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Introducing The Wfpbno Diet

50 LBS Down! Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss // Vegan, Plant Based Diet

Wait, whats a WFPBNO diet? The acronym stands for whole food, plant-based, no oil, which is a pretty straightforward way to explain this perfect way of eating that sets you up for a healthy and lean body.

Its free from all animal products, drastically reduces processed foods and omits free oils as much as possible.

Granted, you still eat fat in its healthy, whole form following a WFPBNO diet means that you can definitely top your nourish bowls or oatmeal with healthy nuts and seeds.

This plant-based weight loss plan has been shown in large studies to work wonderfully for easy and sustainable weight loss while also coming with a ton of health benefits its not something that we personally came up with!

WFPBNO is more than just a vegan diet, which can be ethically motivated and not have any health component at all. Its the answer for all people who have gone vegan but not been able to reach or stay at a healthy weight.

Heres what the WFPBNO diet consists of.

What Is Vegan Meal Planning

Creating a plant-based meal plan is precisely what it sounds like. Its the planning of vegan meals. Consuming a diet free from animal products is good for the animals, the planet, and often our health too . However, if not done with care, it can lead to nutritional deficiencies. Luckily, with a little pre-thought , you can easily ensure youre eating all thats needed. Not to mention, have fun doing so!

Whether you want to create vegan daily meal plans, weekly vegan meal plans, or even monthly ones, its the act of setting aside the time to write out your vegan menu for that given time in one go, rather than having to think about it before each meal.

You can plan your vegan diet plan around specific dietary goals, budget levels, ingredients, kitchen skill level, meal-preppable meals, etc. More so, meal planning can be as flexible as youd like. Whether you want to plan every meal, just your main meal, or even just specific days of the week.

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What Is A Healthy Weight

There is much discussion about this. Clinicians often determine healthy weight by the Body Mass Index , which is arrived at by dividing an adults weight in kilograms by their height in metres squared. Its far from perfect. In fact, the whole concept of BMI was invented and developed 200 years ago by a mathematician who was interested in defining the ideal man. Using data collected primarily from white European men, he made his calculations but BMI was never intended to indicate our level of health, and we should not rely on it to do so. Our view is that a healthy weight is one that does not limit our lives and lifestyles, and we dont need scales to tell us what that is!

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Weight Loss & Protein

We wouldnt be able to write about plant-based weight loss without at least mentioning protein! Its the one magic ingredient everyone seems to focus on to get lean and strong.

When following a whole food plant-based weight loss diet, you dont specifically need to focus on protein because its abundant in many plants from chickpeas to black beans, lentils, tofu, green veggies, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

Our requirement is only about 50-60 grams per day for women and 70 grams per day for men , which generally isnt a problem for most people following a WFPBNO diet.

As Garth Davis, MD and the author of the bestseller Proteinaholic, puts it:

Protein is not the key to weight loss it is actually one of the biggest factors behind the obesity epidemic.

What Does The Current Research Say About Plant

Plant Based Diet Meal Plan For Beginners: 21 Days of Whole Food Recipes ...

Most people who adopt this way of eating do it for the potential health benefits. There have been many cardiac benefits linked to eating this way, like reduced cholesterol, Manaker says. Some studies suggest that eating a plant-based diet may improve fertility parameters, and it also may reduce your risk of developing diabetes. A review published in July 2018 in the journal Frontiers in Public Health supports her statement.

One study, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology in July 2017, linked diets rich in healthy plant foods with a significantly lower risk of heart disease.

Another study, this one published in the Journal of Geriatric Cardiology in May 2017, found that following a plant-based diet can help prevent and treat type 2 diabetes, and it cites research that suggests this diet may help reduce the risk of other chronic illnesses, including cancer. And a review published in October 2018 in BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care suggested that following a plant-based diet can have a positive impact on emotional and physical well-being, quality of life, and general health for people living with type 2 diabetes, while also improving physical markers of the condition in this population.

For Black Americans, who are disproportionately impacted by many chronic diseases, following a plant-based diet may help reduce the risk of developing heart disease and potentially cancer, according to one review published in December 2019 in Nutrients.

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Cut The Calorie Counting

Wondering how to lose weight on a whole food plant-based diet?

Speaking purely from a cause/effect viewpoint, the mechanics involved in weight loss, on any “diet,” are pretty simple: As you eat, you take in calories which your body uses as a fuel source, burning them to release usable energy. When you take in more calories than your body can use, it stores the excess as fat deposits.

Inversely, when you use more calories than you take in, your body begins to break down those fat deposits to use as fuel. Theres a bit more to it, of course, but the simple truth is that in order to lose weight naturally, you need to create a calorie deficit.

And thats where a lot of dieters get hung up. After all, the general assumption is that if youre going to be burning more calories than you consume, youre going to have to start watching the numbers.

