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Where Did Chicken Tikka Masala Originate

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Chicken Tikka Masala is actually a curry, consisting of Chicken Tikka , served with a creamy, tomato-based sauce over rice.

Actually, theres some speculation that Chicken Tikka Masala originated in the UK, rather than India. Chicken Tikka is authentically Indian, but its thought that putting it in the creamy sauce was developed by Indian immigrants to the area to satisfy the desire of British people to have their meat served in gravy.

The sauce is often bright red or orange in color- this is achieved by adding spices like turmeric, or in some cases, food dyes.

This recipe isnt as brightly colored as those Ive seen in restaurants, kind of like this egg drop soup, but its still delicious.

Easy And Quick Indian Recipes

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We all love a richly-layered biryani that cooks for hours and hours. But some of the best Indian dishes are the simplest. In fact, many Indian dishes have just a few, easy steps. Even if you’re a beginner cook you can create a quick and easy Indian meal. So whether you’re a novice chef who wants to cook your favorite dishes or a seasoned home cook with an eye to expand your repertoire, try these simple Indian dishes.

Indian Vegetarian Dinner Recipes

When I say one-pot rice meal, it is not necessarily mean a simple khichdi or a simple veggie pulao. These meals though made in a hassle-free manner will not compromise on the taste meter nor will it turn out to be monotonous. Why so? I have particularly focussed on variety while making this list of Indian veg recipes for dinner.

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Best Indian Dinner Recipes

Are you confuse about what to eat today for dinner? Here I share the 15 best indian dinner recipes, which are very easy to cook at home. This list of meals for dinner recipes includes aromatic biryani to mouth-watering curries, that you can easily enjoy in your family dinner. These are not only very easy indian recipes but also super delicious, I bet you will love them.

Indian dinner recipes

If you are thinking what to eat today for dinner? I covered 15 best indian dinner ideas which you can easily try at home.

What Spices Are In Chicken Tikka Masala

Quick Indian Dinner Recipes For Bachelors

The thing that makes this recipe extra super easy : garam masala. Its a spice mixture that you can buy or make yourself, consisting of all kinds of yummy aromatic spices like cardamom, cumin, coriander, and ginger.

When you already have the spices mixed, its easy to grab a tablespoon of it from the pantry to flavor this entire meal, along with cayenne pepper for some spice.

True, authentic Indian cooks often toast whole spices in a skillet before crushing it themselves using a mortar and pestle.

While this can introduce complex and delicious flavors you otherwise wouldnt get, Ill choose the pre-mixed, pre-ground garam masala almost every time just to make my life easier.

A happy compromise is achieved in this recipe by adding the spices to the onions and letting them toast for a while before adding the tomatoes helps bring out that extra level of toasty flavor.

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Dum Paneer Kali Mirch

A lovely take on the unusual paneer gravy: Small chunks of paneer cooked with cinnamon, fried onions, black pepper, ginger, garlic and yogurt to make this gorgeous and fragrant curry. Paneer cubes are cooked in flavourful spices in a dum or pressure, where steam can’t release, making it a dish bursting with aromatic flavours. Indian Dinner Recipes: The ideal summer dish wrapped in masalas. Serve with steamed rice or any Indian bread to have a wholesome meal. A delicious yet different dish to cook for a dinner party!

Why We Love Quick And Easy Indian Vegetarian Recipes

  • There is nothing more satisfying than a comforting Indian curry. Who agrees?
  • The spices we love all the spices! We love cooking with spices so much that we put all of our tips into this free spice guide.
  • We eat a primarily vegetarian diet, so we love have lots of quick and easy vegetarian recipes on hand.
  • Indian cuisine is one of our absolute favorite cuisines.

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Can You Make Kitchiri In The Instant Pot

If you want to make this one-pot meal even easier, feel free to use the Instant Pot! Use the Saute function to toast the spices, onion, carrots, and ginger before adding the rice, lentils, and water. Instead of using all the water in the stovetop version, youll want to reduce the water to three cups.

