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Benefits Of Butter Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee Recipe (BEST Ingredients for Keto and Intermittent Fasting)

Fat Loss. Plain and simple, the consumption of medium-chain triglycerides has been shown to lead to greater losses in adipose tissue , in both animals and humans. If youre looking for an easy, in-depth approach for the ketogenic diet, consider following The Keto Academy!

Eating Fat? Do I even need to explain this one? Eating fat has been shown to lead to greater amounts of energy, more efficient energy usage, and more effective weight loss.

More Energy. Studies have shown that the rapid rate of oxidation in MCFAs leads to an increase in energy expenditure. Primarily, MCFAs are converted into ketones , are absorbed differently in the body compared to regular oils, and give us more overall energy.

Heart Attacks? The myth that saturated fat increases the chance of Coronary Heart Disease has been debunked over and over. Recent studies show that saturated fats can actually have a positive effect on your overall heart health.

Make Coffee Part Of Your Weight Loss Program

Drinking coffee can contribute to your weight loss goals. Of course, you may also have to make certain changes to your diet and lifestyle. Long-term weight loss requires a combination of diet and exercise. Coffee, however, can actually give you more motivation to exercise by boosting your metabolism.

As with any dietary supplement, you should experiment and find out the best way to use coffee in your diet. If too much caffeine interferes with your sleep, dont drink coffee beyond mid-afternoon. Try different coffee blends and supplements and find out which have the most beneficial effect on your diet and well-being. When used in the right way, coffee can be a helpful part of your weight loss strategy.

Keto Coffee Milk Alternatives

As you may already know milk is not keto friendly. While you may be able to drink some and still lose weight, we wouldnt recommend it. Its high in carbs and sugar from the lactose inside the milk, making it difficult to over consume carbs and calories. Fear not, we put together a list of some of the best keto ingredients that work as milk substitutes. Some of our favorite milk subs are:

These are the top most widely known and available low carb milk options. They are rich in healthy fats and make quick and easy additions to any of your keto coffee recipes.

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What If You Dont Need To Lose Fat

Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting is a perfect way to take advantage of the health benefits of intermittent fasting for people who dont feel good skipping meals. It allows you to maintain your mental performance while reaping many of the benefits of intermittent fasting.

Starving yourself on low-calorie diets is bad for you, but intermittent fasting supercharges metabolic health, fights cancer, improves blood lipids, and makes your brain healthier. Dont believe it? Read on

Using Coconut Oil In Place Of Mct Oil

Veeramachaneni RamaKrishna Diet

Coconut oil does have MCTs, but very little compared to straight MCT oil . Most people believe that lauric acid is an MCT, and this makes up about 50% of coconut oil. However, this actually acts like an LCT and not an MCT.

C8 , which is easy for your body to process, is only 6% of the content coconut oil. Therefore, while you might get a little benefit from coconut oil in your bulletproof coffee, for maximum effectiveness, you should use actual MCT oil.

BOTTOM LINE: use an MCT oil high in C8s

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Why I Hate The Word Diet

The word diet sounds like you’re depriving yourself – it does not sound fun or delicious.

Weight loss on Keto depends on you strictly limiting carbs and limiting protein to only what your body needs for maintenance.

The idea is that you stay in ketosis and get your energy from fat – either body fat, or healthy fat that you eat

I have had trouble with this for a while and my weight loss stalled even though I wasn’t eating any sugar.

When I’m in ketosis, I am simply not hungry, but in the morning I need something for my stomach to work on so it doesn’t get upset.

Bulletproof Coffee is great because nearly all the calories are from fat so it makes my tummy happy and has almost no effect on insulin.

So it’s a little like breakfast without really breaking the fast.

That’s why it’s my Keto Breakfast of champions.

How Bulletproof Coffee Aids Weight Loss


Bulletproof coffee aids weight loss in many different ways. And the secret lies in the ingredients used to make the coffee. Let me break down how each ingredient works to aid weight loss:

  • Coffee Coffee is a storehouse of caffeine. And caffeine may aid weight loss by boosting energy and suppressing hunger . Scientists have found that caffeine may increase plasma ketones, which causes ketosis .
  • MCT Oil MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides. MCTs are absorbed quicker and converted into energy more efficiently as compared to long-chain triglycerides. This results in less fat gain, increased satiety, and increased production of ketones .Researchers also found evidence that ketones from MCT may help enhance memory in patients with Alzheimers disease .There are a few types of MCTs C6, C8, C10, and C12 named in terms of the chain length. The shorter the chain, the quicker it gets converted to ketones. For optimum ketosis without upsetting your stomach, consume MCTs with a mix of C8 and C10.
  • Grass-Fed Butter Grass-fed butter is a great source of vitamins A, K2, and E. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and contains the antioxidants glutathione and superoxide dismutase , .But even as we go on about how ketosis and bulletproof coffee are good for weight loss and treating diseases like epilepsy, cancer, and Alzheimers, there is another side to the story. Scroll down to know why bulletproof coffee might be a bad idea.

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Why Should You Drink Bulletproof Coffee

While I dont encourage replacing a meal with a bulletproof coffee, a creamy cup of this stuff is an excellent way to get more nutrient dense, healthy fats into your diet.

