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Pureed Food Grocery List


For proper healing an recovery, the following foods can make up your grocery list during the pureed diet phase:

  • All fluids acceptable during the full liquid diet
  • Fat-free cream soups
  • Greek yogurt
  • Sugar-free pudding and Sugar-free Jell-O
  • Applesauce
  • Black beans, lentils, kidney beans, garbanzo beans
  • Unsweetened almond milk
  • Thinned mashed potatoes

The Soft Foods Diet Order And Portions

Keep in mind, you are just starting to put semi-solid foods into your new reduced-size stomach that is still healing. Over the next few weeks, your stomach and digestive system will become more accustomed to processing these foods and you will be able to introduce more variety in the solid food stage.

It is recommended that you introduce one new food at a time so it will be easier to identify food sensitivities and avoid unpleasant side effects.

Gastric Sleeve Meal Ideas

Gastric sleeve meal ideas are truly endless and you can experiment with a variety of approved foods according to the stage of the surgical process you are currently in. The gastric sleeve diet recipes you choose will depend on timing to better meet your progress and bodily needs.

Early stage options such as broth, protein shakes, and smoothies, then progressing into thicker soups, mashed potatoes, low-fat cheeses, egg salads, chili, omelets, stews, oatmeal, turkey, and fish can all be very tasty options to add to your menu. You can also put together more creative ideas, such as cottage cheese pancakes or late stage ideas such as lentil pasta, slow cooker beef tacos, or sugar-free pumpkin ricotta pie.

For the first 2 weeks after surgery, the liquid diet phase is required and people may enjoy beef broth or sugar-free protein supplement drinks each day, among others.

Following the pureed food phase afterward for an additional 2 weeks will expand your delicious meal options, adding:

  • split pea soup with ham
  • lentil soup
  • navy beans in tomato sauce
  • pureed oatmeal with skim milk
  • soft scrambled eggs

Basically, if it is healthy, sugar-free, and looks like baby food, you are on the right track in this phase!

The next 4 weeks will require a soft foods stage. Eating meals such as:

  • crust-less smoked turkey tomato quiche
  • frittatas with spinach and cheese
  • spicy tuna salad with a side of hummus

Remember to keep meals low-fat, sugar free, and youll be successful!

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Now For The Main Eventof This Blog

Youve made it through the clear liquids. Youve made it through the full liquids. Its time for a bit of texture purees! Though more filling than your previous two food stages, you may find yourself inundated with recipes on the sweeter side of things while what you really crave is a nice savory meal! Well, weve got good news for you. We did the homework and compiled an extensive list of puree recipes for you to pick your favorites and make this post-op stage a breeze!

The first thing to be aware of with this stage is your macronutrients. Definitely abide by the recommendations provided by your doctor, but generally speaking, women should aim for 50 to 60 grams of protein daily, and 60 to 70 grams daily for men. And, as always, PLENTY of water! Add all this into your 20 minutes of exercise and your well on your way to achieving your goal weight!

So, with that out of the way, lets discuss a few misconceptions and common questions that might come along with the phase.

Bariatric Diet Recipes: Key To Your Weight Loss Success

Red Pepper Enchilada Bean Puree

Bariatric surgery by itself does not eliminate obesity. It only creates physiological and metabolic changes that will facilitate your weight loss. The key to your freedom from obesity lies in following your prescribed bariatric diet. This is where gastric sleeve diet recipes can play a pivotal role. When your food has variety and is delicious, you can focus more on savoring the dish rather than eating more quantity.

Removing Unhealthy Items from Daily Diet

Bariatric recipes are carefully created to help you eliminate or minimize certain food items and ingredients that can disrupt your weight loss progress. These recipes will remove the following items from your diet:

  • Refined carbohydrates
  • Deep fried and oily foods
  • Foods with high sugar content
  • Carbonated, caffeinated and alcoholic beverages
  • Packaged foods with synthetic ingredients

Increasing Focus on Healthy Food Ingredients

Bariatric diet recipes are created with an aim to fulfill your bodys daily requirements of essential nutrients. Here are two primary ingredients that your body needs after a weight loss surgery, which you can get from these recipes:

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I Added 3 Different Protein Options To My Vegan Cheddar Broccoli Soup To See How It Tasted

Soy Protein Powder

Adding a serving of soy protein powder to one serving of the vegan cheddar broccoli soup worked well. It did not change the taste very much, but did make the soup thicker. It was not grainy and reheated well in the microwave.

Hemp Protein Powder

Adding a serving of hemp protein powder to one serving of the vegan cheddar broccoli soup did not work well. The protein powder taste was strong and the texture was grainy.