Then turn the Instant Pot on to Manual and cook for eight minutes. When the timer goes off, let the pressure naturally release for two to three minutes before manually releasing the pressure.

Extra Spicy Veggie Fried Rice

10 Easy Dinner Recipes | Indian Dinner Recipes | Quick and delicious dinner Ideas | Best Easy Dinner

Make these Spicy Veggie Fried Rice when you have nothing but leftover veggies and want to eat something spicy and healthy, this veggie fried rice recipe one of the best recipe to make with leftover rice.

This recipe has the goodness of veggies added with the kick of extra spices. You can pair it with some dahi or eat it all by itself.

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Indian Dishes You Can Make In 15 Minutes

Not all of us have the time to whip up eleborate dishes every single day. For those who want save time, yet enjoy cooking there are a whole list of dishes out there.

If you don’t have the patience to stand in the kitchen for long hours, we have just the solution for you. Take a look at 15 dishes you can rustle up in 15 minutes!

Lockdown Recipes One Pot Vegetarian Indian Dinner Recipes

Apr 2, 2020 by Rekha Kakkar This post may contain affiliate links ·

Lockdown Recipes: 10 Indian dinner recipes that are quick, easy to make and delicious. There are times when we all need these easy Indian dinner recipes to make wholesome, healthy, comforting meals.

These One pot rice recipes are simply effortless and time savers for a busy day or more importantly now during coronavirus lockdown.

Generally, when I set parameters to the quick, easy and wholesome meal, all the arrows point towards a hearty plate full of one-pot rice meal. Here are my best rice recipes for dinner. These super easy veg recipes for dinner are nutritious as well as delicious.

More often than not I choose rice recipes over other continental one-pot meals like pasta etc most of the time. Simply because rice is a comfort food for me.

Also, this is one basic pantry staple which is available in all Indian kitchens. Rice is evidently a quick source of energy and vegan protein. It is easy to digest and light on the stomach. After a busy day, eating a burger may not fulfil the nutritional requirement.

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Give Yourself A Break:

Nobody said that home cooked meals had to be 100% home cooked from scratch. Make it easy on yourself and pair up freshly made meals something from the frozen aisle in the store to make your like easier. Making rotis everyday is not possible for me, so I find no shame in warming up frozen parathas and naans and serving them alongside the delicious curry I just cooked with love.

Over the past 10 years since I’ve been cooking daily dinners, I’ve come to realize that there are a few recipes that find their way into my dinner rotation every few days. These recipes are great starting points to experiment with and can easily be jazzed up to create new tasty versions of themselves. My trick is to mix and match from the various categories to map out a well-balanced meal. I almost always multitask and cook them either at tandem or start on one while I prep for the other. Then, if need be, I add in a salad and some yogurt on the side and call it a perfect desi meal.

Here are some of my favourite quick Indian dinner ideas:

To help get you all started off on the right foot, here are a few Indian dinner ideas from the archives that might make dinner time a little easier this coming week:

Til Wali Bhuni Khichdi

Quick and easy vegetarian curry {15 minutes}

Bhuni khichdi: This is not your regular khichdi, and does not even have any connection with Bengali Bhuni khichuri. This is my families heirloom recipe that is made with rice and lentils.

This is particularly cooked during the winters because it has til/ sesame seeds. Bhuni khichdi is so wholesome and tasty that you can’t wait for the winters to arrive.

Nutrition: This recipe has chana Dal and til which are super energy boosters. You can serve this any meal from breakfast to lunch or dinner. Bhuni Khichdi Recipe

You can Watch The Video Of Bhuni Khichdi

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Tips To Make Healthy Meals

Though Instant pot is very convenient, I follow a few things to make meals easily yet retain maximum nutrition.

  • Do not pressure cook leafy veggies: They cook very fast, and many nutrients will be lost when cooked for a long time and under high pressure. So try to add leafy greens after the pressure cooking is done.