For some, it also helps slow down the absorption of caffeine, and minimize the crash that can come along with a big cup of joe.

Since its high in good-for-you fats and low in carbs it can not only boost your energy levels but also increase your ability to focus and reduce brain fog.

If you work out first thing in the morning but dont really like to eat before exercising, bulletproof coffee is definitely your friend. When Im getting movement in before I start work a creamy cup of bulletproof coffee is my favorite way to kick things off.

It gives me just enough energy to rock a morning workout without feeling lightheaded because I didnt eat first.

Using Bulletproof Coffee For Weight Loss

How to Make Bulletproof Coffee!

I drink my keto butter coffee instead of breakfast this is a type of intermittent fasting where you only consume fats during a fasting period and no carbohydrates or protein.

The theory behind this is that many of the benefits of fasting are a result of the body producing less insulin. Insulin is produced in response to carbs and protein and excess insulin production is thought to be the cause of the diabesity problem in western countries.

When consuming fats ONLY, you kick off a much smaller insulin effect. This signals the body to start burning fat.

Intermittent fasting also allows your digestive system to repair as it gets a break from the constant work of digesting food. Fasting allows the body to produce the hormones motilin and ghrelin. These hormones improve digestion and can relieve gastrointestinal stress.

Note consuming no fat and only drinking water, black coffee & tea will also have an insulin reducing effect. Drinking butter coffee though, helps us to feel satiated during the fasting window and makes fasting easier.

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How To Make Keto Coffee At Home

Making keto coffee at home is effortless. Once you have all the ingredients in your pantry , its easy to make it every morning.

For some extra electrolytes, I like to add a pinch of Sea Salt. To enhance the taste you can add stevia, sugar-free syrups, but thats not mandatory.

Youll also need a blender , a milk frother or an immersion blender to create that creamy keto coffee. Trust me, you want to blend these ingredients well or else youll end up with a mug of coffee with fat floating and thats not very pleasant to ingest.

  • Make your favorite coffee as you usually would.
  • Into a blender throw all the ingredients: hot coffee, butter or coconut oil, MCT oil and blend for 20 seconds until smooth, frothy and creamy.
  • Serve hot and enjoy the benefits.
  • How The Keto Diet Works

    Well take this step-by-step.

    • On a normal, non-diet day, you eat lots of carbohydrates. When theyre digested, the liver turns them into glucose the blood sugar that the body and brain use as fuel for energy.
    • A keto diet cuts off that supply of carbs and creates a fuel shortage. Fortunately, the body has a backup plan.
    • It enters a metabolic state called ketosis, and remains there until it gets enough carbohydrates to resume glucose production.
    • During ketosis the liver produces an alternate fuel source: molecules known as ketones. Even though the body and brain only run on ketones during an emergency, theyre a more-than-adequate energy source. In fact, the brain prefers ketones for the some of the functions it performs.
    • Theres a final, important piece to this puzzle. In order to produce ketones, the body burns stored body fat exactly the stuff you want to burn if your goal is to lose weight.

    So, in a somewhat-convoluted way, starving the body of carbs starts a process that ends with fat burning and weight loss.

    You cant just flip a switch to tell the body to enter ketosis, though. It takes at least several days of keto dieting just to reach that point for some people, it can take a week or even longer. And as soon as you consume enough carbohydrates to allow glucose production ballgame over. The body is kicked out of ketosis, fat-burning stops, and it can be another week before you can get back into weight loss mode again.

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    Benefits Of Bulletproof Coffee:

    • Coffee usually gives you a caffeine buzz in the beginning, but can also lead to a crash later on. This recipe will give you a longer, steadier boost of energy.
    • Healthy fats from butter & MCT oil help to stop food cravings that often happen when drinking coffee. So theoretically it could help you lose weight.
    • Without getting too scientific, MCTs are saturated fatty acids that are easier to digest than other types of fat, so it is great for digestion.
    • Generally, the MCT oil in bulletproof coffee will help you feel full & satisfied, will give you more energy, and give you a clear, focused mind.

    Don’t Settle For Less

    This Bulletproof Coffee recipe is creamy, delicious, &  filled with ...

    Butter coffee really does make you feel invincible. It sounds strange, but I truly believe that all that healthy fat is good for your brain. And raw honey has been proven to battle cancer with its dozens of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and phytonutrients. Yes, you SHOULD buy the raw stuff because much of the honey sold in stores is thinned down with high fructose corn syrup. Don’t settle for knockoffs where that’s concerned. And don’t miss out on how to make the very best black coffee so you get a great start in that regard, too.

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    Mistake 1 Adding Sugar

    One of the reasons why bulletproof coffee is good for you is because it reduces your intake of carbs and sugars whilst still tasting great. By adding sugar it may taste too sweet.

    Also, your body will skip the process of ketogenesis and wont produce ketones to give you that boost of energy youre looking for. If you do prefer a sweeter coffee there are many alternatives such as Stevia.

    Why Should I Drink Bulletproof Coffee

    Im sure after seeing that ingredient list youre not convinced yet. So let me get into all of the amazing reasons why you should try bulletproof coffee.

