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Last Saturday, May 19, was Food Revolution Day, and there was much chatter about real food and kids. In his TED prize acceptance speech in 2010, renowned chef and Food Revolution founder, Jamie Oliver had one wish: Teach every child about food.

Since that wish was made by Jamie, there has been a lot of progress made in the food revolution, but there is still much to do. Fortunately you can do your part and you dont even have to leave your home.

Teaching kids about food can begin in the grocery store, as well as in the garden, but the real magic happens alongside you, in the kitchen.

This month our Eat Well, Spend Less group is talking about Kids in the Kitchen. Its a subject Im passionate about, as I believe that cooking with kids helps them to embrace real food and develop a healthy food culture.

Also, eating at home is far less expensive than dining out. By giving our children a head start on self-sufficiency, were helping them save money in the future.

Easy Parmesan Buttered Noodles

Sometimes you just need simple meals to make kids smile. And they dont get much simpler than buttered noodles.

This Easy Parmesan Buttered Noodles recipe adds the flavor of freshly grated parmesan cheese and a few herbs to make these delicious noodles extra yummy.

And if your kids dont like herbs, just leave them out. These noodles are still going to be the best theyve ever eaten.

Potato Chip Chicken has to be one of the champions among kids friendly casseroles. This dish is loaded with delicious flavors and an unforgettable texture.

You young ones will enjoy every crunchy and savory bite.

Best of all, theyll hardly notice if you sneak in one or two veggies like broccoli and cauliflower.

Talk about a win-win!

Oh my goodness. If we can tear you away from the memorizing picture above, wed like to tell you a bit about this Chicken Parm Sliders recipe.

Of course, in a way, the picture speaks for itself, but dive in.

These sliders have shredded chicken cooked in marinara sauce and loads of mozzarella cheese, sitting between two mini potato buns.

If this is making your mouth water, imagine what the actual sliders will do to your kids when you set them on the table?

We teach our kids always to follow the rules, but some rules are meant to be broken such as only eating eggs for breakfast.

Who made that rule, anyway?

This recipe for Potato Chip Frittata tosses that outdated notion out the window, combining fresh eggs, shredded cheese, and potato chips.

Disappointed kids.

Recipes That Kids Can Cook In The Kitchen

Before you invite the children in to join you, its a good idea to brush up on basic kitchen safety and knife skills for children, and then get properly equipped. I use a sturdy stool, a childs apron or two, and a few tools that are small and fit their hands nicely.

Then, its important to have a good recipe that has simple steps that children can do themselves supervised, of course and delicious results that will leave them excited to cook and bake again.

Here are some of my favorites.


I loved Karas recent post about Cinnamon rolls on a Saturday morning with her sweet daughter, Jillian. She demonstrated perfectly how baking together was a valuable mother-daughter bonding time and couldnt help but notice Jillian took great pride in her work. Naturally.

Baking with my boys in the morning is one of my favorite times to talk to them. Its often a Saturday, and as we stir together pancakes we talk about the past week at school and the plans for the weekend.

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Dinner Ideas For Kids

Are you a parent whos running low on dinner ideas for kids? I have you covered!

It can be frustrating when your kids opt for a bag of chips when youve put a lot of work into making dinner.

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No matter how nifty your dish is, if they dont like the way it smells or if they see anything GREEN in there, that dish will be completely ignored.

In this list, you will get an array of dishes your kids wont be able to say no to. You will also discover new ways to reinvent classics like burgers, pizza, and chicken!

Dive in and start cooking.

Pizza Stuffed Crescent Rolls

Teach Kids To Make Their Own Meals: Your Kids Can Cook!

But, Im sick of pizza, said no child throughout the history of humankind.

Its hard to imagine ever getting enough pizza, especially if youre a kid. And this delicious kid friendly recipe for Pizza Stuffed Crescent Rolls will save you lots of dough on ordering delivery or takeout pizza.

And youll likely never repurchase frozen pizza after tasting the savory meat and sauce inside a buttery, flaky crescent roll for the first time.

Not only is this recipe a snap to make, but these rolls are also bite-sized and make less of a mess.

Perfect for dipping in tomato sauce.

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Find The Right Kids Recipes

Finding approachable recipes for kids is key to success in the kitchen:

Instant Pot Sloppy Joes

The Spruce Eats / Diana Rattray

Kids love sloppy joes and you’re going to love how easy they are to make in the Instant Pot. Once you brown the ground beef, simply add everything to the pot and let it cook. Come back in 45 minutes after the pressure releases, build your sandwiches, and dinner is served!