Silken Tofu

Adding half a block of extra firm silken tofu to one serving of the vegan cheddar broccoli soup worked well. It made the soup thicker and more creamy. It was not grainy and the tofu was undetectable. The soup reheated well.

Bariatric Recipes Puree Stage

What should I make for dinner tonight? This might just be the number one question that we ask ourselves almost daily over here.

Then you have come to the right place, we have rounded up 21 bariatric recipes puree stage that we have shared over the years.

Plus, there is such a variety of flavours in these recipes, so you are sure to find something for you. Most of these recipes are quick and easy ones made especially for busy weeknights.

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Can You Eat Oatmeal On A Pureed Diet

Grains and grain products Rice, well-cooked pasta, crackers, pancakes, rolls, noodles, and muffins, all pureed with liquid of choice into a pudding consistency. Cooked hot cereal such as smooth or blended oatmeal, baby oatmeal, cream of wheat or farina. Cook with small amounts of liquid to keep moist, but not runny.

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How To Increase Protein In Bariatric Pureed Recipes

Healthy Recipes for Life After Bariatric Surgery: Hummus (Puree Diet)

If youre not meeting your protein requirements or just to make meeting the requirements easier on yourself, you might consider adding protein to the purees you are eating.

Here are some foods you can add to up the protein of pureed foods:

  • Add about 7-8 g protein per ½ cup added
  • Add about 9 g protein per ½ cup added
  • Nut and Seed Butter
  • Peanut butter adds about 7 g per 2 tablespoons added
  • Nutritional Yeast
  • Adds about 6 g protein per ¼ cup added
  • Depending on the firmness of the tofu added this will vary. Soft silken tofu is about 4 g of protein for a 3 ounce portion. In contrast, 3 ounces of extra firm tofu is about 9 g protein. In general the softer tofu blends easier, but is lower in protein.
  • Protein Powder
  • This will vary by brand. Bobs Red Mill Soy Protein Powder has 16 g protein in ¼ cup.
  • Adds about 8 g protein per 1 cup
  • Chia Seeds
  • Adds 5 g protein per 1 ounce
  • Flax Seeds
  • Adds 6 g protein per 1 ounce
  • Keep in mind that depending on the strength of your blender, the above foods may puree with ease or you could be left with chunks. Typically during the pureed diet stage you will be encouraged to have foods with a smooth texture, rather than food with chunks in it.

    To make nuts and seeds easier to blend you can try soaking them for 12-24 hours first and then blending them into your pureed dish.

    Find out more about different types of protein after bariatric surgery here.

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    Make Life Easy Meal Prep

    A little prepping now makes life easier later. Your nutritionist will teach you to plan meals at the beginning of the week to help you stay on track with your goals. Prepare batches of pureed foods and freeze the extra portions in an ice cube tray. Then just pop the food cubes in the microwave and youll have a quick and easy meal.

    You can also portion foods into small individual serving sized containers to freeze or refrigerate.

    Top 5 Pureed Diet Recipes

    There are a number of alterations made to the intestinal tract during bariatric surgery. Healing will be a critical step to ensure success in your post-surgery journey. The different diet phases following surgery will promote healing of the intestinal tract and stomach.

    This process typically starts with clear liquids within 24 hours after surgery, followed by a progression of full liquids, pureed, and soft foods all within a 2-4 week period. The duration and transition process of these diet stages will depend on the procedure you have undergone and any possible complications.

    In this blog, we will explain the pureed diet phase, what a grocery list may look like during this stage, and some dietitian approved pureed recipes.

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    Stage Two Bariatric Diet

    Italian Chicken Puree

    During the Stage Two Bariatric Diet, you will need to eat foods that are smooth and contain no pieces of solid food. Try to use a variety of pureed food recipes in order to get a variety of nutrients.

    In addition to vegetable puree, you want to incorporate sources of protein into your meals. Good sources of high protein for the gastric bypass pureed foods stage include purees containing scrambled eggs, beans, chicken and fish.

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    Can I Eat Baby Food During The Pureed Stage

    Technically, yes, but most surgery centers and dietitians advise against it. First and foremost, homemade pureed food tastes way better than store bought baby food. When you prepare your own food you can season it and prepare it in ways that are familiar to you. Baby food may turn you off from eating and you may lose your opportunity to develop a solid meal structure during this phase.

    Second, lots of baby food have added sugar to help make them taste better. Make sure to read the label to reduce your sugar intake.

    So in a nutshell, yes, you can eat baby food if you are in a bind, but most surgery centers recommend avoiding it.

    Savory Grits Https: //wlsafterlifecom/blog/savory

    We revamped your favorite breakfast recipe for the bariatric patient and hungry diner alike! Delicious flavor aside, we love how versatile this recipe is in that it can easily be adapted for after you have graduated the puree phase! Add your favorite protein like turkey sausage or shrimp for a real treat!