  • Helps to maintain higher energy levels for longer.
  • Increase your mental clarity and focus.
  • Feel fuller for longer.
  • Can help you lose weight.
  • A great addition to keto, paleo, low-carb, intermittent fasting diets.
  • Tastes amazing!
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    Bulletproof Diet Recipes On The Two

    The Bulletproof Diet helps you look and feel your best by removing toxins and inflammatory foods that sap energy and make you feel bloated, tired and weak.

    While weight management may naturally become easier on this plan, its not the only benefit. As your body adjusts to eating a high-fat, low-carb diet which takes about two weeks to get used to many people report feeling sharper and more energetic.

    Bulletproof Coffee Benefits Without The Fat And Calories

    How to Make Bulletproof Coffee for Weight loss| Ghee Coffee | Keto Coffee Recipe.

    Theres a way to have the best of both worlds. Its a ready-to-drink coffee beverage called Super Coffee.

    Super Coffee is an all-natural drink made with brewed coffee, MCT oil, monk fruit sweetener and protein powder but no butter. So if youre willing to get your healthy fats somewhere else, Super Coffee is the perfect alternative to keto coffee it contains only about three grams of saturated fat, and very few net carbs. Its sugar-free and gluten-free, most flavors are dairy-free, and there are even espresso and cold brew Super Coffee drinks.

    Its not exactly bulletproof, but many keto dieters are finding out that its even better.

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    What If I Dont Drink Coffee

    You dont need a traditional cup of joe to feel many of the benefits of Bulletproof Coffee. The truth is, you can make just about any hot beverage into a creamy, frothy Bulletproof modification by simply adding grass-fed butter and Brain Octane Oil. In other words: you can tweak our signature butter coffee recipe to your liking.

    If caffeine is the problem, start by opting for . Or, you can Bulletproof your Keto Hot Chocolate and add a little stevia for a sippable sweet treat. If you prefer tea time, check out our recipe for the perfect Bulletproof Matcha Latte.

    Bulletproof tip: If you follow a plant-based diet, yes, you can still enjoy the benefits of quality fats in your coffee cup. Try our Vegan Bulletproof Coffee recipe, which also contains gut-supporting prebiotics!

    The Beginnings Of Butter Coffee

    Many people who drink butter coffee are snobs about how their coffee bean is sourced, what sort of butter to use, purists about coconut oil growing, and on and on. I’ve tried all the really fancy specialty coffees but I always come back to my old favorite. Starbucks brewed coffee is familiar from my Seattle roots, it’s hella convenient and it’s just gosh darn delicious. If it’s not your thing, let’s just agree to disagree on that point.

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    Potential Downsides Of Bulletproof Coffee

    Bulletproof coffee is a high calorie coffee drink intended to replace a carb-heavy breakfast .

    It consists of 2 cups of coffee, 2 tablespoons of unsalted grass-fed butter, and 12 tablespoons of medium-chain triglyceride oil mixed in a blender.

    It was originally promoted by Dave Asprey, the creator of the Bulletproof Diet. The coffee produced and marketed by Aspreys company is supposedly free of mycotoxins, which are naturally occurring fungal toxins found in some improperly stored foods (

    However, theres no evidence that this is the case.

    Bulletproof coffee has become increasingly popular, especially among paleo and low carb dieters.

    Although drinking Bulletproof coffee on occasion is probably harmless, its not advisable to make it a routine.

    Here are 3 potential downsides of Bulletproof coffee.

    What To Expect On The Bulletproof Diet

    How To Make Bulletproof Coffee For Weight Loss

    To get started on the Bulletproof Diet, follow the two-week protocol, outlined in The Bulletproof Diet. During these first two weeks, youll eat only foods in the green zone of the Bulletproof Diet Roadmap. After two weeks, you can start adding in foods from the yellow zone to see how they affect you.

    On the Bulletproof Diet two-week protocol, no need to monitor how much you eat. Simply eat until youre full.

    Helpful tip: Front-load your plate with Bulletproof veggies to help you adjust to the diet.

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    What Is The Bulletproof Diet

    The Bulletproof Diet combines intermittent fasting with a cyclical ketogenic diet, meaning, youll eat a plethora of quality fats, proteins and vegetables, all between lunch and dinner.

    Fifty to 70 percent of your calories come from fat, 20 percent from protein and 5 percent fruit or starch. For breakfast, a cup of Bulletproof Coffee made with grass-fed butter and Bulletproof Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil, keeps you full until your first solid food of the day.

    To get the best results, consume lunch and dinner within a six-hour window of each other.

    What Does Bulletproof Coffee Taste Like

    When blended properly, bulletproof coffee tastes kind of like a rich and creamy latte.

    Of course you can always add different flavors to customize it , but its also very yummy in its super basic form.

    IMO the biggest mistake you can make when it comes to getting the best flavor out of your bulletproof coffee is not blending it or not blending it long enough.

    If you dont blend it properly to emulsify the fat with the coffee, youll just end up with a cup of coffee with a layer fat on the top. Not the most delicious combo!

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