How many calories does your body use on its own on a daily basis? How many calories are you burning with additional exercise? How many calories are you consuming? Its a lot to keep track of, and all it takes is one undocumented snack to throw all of your calculations out the window. To put it bluntly, its a pain. And, with a plant based diet for weight loss, counting calories is also completely unnecessary.

And this is all without counting calories.

Focus On Complete Protein Sources

Getting enough protein in your diet is crucial if you want to get fit. You need protein not only to build muscle, but to help you lose fat and stay lean!

You can get a decent amount of protein from whole foods, but you might want to look into getting a healthy plant-based protein powder to help you.

But try to make sure that your protein is a complete protein.

What Is A Complete Protein?

A complete protein is a protein source that delivers all 9 essential amino acids. Protein is made up of smaller bits called amino acids.

There are 20 amino acids, and they each have a different role within your body. Some of them are produced in your body, so you dont necessarily need to get them from the foods you eat.

However, 9 of the 20 amino acids are not made by your body, and must be obtained through your diet. These 9 are called essential amino acids

An incomplete protein is any protein source that does not provide each of the 9 essential amino acids.

It can be tough to find a plant-based complete protein source, but definitely not impossible!

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Rethink How You Food Shop

There’s no disputing that the produce section should be your primary stop at the supermarket, but there’s no reason to skip the other aisles entirely. Canned, jarred and frozen foods are all fair game and can bolster your daily diet as long as you follow this simple tip from Bazilian: look for products that use whole foods and have short and simple ingredient lists. Also, challenge yourself to think creatively about how you update your regular grocery store routine. Instead of meat, look for vegan hits of umami flavor like kalamata olives, mushrooms, and miso paste, all of which can enhance whole-grain pasta dishes or liven up bean- and tofu-based meals. In addition to eating healthier and promoting your weight loss goals, you’ll also probably see your bill go down without the expense of meat, fish, and dairy.

Garam Masala Dal With Red Beets

Easy Sustainable Weight Loss With a Plant Based Diet with Plantiful Kiki

If you are already following a plant-based diet for a while, then learning about garam masala and dal will inspire you to new culinary heights.Try to combine red lentils and beets with Indian spices. What a taste revelation!

You could serve it with flat bread or whole grains like brown rice, millet or buckwheat.

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Reducing Risk Of Diabetes

A 2003 study funded by the NIH, tested thousands of patients with type 2 diabetes and found that a plant-based diet controlled blood sugar three times more effectively than a traditional diabetes diet. Within weeks on a plant-based diet, participants saw dramatic health improvements: They lost weight, their insulin sensitivity improved, and their HbA1c levels dropped. In some cases, you wouldnt even have known theyd had the disease at all.

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How Much Weight Loss On A Plant

Although these benefits can be seen as soon as you start making plant-based foods a central part of your diet, keeping the weight off is important for long-term health. According to the CDC, youre more likely to maintain a healthy weight over time if you aim for a a steady loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week..

At first, you may see a more rapid loss as you shed water weight. Dont get discouraged when the loss starts to slow! Dropping weight too quickly can result in muscle loss, which can negatively affect bone health and increase your risk of falling and frailty as you age.

To prevent this, pay attention to protein intake. Eating more protein during weight loss helps preserve muscle while reducing body fat. Instead of the RDA of 0.8 grams per kilogram, aim for at least 1.6 grams per kilogram. Some research shows that 1.8 to 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram, or up to 1 gram per pound, can help you stay satisfied and maintain muscle while losing weight on a plant-based diet.

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Plant Based Diet Meal Plan Example

Is this all sounding good so far? I hope so!

For a successful plant-based diet meal plan, I suggest eating 5 meals a day-breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack, and a post-workout shake/meal.

To give you all my recommendations, tips, and advice, it would take way more time and space than I have here! But to get all that awesome info , check out my 7-Day Eat Real Challenge.

But for some ideas to help you get started, here are a few of my favorite plant-based diet recipes!

Animal Products & Body Weight

Plant Based Diet Meal Plan For Beginners: 90 Plant Based Recipes

Even when we put the ethical and environmental implications of using animals for food aside, there is still a lot of evidence that animal products like meat, fish, dairy or eggs arent beneficial to our health or sustained weight loss.

A 2010 PANACEA study showed the total meat consumption of their prospects was positively associated with weight gain in men and women, in normal-weight and overweight subjects.

With adjustment for estimated energy intake, an increase in meat intake of 250 g/d would lead to a 2-kg higher weight gain after 5 years.

Positive associations were observed for red meat, poultry, and processed meat. Whats more, the antibiotics found in most meats contribute to obesity in humans.

Cheese is especially hard to give up for most people, one of the reasons being that it contains small amounts of naturally occurring morphine-like compounds that are meant to strengthen the bond between the mother cow and her child.