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Need Some Help Order A Kids Cooking Kit

Cooking and baking subscription kits for kids have become quite popular and for good reason. Services like Raddish Kids ship curated recipes and educational activities, along with cooking tools for kids, right to your door. Eat2explore is a kids cooking subscription kit with an emphasis on cuisine from around the world and it comes with a food passport, a cooking tool and some key ingredients and spices. Many of these services also allow you to order one-off boxes instead of signing up for a subscription.

Where to buy:explore South Korea! Kit

Take A Cooking Class Together

EAT | 3 Breakfasts Your Kids Can Cook Themselves

Cooking and baking classes for kids are available in person and online. Community centers and local recreation and education programs often offer these around the country, as do retail stores like Sur la Table. A variety of online classes are offered through Outschool for different age ranges. There are also free cooking how-to videos on Raddish Kids, which provides printable illustrated recipe guides that go along with their.

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+ Easy Recipes That Kids Can Cook

Do your kids help you cook? You might be surprised at what your kids can make themselves ! Teaching them early is a great life skill that will benefit them down the road, think college freshman .

We have put together a list of recipes that most school-aged children can do on their own. A few might take a little help from you if your child needs help chopping and with the oven. We even have a few for younger kids.

Pick a few recipes that you are confident your child can make and then teach them how to prepare the food. Start small and build confidence in the kitchen! The more comfortable your child is the more fun they will have, and hopefully develop a love for cooking.

FUN EXPERIMENT : Have one night a week for every member of the house to make dinner. The person preparing the meal can choose the dish. You might want to set some guidelines about what types of food can and cant be served. Have everyone make a list of groceries they need for the week and you can either do the shopping or take them with you to pick out the ingredients.

A friend of mine with four kids did this for a few months and had great results. The younger kids needed more help and some nights they had frozen pizza with salad and some nights they had really nice meals . Whoever cooked got the night off from dishes!

Its a fun way to get your kids learning about the kitchen and give you a few nights off from dinner a week!

Easy Ways To Cook Rice

By the Author of Three Miles and The Flat Broke Cookbook

One of the thriftiest additions to stretch a meal is the ever-so-humble rice. Its a primary ingredient in exotic cuisines around the world, from Latin America to Europe to Asia. Depending on how you spice it up, it can be a tasty addition to a wide variety of entrees.

Even with the rampant inflation that were experiencing right now, you can still get a pound of white rice for approximately 92 cents and brown rice for about $2.75. For reference, you can get 7-8 one-cup servings per pound of rice. Thats a lot of rice bang for your rice buck!

Some people find rice to be challenging to get just right. If thats you, look no further. The solutions to your rice-making problems are here! These recipes are for the regular, cheap white rice you get in big bags at the store.

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Cashew Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Sweet and savory cashew chicken wrapped in lettuce leaves makes a great meal that kids can prepare. Our older kids chop the chicken and vegetables while the younger kids add the maple syrup, spices and cashews. All the kids can help spoon into lettuce leaves to serve.

Heres the recipe: Cashew Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Recipes For Kids To Make

10 Easy Dinners the Kids Can Make Themselves

If you have a child eager to help out with the cooking in your house, count it a blessing! And if you arent sure where to start, no worries, this post includes recipes for kids to make, plus tips to help them get started and become a reliable helper in the kitchen.

From elementary to middle school and beyond, getting kids of all ages in the kitchen is a great way to teach them recipe basics and develop an appreciation for food.

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What Can Kids Cook

Have a kid who always seems to want to help you make dinner? Im sure you wouldnt mind the help, but if you dont know where to start, below, Ive provided examples of tasks kids can complete based on age as well as recipes that will help them get more confident in their ability to help out.

Once theyve mastered these recipes, you can feel more comfortable delegating some of the cooking on nights when you need an extra pair of hands.

Keep in mind that the list is a general overview, but every childs capabilities will look different, assess where your childs abilities best fit and modify as needed.


  • Washing and putting away produce
  • Prep Lettuce
  • Stirring, mixing, and folding batter
  • Dough: kneading, rolling, cutting
  • Greasing pans or baking dishes
  • Cracking eggs
  • Using a small knife for soft foods
  • Using a small pair of kitchen scissors
  • Grating skills
  • Measuring dry and wet ingredients
  • Seasoning and rubs


  • Using food processors, slow cookers, instant pots
  • Cleaning meats
  • Cooking from a Recipe

Chicken And Stuffing Bake

Leah Maroney

Bring a little taste of Thanksgiving to the weeknight dinner table with this chicken and stuffing casserole. Aromatics like onion, garlic, and celery are sauteed and then layered in a baking dish with chicken, cream of chicken soup, and stuffing mix. The kids will love the creamy mixture and crunchy topping.

