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Favorite Recipes Of Home Economics Teachers Casseroles ~ Vintage Cookbook

Desserts of home ec teachers, Peach Cobbler

Remember Home Ec class? In past eras, home economics teachers were the experts on all things domestic. They instructed girls on the fine points of running a household and preparing delicious meals. The recipes they used were tried and true, since the testing of many cooks helped refine the recipe.

1965 Favorite Recipes Casseroles Front

Favorite Recipes Of Home Economics Teachers Casseroles

Paperback, spiral comb bound, 382 pagesCondition: Like New, previous owners name in front cover

This classic cookbook is in wonderful condition! The absolutely only reason you know it is a used book is the signature of a previous owner on the inside front page. Her handwriting is nearly perfect penmanship too!

1965 Favorite Recipes Casseroles Back Cover

Do Home Economics Teachers Cook

A Book of Favorite Recipes

Do Home Ec. Teachers Cook?

Like the doctors children who get sick, or the bank managers who run up credit card debts, home economics teachers have often been scrutinized for their everyday living habits. Do they sew and cook for themselves and their families? Are they tidy housekeepers?

The Vancouver and District Home Ec. Association bravely tackled the subject of what home ec. teachers cook in their 1963 publication, A Book of Favorite Recipes: Or How to Please the Family. Almost fifty hand-written recipes support a view of a well-rounded selection of nutritious recipes.

The recipes were family size, enough to feed 4-6 people. The largest of the eight recipe divisions was Main Course Dishes, with 19 pages, followed by Teatime Favourites , Desserts , Appetizers and Soups , Salads and Dressings , Yeast and Quick Breads , Vegetables and Miscellaneous .

Each contributor wrote out her own recipe and a number of the names are still familiar today: Daisy Webster, first home economics teacher to be elected to the BC Legislature, Charlotte S. Black, Director of the UBC School of Home Economics, Barbara Cousens, Win Bracher, and Jean E. Mutch

A Book of Favorite Recipes did not reflect what was being done in foods classrooms in the 1960s. The Foods, Nutrition and Home Management Manual was the font of wisdom for all home ec. teachers from 1929 to 1975.

The Red Book

Here are a few pages from Favorite Recipes for your enjoyment.

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