a perfect juice cleanse for breakfast.

Besides all the antioxidants in the apples and lemons, the cucumbers have many health benefits as well, including vitamin K. Making this juice cleanse recipe perfect for fighting inflammation.

If youre looking for a new juicer before your juice cleanse, try this best selling electric juicer!

Zesty Lemon Apple Juice Recipe:

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How Can You Safely Lose Weight Without Losing Muscle Mass

First, let me get this out of the way. Having the right BMI equates to a healthy body.

It is a better indicator than body weight because it helps you know how much body fat you have.

So rather than putting in a lot of fruit in your recipes, make sure to use mostly vegetables and only use fruit as a sweetener because fruits are high in fructose.

Though its better than synthetic fructose, fructose is like empty calories. It isnt a useful resource like glucose is.

And without any fiber to slow down fructose absorption, it goes directly to the bloodstream.

Since the bodys cells in the body dont utilize fructose guess what happens to it? It becomes stored fat fatty acids and bad cholesterol.

Stored fat equates to weight gain.

If You Make This Recipe Please Share A Link To The Recipe Online And Tag Me I Love To See What You Are Cooking Up In Your Kitchen

For other amazing recipes, pick up a copy of one of my cookbooks at your local bookseller! The Instant Loss Cookbook tells the story of how I lost 125 pounds in one year, just eating real food at home! Our second cookbook, Instant Loss Eat Real, Lose Weight just hit stores and is a National Best Seller! It focuses on how to ditch the diet mindset, heal unhealthy habits, and repair your relationship with food! Packed full of 125 NEW recipes, it is a must have for every healthy cook!

  • 1very ripe large banana or 1 medium gala apple, cored and sliced into 4th’s
  • 1/4cupraw honey or 3-5 pitted dates
  • 2large eggs
  • 2teaspoonspure vanilla extract
  • 1 to 2large handfuls baby spinach
  • 1cupsteel cut oats
  • 1/2teaspoonbaking soda
  • Toppings of choice: granola, dairy free chocolate chips, dried fruit

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Maintaining Your Sexy During The Holidays

We trained hard all year, some over several years, we ate all our protein and green veg, drank all our hulk juice, only for our routines in the office to take a pause and festivities to take over. This means less time in the gym and more time with family and friends. Catching up over cocktails and mocktails snacks upon snack and preparing all the traditional meals families love. In this article Ill be covering MY APPROACH to the holidays lol and then also WHAT YOUR APPROACH TO STAYING SEXY should be. These are techniques and strategies I use and live by. Depending on where I am in may life, I use what is relevant to me. There is no all or nothing approach. We need to adapt and evolve.

My Approach:Ive booked myself off on a sabbatical since November, so Ive been on vacay for almost two months already lol. Naturally training is part of my life so that was never going to stop. But I also just needed a break from my routine. I did not derail my eating, but Ive made a point to enjoy experiences, especially on my holiday in London. Even though my sabbatical is more focused on me resting more than training, these are my tips on how to travel healthy.

Happy holidays and enjoy it!Love Rush

The Bad News Is That More And More People Are Fighting This Problem And Face Dire Consequences

5 HEALTHY SMOOTHIES | recipes for wellness and weight loss

Statistics indicate that over 2 billion people around the globe suffer from obesity, which is almost 30 % of the entire global population a problem which accounts for at least 5 % of deaths on the planet. This is a very serious issue and should be dealt with as soon as possible if further problems are to be avoided.

People suffering from this condition usually start some strict diets or even turn to liposuction when they think theres no other alternative.

Despair shouldnt force you to do something so drastic but maybe you just havent found a better approach. Why dont you try something more natural and miraculously effective? If you want to lose weight and get healthy youve come to the right place!

You must ration your portions, eat healthier, consume more fruits, veggies and whole foods and eliminate sweets and sugars completely and immediately. If you want to be successful you must be dedicated and committed to your cause!

In addition to adopting a healthier lifestyle you can also try this amazing fat-burning recipe which will stimulate weight loss and help you reach your goal sooner.

The beverage weve got prepared for you includes:

  • 1 cucumber
  • 3 sliced pieces of pineapple
  • 1 celery stalk
  • a cup of parsley

Wash the fruits and veggies thoroughly, add them in a blender and blend them until theyre combined.

The results will be visible in no time and youll start feeling healthier and stronger as well!

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Option #3 Buy A Juice Cleanse

The most expensive of the options, it to purchase a juice cleanse. You can find local juice cleanse options, and those are the most pricy, we found this option on Amazon that proves to be a better deal!

This purchasable juicing diet option may seam expensive, but the benefits both in cost, as well as for your juice diet are plenty!

Here is why we like this Juice Cleanse 3 Day:

  • You can travel with it, this juice cleanse 3 day is great for business trips!
  • You wont have food waste, most often than not, you may find yourself throwing away fruits and vegetables you purchased too much of, not with this!
  • Its 100% all natural.
  • Its Vegan!
  • It has 1 day, 2 days, and 3 day juice cleanse options.

Key Point: Detox juice can be used for weight loss, either by drinking only detox juice for a period of time, or by using it to replace unhealthy meals. Its important to use minimal fruit when trying to lose weight with detox juice.

There are 10 juicing for weight loss recipes above, as well as our juice cleanse how to guide.

Quick Truths On How To Lose Belly Fat By Rushda

1. How does a diet help in losing belly fat?

I strongly dislike the word diet, I prefer the term lifestyle guideline, but yes a structured eating plan of controlled calories will result in fat loss over time. Time is the most important factor here, which is why I stress on the term lifestyle.

The aim of a diet is to re train the mind to develop good habits over a long period of time, and hopefully forever. This is how one decreases fat. Note that you cannot target fat loss areas. Your body will shave off fat from everywhere. Although there are definitely ways to get a more toned flat tummy. Start by cutting out processed foods. I call it fake food. Go back to basics, eat your macros as they were intended by God. Keep it clean and simple, enjoy real food, eating healthy is fun and exciting. Over the years humans have complicated food and drink. Drink plenty of water. Cut out sugars.

2. What are the best exercises to lose your belly fat?

Many people think that toning your mid section and achieving a flat stomach has everything to do with ab routines. Remember your waist and abs are muscles and if you train them hard enough, you create trauma and following trauma is growth. So you could create a thicker more swollen mid section if you dont know what youre doing and most importantly negligent with your nutrition. These are my 5 TIPS on how to beat the bloat and drop body fat.

3. Eat smaller portions. Dont have seconds. Eat until comfortable, not full.

Love Rush

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