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Easy Microwave Chicken Enchiladas

This one takes the semi-homemade approach to the microwave, for a doubly easy dinner recipe. Cooked chicken breast , canned enchilada sauce, taco seasoning mix, and shredded cheese get rolled inside corn tortillas, then topped with more sauce and cheese and nuked until everythings hot and melty. If you skip the cilantro garnish, theres no knife involved.

Quick And Easy Recipes For Children

5 Easy To-Do No Fire Recipes to Cook With Children

19 August, 2022

Cooking quick and easy recipes for children is key. However, you should never give up on a good nutritional intake. During the growth stage, its crucial to ensure a regular intake of essential nutrients to assure the development of the little ones and to maintain a good state of health. Otherwise, inefficiencies could be generated at a physiological level that could be harmful to their bodies.

Before we begin, we must mention that a diet, in order to be adequate, must be varied and balanced. In the case of children, this proportion can be slightly broken in order to achieve a slight surplus on an energetic level. Thanks to this, the tissues will grow optimally. However, when they reach adulthood, its best to bring the calories expended into line with those ingested.

Here are the best quick and easy recipes for children. Its possible to include them regularly in the diet to meet the needs of many essential nutrients. All of them are made with fresh foods as the main ingredients.

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Get Dinner On The Table Fast With Our Kid

The Spruce

Coming up with kid-friendly dinner ideas that are quick and easy to make is an ongoing challenge for most parents. You need recipes that get meals on the table fast and that kids will enjoy eating. We’ve rounded up our best, kid-approved dinner ideas for busy parents that will help you check all those boxes, without all the additives found in take-out and frozen foods.

These awesome family dinner recipes include simple, homemade versions of kids’ menu classics, such as macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets, fish and chips, pizza, spaghetti and meatballs, chili, and quesadillas. We’ve also included family favorite recipes that make great weeknight meals, including pasta dishes, stir-fries, tacos, and hearty baked casseroles.

Skills That Kids Learn Through Cooking

There are soooo many things that your little ones will learn while they cook. Here’s just a few:

  • following instructions – learning to follow a recipe or listen to instructions is a must when cooking!
  • measuring ingredients – using measuring cups and measuring spoons is a great way to start talking about fractions
  • fine motor skills – just think about the fine motor skills you use when you take a teeny teaspoon of baking powder and carefully place it into a bowl – these are such important skills for kids to learn
  • reading – reading a recipe is a great practical way for kids to learn. If they’re too young to read, try drawing pictures of the ingredients and steps.
  • safety – this is obviously a HUGE one! Learning about hot ovens and stoves, dangerous beaters and food safety is so, so important. Cooking gives you a perfect opportunity to explain this to your little one.

There are SO many more skills that kid learn while cooking – these are just a few of the most important ones!

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Bacon Cheeseburger Tater Tot Casserole

Tater tots are another staple kids food thats easy to make.

Now, this is one recipe that youll definitely want to use premade tater tots to save time as homemade versions can take between 30 and 40 minutes just to make by themselves.

Once you have all your ingredients, youll just need to cook your ground beef and then mix it with all your ingredients.

After that, put it in the pan and let it bake.

Once you pull this dish out, the fragrant smells are bound to get everyone excited about dinner.

Recipes Kids Can Cook

Cooking with Kids: 28 Meals Kids Can Make Themselves

My kids have absolutely loved getting to help out in the kitchen. They now plan and cook Saturday morning breakfast all on their own and love waking us up to breakfast .

Once a week, we login to my meal plans and create a meal plan for the week. They do this with me and select recipes that they are able to cook for some of the meals each week. For some of the recipes, I definitely still help and supervise, but they love the feeling of accomplishment when they can prepare a meal without me!

These are their picks for 12 favorite recipes they can cook alone

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Cranberry Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

This would be perfect for an older child that loves chocolate chips for breakfast!

You dont have to mention that granola bars are healthy, just point out the chocolate chips and cranberries!

This recipe went fast at our house!

Save some tortillas from the tortilla pizza recipe and let your child whip up a hearty dinner.

This is one of my oldest sons favorite recipes!

Quiches are simple and hard to mess up.

Your kids will love that this dish has loads of cheese in it!

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