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The Anti-Cancer Green Juice

Gerson has a few guidelines for making and drinking juice on the therapy program:

  • All produce MUST be organic
  • Stick to the three main juice recipes and optional breakfast citrus juice recipe
  • If you are missing a recipe ingredient, do not substitute, just omit it
  • Use a two-stage or two-step juicer that grinds, then presses
  • Juice oranges with a manual reamer-style citrus juicer
  • Make fresh juice every hour of the day
  • Consume juice as soon as its made, do not store it

Equipment note: We used the M-1 commercial cold press juicer to make this juice shot recipe, but you can use pretty much any type of juicer . Just keep in mind that the quality will always be higher when using a juice press.

Learn more about the industry-leading commercial cold press juicers we use to make our recipes.

I Was Going To Take Control Of My Destiny With Cancer

As soon as I got home, I dove DEEP into research. Initially what I found was terrifying.The survival rates for many common cancers like breast cancer, bowel cancer, and even skin cancer were CLOSE TO ZERO once the cancer had metastasized.Youd think after all these years that Big Pharma companies would be making huge advancements in cancer treatment, but they havent.All they do is make big money off those who are sick and help heal a few along the way.In fact, most of these expensive and sickening medications only extended life by a couple months at best.But on the flipside, they also deprive your energy, vitality and crush ones mental health.

How is that even living?I knew that I didnt want to take the normal route of toxic chemo and radiation to fight my cancer. I knew that there had to me a much more effective and ALL-NATURAL APPROACH I could take I just needed to find it.Thats when I dug even deeper into my research and took a closer look at Mother Nature herself and human biology to find the answers.

What I discovered was truly eye-opening to say the leastIn fact, as I started to pour over thousands of research papers on alternative and natural cancer treatments what I revealed was this

What Juicer Do I Use

If youre serious about juicing everyday, youre gonna need a high quality juicer.

I love my Champion Juicer. Ive been using the one in the picture since 2004. It has a heavy duty commercial motor and is way easier to clean than most juicers. And believe me, easy clean up will make all the difference in making juicing a part of your regular routine.

If money is tight, there are cheaper alternatives, like The Juiceman Pro.

Cheap juicers dont get as much juice out and they dont last as long, but if thats all you can afford, get one!

Heres my Champion Juicer working like a champ!

My Champion Juicer, juicing carrots circa 2004.

Juicing is the first component of my Super Health Triad.

The other two are The Cancer-Fighting Salad and The Anti-Cancer Smoothie.

Juicing is one of the things I cover in my newsletter. Plus, when you subscribe, Ill send you a free e-book with 25 people whove healed cancer!

Want to have an infographic of this for your site? Just copy/paste the code below.< img src=https://www.chrisbeatcancer.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Juiced2.jpg alt=Carrot Juice for healing cancer>

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Fight Cancer With The Benefits Of Juicing

Tired of being exhausted? Feeling sluggish at work? These are symptoms from the body telling you that your body is lacking important nutrients! In order to gain these nutrients and to know 100% you are getting all the right nutrients you need, a healthy diet must be part of your daily lifestyle.

We all know that it is very tempting to grab a high carb, fast and easy lunch but you can do this and still get the nutrients you need by up taking a daily habit of juicing! Throw out your food journal and your 2 hour-long recipe books and start filling your grocery carts with organic vegetables and fruits.

Juicing is the easiest way to get all the nutrients you need quick and easy, and the taste is better than any vegetable cooked. You can juice anything from carrots to butternut squash, zucchini to grapes and any other vegetables you love. Grab some fruits and mix them in too to get a great refreshing taste. Eating right could actually save your life!

The Secret To Starving Cancer Cells Hasbeen Known

Juicing for Cancer Cookbook: Delicious &  Healthy Cancer Juicing Recipes ...

Think about this for a minute

Mainstream cancer treatments like chemo and radiation kill cancer cells, and many of the good cells in your body. Its like poison.

Yes, many times there can be positive results in the end, but dont you think there has to be a better way that works WITH the body to have even better results?

Thats what I was determined to find out, and after countless hours of research I finally found a natural cancer treatment that had been kept secret for over 70 years.

