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How to Apply Eye Cream | Glow Recipe

Unfortunately, Glow Recipe is not 100 percent vegan. Even though most of their products are vegan, their Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask is not. It contains Manuka honey, which is animal-derived.

The rest of their products are, however, vegan friendly. They have vegan products in various categories, including moisturizers, masks, serums, toners and mist, cleansers, eye, and lip products. The following are some examples:

  • Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer
  • Plum Plump Hyaluronic Serum
  • Papaya Sorbet Enzyme Cleansing Balm
  • Watermelon Glow PHA+BHA Pore-Tight Toner
  • Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask
  • Watermelon Glow Lip Pop

You can check out their products on their official website at

What About Chinas Animal Testing Laws

Glow Recipe has confirmed they do not sell their products in retail stores in mainland China therefore, they are not required to test on animals.

As of May 1, 2021, some imported ordinary cosmetics can be exempt from animal testing under certain conditions. However, for the most part, animal testing is still legally required for most imported cosmetics in 2022.

Does Glow Recipe Offer Gift Cards Gift Receipts Or Gift Wrapping

Glow Recipe is happy to offer e-gift cards. that you can purchase and email to the recipient of your choice. Gift cards are sent electronically and are not physical items. Discount codes cannot be used towards the purchase of an e-gift card. Glow Recipe does not offer gift wrapping at this time. However, every domestic order is shipped with a gift receipt, which does not reveal any pricing or payment information.

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Top Popular Glow Recipe Kits

This Sephora clean product set includes three items that work best for normal to oily skin types. The set addresses concerns such as pore and texture problems. It comes with three watermelon products such as a hyaluronic clay mask and niacinamide drops as well as a PHA and BHA toner that can help exfoliate and lessen the appearance of pores.

Where to buy: Sold by

This set includes about five different products that are both clean at Sephora and vegan. It works well on skin types such as dry and oily. The kit has a cleanser and toner as well as a face mask. This set uses beneficial ingredients such as avocado extract and watermelon extract.

Where to buy: Sold by

This set is categorized as a clean at Sephora set that is available only for a specific amount of time. It includes two products such as a moisturizer and dew drops. It works to help with a varied list of skin concerns such as dryness and uneven texture. The product also helps on a wide range of skin types such as dry and oily.

Where to buy: Sold by

This vegan kit includes three different products such as a hydrating product and a toning product as well as a highlighting item. The set is available for a limited time and uses ingredients like Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. It works well with normal and oily skin to help improve skin concerns such as dryness.

Where to buy: Sold by

What Is Glow Recipe

Glow Recipe 15% OFF

According to the Glow Recipe website, it is a Korean beauty brand that focuses on natural beauty solutions. The products include ingredients that tend to be fruit-derived. This company is relatively new as its only been on the market for about five years, so it doesnt have the same amount of exposure as older, more established brands.

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Glow Recipe Vegan Products:

This list is kept as up-to-date as possible, but always consult the product packaging for the most accurate information.

Glow Recipe products are currently available on their own website, , , Cult Beauty, QVC, and MECCA.

Here on Logical Harmony, you can find a full list of cruelty-free brands as well as shopping guides to help you find the cruelty-free brands at Dermstore, Ulta, Nordstrom, , Beauty Bay, Beautylish, Cult Beauty, and tons more. There are also lots of vegan product lists for cruelty-free brands too.

Does Glow Recipe Offer Skin Consultations Via Email

We are happy to offer you a mini-consultation, complete with recommendations and detailed instructions! Email us at for a response within 1 business day. Please keep in mind that it can be hard to treat skin conditions with skin care alone, so if experiencing any on-going irritation, we recommend consulting with a dermatologist.

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What International Shipping Methods Does Glow Recipe Offer

All international orders are shipped with DHL International Standard. This service includes a DHL tracking number. Please note this tracking number may not provide updates once leaving the USA. International shipping takes between 10-15 business days. We do not offer express international shipping at this time. Shipping Fees: $14: Austria, Norway, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, Croatia, Iceland, Hungary, Greece, Belgium, Ireland, Israel, Switzerland $25: Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovenia $23: Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, The Philipines

Top Popular Glow Recipe Clean Products

GLOW RECIPE Morning and Night Skincare Routine – FULL Brand Review | Ramon Recommended

This vegan product is Sephora-exclusive and helps to highlight the skin. It lessens the look of hyperpigmentation and works well for a wide range of skin types such as normal and oily skin. The lightweight gel also helps to combat skin concerns such as dryness and dull skin.

Where to buy: Sold by

This vegan serum works well for dark spots and boosts the firmness of the skin. The product works for a wide range of skin types from normal to oily skin. It includes a wide variety of ingredients from Vitamin C to guava extract. The product helps to improve and even out skin tone throughout the course of use.