Coriander, mint, baby spinach leaves, Kale, and fenugreek leaves don’t need much cooking. So you can add them after releasing pressure. The remaining heat will cook these greens.

Other leaves like amaranth, Rosella leaves can be added after the pressure release and sautéed for a couple of minutes.

  • Soak the beans and legumes: Soaking beans and legumes make it easier for digestion. Soaking also reduces cooking time to almost 50%

Yes, it requires little planning, but it pays off. If you missed soaking, try cooking lentils that are easy to digest and don’t have an outer shell.

  • Chose veggies wisely while adding to curries or rice dishes. Veggies like broccoli, zucchini will lose their texture on pressure cooking. So do not use the pressure cook option if cooking only these veggies or add these veggies after the pressure release and cook on sauté mode.

Baingan Aloo Ki Subji

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Eggplant, potatoes, and tomatoes make up Baingan aloo ki subji, a flavorful vegetable curry that vegetarians and vegans can enjoy. Like many Indian dishes, the blend of spices tastes even better a day or so afterward so the flavors have time to get to know each other. Pair it with hot chapatis and cool raita and chutney.

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No More Further Ado Prepare Your Indian Dinner Right Away

Theres no exaggeration to say that Indian culinary cuisine is a gem of Asian culture. With all the features of the fresh ingredients and well-thought spices/condiments applied, their dishes can straightforwardly tempt any picky eater.

In todays article, I have recommended some prevalent recipes that should exist in your daily dinner menus. From chicken, fish, shrimp to vegan-friendly foods, you can choose any of them.

Leave your experiences with my suggestions in the comment section right below! Otherwise, you can also find other peoples helpful sharing there.

  • Choose your preferred recipe for Indian dinner.
  • Prepare needed ingredients.
  • Cook for 30 minutes or less.

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Indian Dinner Party Menu

10 Dinner Recipes | Easy Dinner Recipes | Quick & Easy Dinner Ideas | Indian Dinner Recipes | Dinner

From easy crowd-pleasing recipes to classic dishes, try our Indian Vegetarian menu ideas for a fuss free entertaining. Whether it is a intimate get together or a big celebration, these dishes will surely please your friends and family.

Sharing my collection of Vegetarian appetizers, main course and desserts, with helpful tips to make your next party stress free!

Also sharing a new quick and easy dessert peda recipe at the end of this post!

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Is An Instant Pot Good For Vegetarians

Yes, Instant pot is very much suitable for vegetarians and vegans. As beans and lentils are a significant source of protein for vegetarians, you can cook beans and lentils quickly and effortlessly using an instant pot.

And I love to cook one-pot meals using an instant pot, and they are so convenient on busy days.

You will not miss making meals at home even on your busy days with the Instant pot convenience.

Vegetarian Indian Recipes Vibrant Meals For A Delicious Vegetarian Indian Feast

HurryTheFoodUp is reader-powered. If you click through using links on our site we may earn a small commission at no cost to you.

With this flavourful collection of vegetarian Indian recipes, we want to show you how easy it is to spice up your vegetarian lifestyle with our healthy, tasty recipes.

People often think meatless meals have the risk of being bland and leaving you unfulfilled, but we want to show you just how incredibly tasty vegetarian recipes can be.

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Create And Use Shortcuts:

My weeknight Indian dinner ideas are always restricted to quick curries or stir-frys and I save the slow simmering delicacies for a Sunday afternoon when I can take my time and enjoy the process. That said, I use simple short cuts to quicken a lot of things even further. For example, I always have my freezer stocked with portion-sized bags of pre-boiled chickpeas, kidney beans and toor dal. Along with that, I also keep a steady stock of ready-to-use frozen vegetables like peas, corn, chopped carrots, beans and spinach. I portion out my meat and freeze them as soon as I’m back from to store, which allows me to quickly thaw out just enough that I need for a meal.