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    Week 3 Gastric Sleeve Diet

    If you are on post-op week 3 of your gastric sleeve diet, youll be looking for pureed and soft food options. This will last for a couple of weeks or until other foods may be tolerated and cleared by your provider. This article covers what you need to know about foods in week 3 of your post gastric sleeve diet.

    Below, you will find a gastric sleeve food list with options that are typically safe during this food stage. We also include information on caring for yourself during recovery.

    If you are unsure about anything, speak to your doctor or dietitian. Your doctor or dietitian may provide different food phase guidelines. Its best to stick with those because each case can be very individualized.

    Bariatric Full Liquid Diet

    Pureed Diet Recipes Part Two // Bariatric Diet Options

    You will be on a full liquid diet days 2 to 14 after your surgery. Full liquids are foods that are normally liquid and foods that turn into liquid when they are at room temperature.

    You need to:

    • Drink six 8 oz glasses of water each day. Take 5 to 15 minutes to drink 1 oz.
    • You may drink out of a regular glass. Do not use straws. Do not gulp liquids or drink quickly. This can cause abdominal pain and intense nausea.
    • Stop eating when you are full!
    • Start taking vitamin and mineral supplements after your 1 week follow-up visit, as ordered by your surgeon.

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    Why Vegetable Puree Is Perfect For Gastric Bypass Patients

    While you are recovering from surgery, your stomach needs to be treated gently while it heals. Most medical professionals recommend that you use a staged approach to re-introducing food to your stomach during recovery.

    When you get to the Gastric Bypass Pureed Foods Stage, it is important to eat nutritious foods as much as possible. Vegetable purees are a good way to get vitamins and minerals your body needs.

    *I use affiliate links in this post. If you buy anything from my links I will earn a small commission*

    Basic Requirements During The Soft Food Phase

    • Protein is the most important element in your new diet is protein. This is to be consumed first followed by vegetables, fruit, and carbohydrate if allowed. The amount of protein required during the soft food phase is 50-60 grams for women and 60-70 grams for men. Eat protein first during meals and use protein supplements between meals if needed to meet your daily protein requirement.
    • Meal size should be no more than 3 oz total this is the maximum amount but if you feel full before you have eaten 3 oz stop eating. Overeating will not only stretch your stomach size but can cause unpleasant and painful side effects.
    • Vitamin & mineral supplements to avoid malnutrition you must remember to take your daily supplements.
    • Fluids do not drink anything during meals. Drink 64 ounces of liquid each day, half being water, 30 minutes before and after meals.

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    How Do I Puree My Food

    If you have never pureed food before, it can seem like a daunting task. Once you try it though, you will build confidence in yourself that you can do it again. Just do it once to get over your fears.

    So here is how you do it!

    Step 1: Cook the food you want to eat such as chicken or vegetables. Steaming your vegetables works best.

    Step 2: Add your food to the blender or small food processor. If using a large pieces of food then cut up before placing in blender.

    Step 3: Add liquid to help you reach your desired consistency. Broths work great to thin out your food and add a little flavor. You will not need much if you are preparing food in small amounts.

    Step 4: Puree until smooth and thin in texture.

    As an extra bonus you could even freeze your pureed food in ice cube trays and freeze it for another time. Each ice cube is about two tablespoons.

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    Fluid And Protein Goals Both Matter

    At this stage youll continue to track both your fluid and protein intake. Your top priority continues to be drinking adequate fluid, at least 64 ounces a day. Your nutritionist will provide you with your protein goal.

    As your body continues to heal, meeting your protein goal will be easier with the addition of more protein options in pureed form. Youll continue to get the majority of your protein from the high protein liquid diet options as you gradually add a small amounts of pureed food for variety.

    To meet the rest of your 64 ounce daily fluid target, sip on mostly calorie-free, caffeine-free, and non-carbonated beverages. In addition to water, there are many delicious flavored waters, teas and diet drinks to choose from.

    What If I Am Not Getting Enough Protein At This Stage

    This is a common concern at this stage. Despite many people able to reach their protein goals, there are also a significant amount of people who are struggling getting in their protein. If this is you then I encourage you to contact your surgery center to let them know what it is going on. They may want to monitor you more closely.

    One tip that may help is to follow a structured schedule. Write down your meal times and the times you are drinking a protein shake. Here is an example of what that may look like.

    Aim to eat protein at every meal. Even though cream of wheat may be allowed, it does not mean it is the best choice. Including pureed protein such as cottage cheese, eggs, or beans, in my experience, tend to be the most tolerated proteins early on.

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