Where to buy: Sold by

This serum helps to hydrate and plump the skin. It works well with normal and dry skin types. It boosts anti-aging and assists with common areas of concern, such as wrinkles. The products are both vegan and cruelty-free and use natural ingredients, like plum.

Where to buy: Sold by

This moisturizer includes watermelon extract and comes in two different size options such as standard and mini. It is sold specifically at Sephora and works well to address dryness specifically on skin types such as oily and normal. The moisturizer was not tested on animals.

Where to buy: Sold by

Where to buy: Sold by

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So Is Glow Recipe Cruelty

Based on this email from Glow Recipe, the Glow Recipe Skincare brand is 100% cruelty-free. Neither the final products nor the ingredients are tested on animals at any point in production or prior to sale.

However, Glow Recipe also distributes other brands beside the Glow Recipe Skincare brand. In the email, Glow Recipe stated that some of the brands they carry do sell in China where all products are still subject to animal testing, despite the 2014 law change. My response to that was asking them what brands they carry that do sell in China.

Hi Stephanie,



There may be others that have found their way to China through unauthorized resellers, but these are the brands who confirm they service China intentionally.

Also of note, South Korea requires by law that all cosmetic products produced in the country are cruelty-free and do not undergo animal testing. Every product we carry has been manufactured in South Korea.

If I can help with anything else, please let me know!



In conclusion, Glow Recipe Skincare is 100% cruelty-free! Not all of the brands Glow Recipe carries are cruelty-free, though. For any brand that Glow Recipe offers outside of Glow Recipe Skincare, I would check with the brand directly on their cruelty-free practices.

Glow Recipe also offers some vegan-friendly products. Below is Glow Recipe Skincares current vegan product list.

Glow Recipe Vegan Products

Can I Return My Purchase

Your 100% satisfaction is important to us. US return shipping is free of charge and on us. Glow Recipe allows 30 day returns for all product except for those listed below.* Please note that the original shipping costs cannot be refunded. To start a return, please click here. We do not accept returns or exchanges on international orders and shipments, including packages that are shipped to Canada. *Please note that single-use products are eligible for return only if it is unused and in its original packaging. Any Starter Kits, Merch, Box Sets, Routine Kits or Mystery Boxes are final sale and ineligible for return.

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Why Is Animal Testing Cruel

Animal testing is cruel because it lacks the morality and ethics involved in voluntary human testing. Animals in experiments are treated uncompromisingly, with little to no thought given to their care and well-being.

Price: $4.99 – $65.99 Values: Organic, Cruelty-Free, Non-Toxic, Vegan Acure is one of our favorite cruelty-free skincare brands thanks to a simple ethos focused on clean, eco-friendly products with a positive aesthetic. All Acure offerings are cruelty-free as well as vegan, so you dont have to worry about animal ingredients showing up in your skincare. Acure also works with charities to make each of your purchases an investment in a better world. Currently, they support Unite For Her, a breast-cancer non-profit focused on bridging the gap between healthcare and wellness, and Turning Green, a student-led movement dedicated to education and advocacy for sustainable choices within communities.

Introducing Sweet Chef Skincare A Vegan And Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty

Is Glow Recipe Cruelty

is formulated with skin-loving vitamins and veggies. This natural skincare collection was designed to be mixed and matched to give your skin a healthy, radiant glow.

I just love finding skincare that benefits humans and saves animals! Theres no need to compromise when it comes to finding skincare that is effective, safe with no animal testing!

Were also proud to announce thatSweet Chef Skincare is Leaping Bunny certified! What does that mean? It means they dont conduct or participate in any animal testing. The products and the entire supply chain has been vetted by Leaping Bunny, and is guaranteed to be 100% free of new animal testing.

Is Sweet Chef owned by glow recipe?Sweet Chef is Glow Recipes sister line

Sweet Chef Skincarewas inspired by all things natural, healthy, and fresh-pressed. Whether it is a green juice or a protein-packed salad, vegetables are one of the best ways to nourish and detoxify your body and skin. This would be Glow recipes more affordable sister.

Glow recipe was inspired to create Sweet Chef skincare from the idea of all things natural, healthy and fresh-pressed. Whether it is a green juice or a protein-packed salad, we are always searching for ways to detoxify our body and our skin. They were constantly seeing these amazing antioxidant-rich and anti-inflammatory ingredients like ginger, beet, and kale used in various health foods and drinks. So they thought: why not attain these amazing benefits for our skin as well?

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Does Glow Recipe Ship Internationally

Absolutely! Glow Recipe ships to the following countries: Canada, The Philippines, Poland, Switzerland, Ireland, Israel, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark,Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Luxembourg, Finland, Slovenia, Norway, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. We hope to add more countries to this list as we continue to expand! All international sales are considered final.