Wrap Up 24 Indian Recipes

Quick Indian Dinner Recipes

Dairy products are part and parcel of several Indian meals. Think paneer, curd, and ghee. This is why it is not surprising that their dishes are delicious. Aside from the ones above, you can also try making their sweets. A good example here is Gulab Jamun. Its recipe requires milk powder, ghee, milk, and curd.

Aside from that, you should also try your hand at making Tandoori naan. Naan is an Indian bread that you can use to dip into curry. In fact, this is the perfect pairing! The bread itself can help even out the spiciness of the curry while adding its own texture to it. Although you can purchase some in stores, making one yourself is a great experience.

As you can see, there are plenty of Indian recipes that are worth trying out. If this is your first time making an Indian dish, you can start with the ones above. This way, you can practice your cooking using traditional spices.

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Quick And Easy Indian Food Recipes For Beginners

India is a large country in South Asia and it is also a populous country. Along with the typical cultures, landscapes, and proud history, India has a peculiar and special food type. If you love India, love Indian foods but you have not had chance to go there, this article will help you understand more about Indian recipes and you will have opportunity to taste healthy foods. Keep reading the writing about 21 quick and easy Indian food recipes for beginners from VKool.com, you will get the helpful information about Indian foods and the way of cooking of Indian people. They are very simple to cook and delicious to eat.

Easy Indian Dinner Recipes

Indian food is famed for its rich and bold flavors, laden with spices. These recipes are some of the most delicious and widely eaten dinner dishes in India. Some have meat, others are vegetarian, Indian dinner ideas are heavily focused on vegetables and spices so these meals are healthy and nourishing.

These are also easy recipes, ones you can make quickly after work, or ahead of time for a quick meal out of the fridge.

Whether you are cooking for your family or trying to learn about a new cuisine, these easy Indian dinner recipes will surely become part of your regular cooking rotations.

Keep reading for the 25 quick and easy Indian dinner ideas.

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How To Put A Menu Together

A typical dinner party has drinks, appetizers, main course and dessert.

Drinks you can serve home made beverages like lassi, punch or lemonade or serve store bought soft drinks or juices.

Appetizers 2 to 3. I like to serve 1 or 2 appetizers and one salad or pre mixed chaats. You can order the appetizers, use a pre mix dhokla mix, or bake the Costco spring rolls, puffs, and more.

Main Course can be divided in to curries, sabzi, dal, roti and rice.

  • Curries/Sabzi I usually pick one paneer and one vegetable dish.
  • Dal/Lentils you can serve dal, sambar, rasam or kadhi.
  • Roti I usually order roti or naan. Costco has large packs of naan, which can be warmed up in the tawa.
  • Rice serve plain rice, jeera rice, pulao or biryani.

Desserts 1-2. I usually pick something simple, but something loved by both adults and kids. You can also serve cake, brownies or ice cream.

Meal Prep Notes For These Indian Dinner Ideas

5 Light Dinner Recipes | Quick And Easy Dinner Recipes | Indian Dinner Recipes
  • Keep some soaked and drained rice in your fridge for a quick meal.
  • Keep cut veggies pre-prepped in your fridge racks to save time.
  • Soak and boil the lentils before hand such as chana, Kala chana, rajma.
  • Add or subtract any veggies of your preference or health chart.

I have always found fried rice and pulaos to be a great way to feed the essential veggies to your elders and kids. You can also try other one-pot meals such as a cauliflower fried rice, schezwan fried rice, little millet pulao or wholesome soups such as tomato pasta soup.

With this list and more such flavourful one pot meals like one pan mushroom pasta and various salads. You are now all set for easy cooking without the hassle of juggling between the utensils. Plus you have less dishes to wash. One pot meals are great for stress free and happy cooking!

If you like this recipe feel free to share it on and WhatsApp and leave us your comments below. We love listening to your feedback! You can Subscribe to Our WhatsApp subscription for Free by saving mytastycurry in your contact list and sending on 91-8368756817

Don’t forget to comment, rate the recipes and let us know your feedback in the comments section below. We love listening to you!

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