Its also the number one source of saturated fat in modern diets, together with other milk products like butter, dairy-based desserts and meat.

The nail in the coffin is that animal products contain zero fiber and are usually high in overall fat both of which contribute to a high amount of calories per bite while offering little satiety.

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Official Weight Loss Recommendations

The good news is that scientific consensus around the benefits of plant-based diets and effective weight loss exists and it encompasses the main tips youve probably already heard:

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Emphasize whole grains and low-fat dairy products
  • Lower saturated fat , cholesterol and trans fats
  • Eat more fiber
  • Choose lean protein
  • Keep added sugars and salt low

Successful weight loss isnt very controversial, but due to contradicting media coverage, many of us end up in analysis paralysis, hopping from one fad diet to another.

What Is A Plant

Plant-based diets have been deemed more of a lifestyle than your typical diet. While most diets outline good and bad foods in very clear and structured columns, plant-based diets can vary widely depending on how much non-plant-based foods an individual wants to incorporate into their daily life.

Plant-based does not mean that you cut out anything that didnt grow off of a tree or out of the ground. Many people who follow a plant-based lifestyle still incorporate animal products into their diet.

A plant-based diet emphasizes vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, and legumes. It also involves minimizing processed foods and animal products. The extent to which this is followed is entirely up to the individual, meaning a plant-based diet can be more of a spectrum than a strict rule.

Unlike vegan or vegetarian diets, no food is prohibited, but it is encouraged that certain food groups are minimized. The major focus of a plant-based diet is the quality of the foods being consumed, highlighting organic and minimally refined foods.

Our courses include an incredible amount of information around the best foods to eat, what to avoid and how to live a healthy and balanced life:

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Bean Burgers & Potato Wedges

Jaroudi Family Bean Meatballs Ive tried quite a few bean burger recipes and this one is my favorite by far. I shape it into meatballs and serve it with fat-free marinara. I also shape it into burger patties and eat them like a regular hamburger with ketchup, mustard, and pickle. Ive even grilled these and they stayed together.

Crispy French Fries After trying a number of baked, oil-free French fry recipes, this recipe is hands-down the winner. Its easy, delicious and can be baked in the oven or the air fryer. My family chows down on these and there are rarely any left-overs.

Healthy Vegan Dinner Recipes

Vegan Meals For Maximum Weight Loss / Plant Based HCLF Recipes

A roundup of 10 Healthy Vegan Dinner Recipes that are made with nutrient-dense ingredients but packed with bold flavors. Eating healthy doesnt have to be boring or bland, and these recipes prove just that. Whether youre looking for a pantry pasta, globally inspired dinner, or cozy one-pot meal, this list has you covered.

If youre trying to cook healthy meals at home but are tired of salads and quinoa bowls, here are 10 Healthy Vegan Dinner Recipes that wont disappoint!

All of these healthy vegan dinner recipes are made with wholesome, plant-based ingredients, and theyre all either gluten-free or easy to make gluten-free. But they certainly dont skimp on flavor and are extremely satisfying, and even comforting!

What people are saying about this recipe

  • Blog reader Kiesha says, Hi Nisha, Thank you soooo much for this recipe! It turned out awesome for my friends. They were literally licking the bowl!! I didnt have walnuts on hand but a handful of mixed nuts, and it still worked well. My favorite meal this month. .
  • Blog reader Iliana says, Ive made many different red lentil bolognese recipes on the internet and I must say this is the BEST one. So packed with flavor! Every other time Ive made this recipe on other blogs its been disappointing but this did not disappoint!!

What people are saying about this recipe

What people are saying about this recipe

Butternut Squash Curry with Chickpeas

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Eat The Rainbow And Dont Stress Over Deficiencies

With the exception of vitamin b12, you can get all of the nutrients your body needs from non-animal sources. That said, it takes some planning. For example, if youre not eating meat then youll need some good plant-based sources of protein . Likewise, omega-3s, iron, calcium, and zinc are all available from plants. To get all these vital nutrients just ensure youre eating a diverse plant-based.

The best diet plan to lose weight includes a very colorful plate!

Reproducing Study Delivery Methods In Future Studies

There is a general underreporting of the delivery methods and intervention materials used in PBDs clinical weight loss trials, which makes replicating specific strategies challenging for researchers. Regardless of the diet type studied, intervention studies often inadequately report their mode of delivery, processes, dose or intensity, duration, and monitoring systems., Journal page limits often restrict the author’s ability to report all of the strategies and techniques used in their interventions. Limited description of delivery methods also makes it difficult to ascertain what the most effective components were for achieving the desired health outcome. In order to move the field of PBDs weight loss intervention research forward, the use of standard reporting templates, such as the Intervention Description and Replication checklist, should be used in the dissemination of intervention details to make intervention replicability more achievable.

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