Does Glow Recipe Have Any Cruelty

Yes, Glow Recipe is certified by Leaping Bunny. Leaping Bunny is a band of eight animal rights organizations that formed the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics .

They have a standardized and globally recognized logo known as the Leaping Bunny Logo.

CCIC makes finding animal-friendly products easy for vegan customers.

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Are Some Glow Recipe Products Excluded From Discounts

New products are excluded from all discounts with the exception of Glow Rewards discounts for up to month after the product launch date. Exclusions may vary depending on the specific promotion or event, but you will always be able to find exclusions listed in the promotion fine print in our emails and other marketing material.

What Is The Glow Rewards Program

Hannah’s Strawberry Smooth AHA BHA Salicylic Serum Review | Glow Recipe

Glow Rewards is our rewards program with one goal: making it faster and easier for you to achieve beautifully glowing skin! Its also our way of thanking you for joining us on this K-beauty journey. Earn points for every purchase made, for sharing us on social media, for referring friends to Glow Recipe, and even for your birthday! The Glow Rewards program is open to all customers worldwide! Sign up here.

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What Is Animal Testing

Animal testing is the usage of animals in medical experimentation or to determine product safety. From Ancient Greece through to modern day, animal testing has existed for as long as humans have been practicing medical experiments. In the cosmetic and skincare fields, animals are most commonly used to observe allergic reactions while ingredients are topically applied, force-fed, or injected.

Is Glow Recipe Cruelty

Glow Recipes fruit-forward, clean formulas were a quick viral sensation. Unfortunately, many K-Beauty brands don’t have the best animal testing policies out there. So what sets Glow Recipe apart? Does it have cruelty-free and vegan claims we can trust?

Is Glow Recipe Cruelty-Free and Vegan?

Glow Recipe is cruelty-free. It doesn’t conduct animal testing on its products, nor does it distribute itscosmetics where animal testing is required by law. Glow Recipeis also 100% vegan it doesn’t use any animal-derived ingredients.

Glowing skin is the true Korean beauty ideal, and its what co-founders of Glow Recipe, Sarah Lee and Christine Chang, wanted to build their skincare brand around.

Together, these two former LOréal execs developed a brand that combined their Korean cultural heritage and all the knowledge they accumulated from being raised working in the States.

Glow Recipes products have a mix of cultural heritage and beauty traditions from both the U.S. and Korea. Their powerhouse ingredients come from fruits like avocado, blueberries, pineapple, papaya, and watermelon.

Each formula is inspired by their Korean upbringings like their grandmothers rubbing watermelon rinds on their skin to soothe irritation.

Seems like grandma knew a thing or two about skincare since Glow Recipe had an estimated$100 million in salesduring the 2021 financial year. Pretty impressive for the first 5 years of a business!

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Which Popular Glow Recipe Products At Sephora Are Best

The Glow Recipe brand is available at Sephora and works to make quality makeup products with a more natural feel. Makeup and other beauty products are an extremely personal choice, especially when it comes to scented items. Luckily these Glow Recipe products are made with multiple skin types in mind and actively work to combat areas of concern such as dryness and fine wrinkles. Consider testing the product first on an easily washable area of skin before purchasing an item in order to see if it works well with your skin. Find a Glow Recipe product that works for you.

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Is Glow Recipe Cruelty

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Product Availability And Out Of Stock Items

All products able to be added to your shopping cart are in-stock and ready to ship unless it is a PRE-ORDER item. Any PRE-ORDER items will be noted as such in the description. You can sign up to be notified when an out of stock item is replenished by clicking Email When Available in the description. Glow Recipe allows the purchase of up to six of any one item per order.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops 40ml

Advocating natural, gentle products, Glow Recipes goal is to make South Koreas latest skin care trends accessible to beauty-forward women across the globe. Founded by two skin care fanatics who share over 20 years of experience in the global beauty industry, this is a brand founded on passion and commitment to demystifying the wonderful world of Korean beauty and sharing the secret recipe to the SoKo glow its impossible not to covet.

Forget mica, let us introduce you to Glow Recipe’s all-new Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops – the first skin care highlighter that uses skin-friendly ingredients only to give you an ultimate glow .

Glow Recipe’s all-new Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops proves that you don’t need make up to create a glow-giving finish. It instantly highlights skin for a magical, wet glow using only good-for-you skin care ingredients, sans mica, glitter, or pearls! While strobing skin, Watermelon Dew Drops delivers vitamins and hydration to make skin truly glow from the inside, out. This make up and skin care staple works under or over make up, all without tack or grease, for an undeniable, maximum, Instagram-ready glow.

Apply as the finish step in your skin care routine or over the top of make up to create a natural, highlighter glow.

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