This secret was one that the Big Pharma companies wouldnt be able to profit from and thats why theyve wanted to kept hush-hush.

Heres what I discovered

When it comes to cancer cells, they can be

  • FED just like any other cells within your own body
  • STARVED to not only be weakened, but to die off for good
  • ELIMIMATED from your body once and for all to restore your health

Thats right deadly cancer cells, even metastasized cancer can be starved and eliminated from your body, and it can all be done in a very natural and healthy way that doesnt rely on heavy doses of chemo or radiation.

And the best news of all

This alternative treatment doesnt cost thousands of dollars, it wont damage or harm your healthy cells , and its available to you RIGHT NOW.

Ive outlined this entire alternative treatment protocol for you in extreme detail in one easy downloadable guide

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Juicing Recipes For Cancer

Whether youre trying to avoid cancer or youre currently dealing with cancer already, here are some juicing recipes for cancer you may want to try out in your juicer.

  • Half a cup of pineapple, two cups of spinach, a medium mango. This drink will provide you with vitamins A, C, D, and K, antioxidants like quercetin and mangiferin, folate, iron, and chlorophyll. It has alkalizing and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Three carrots, a peeled orange, and a third of a cantaloupe with the rind. You get lots of beta carotene which reduces the risk of cancer and even slows down the reproduction of cancer cells. You also get lots of vitamin C and other cancer-fighting nutrients.
  • Two cups of pea sprouts, a cup of watermelon, and half an inch of ginger. It offers an antioxidant called lycopene, vitamins A and C, folic acid, chlorophyll, plus alkalizing and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • 6 large strawberries and 4 pitted apricots. Truly tasty and with lots of nutrients, this drink boosts your immune system and provides you with antioxidants.
  • A cup of honeydew melon, a medium cucumber, and 4 romaine leaves. Aside from the anti-inflammatory and alkalizing properties, you also get lots of antioxidants, potassium, chlorophyll, and vitamins A, B, and C.
  • A clove of garlic, 4 broccoli stems, and 4 big carrots. With this antibacterial drink, you can regulate yeast production in your body and also help with digestion difficulties. You also get vitamin A, calcium, and B vitamins.

A Major Component Of My Anti

I drank at least eight 8 oz glasses of organic carrot and vegetable juice every day.

My strategy was to eliminate all processed food from my diet.

Instead, I wanted to flood my body with vital raw nutrients.

I did this in order to give my immune system all the fuel and firepower it needed to repair, regenerate, and detoxify.

Juicing releases approximately 90% of the nutrients in food.

If youre not juicing, you might get about 1/3 of the nutrients by crushing food with your teeth.

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Benefits Of Cancer Fighting Recipes

With the right cancer fighting recipes, chemo patients can get their proper nutrients even if nausea is becoming a major problem. And they can even get you to eat the right food that can help prevent cancer from cropping up in the first place. According to cancer experts, lifestyle changes such as adopting a healthier diet can actually prevent up to a third of the incidences of the most common cancers. Thats more than 100,000 incidences of cancer.

Juice For Cancer Patients Who Experience Weight Loss Or Loss Of Appetite: Power Protein Juice

ONE-INGREDIENT CANCER FIGHTING JUICE RECIPE | Exotic Fruit for Health & Healing | FullyRaw Vegan

Cancer patients may experience weight loss and loss of appetite for a variety of reasons. Loss of appetite is one of the side effects of treatment. In addition, the body produces cytokines which can lead to muscle and weight loss during the fight against cancer. Help combat this by drinking this Power Protein Juice.

Why its great: Foods that are high in protein and calories are especially crucial to people who experience weight loss. This juice is filled with items that are high in calories to help combat this.


Remove all the seeds, slice and cut your fruit, then dump all your ingredients into a blender and blend!

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Make Cancer Fighting Juice

One concern with juicing is that the resulting juice is loaded with sugar. The best way to ensure that your cancer fighting juice doesnt have too much sugar is to include more vegetables than fruits. Stick with just one portion of fruit to add sweetness, then fill the rest of your juice with vegetables and spices.

Some great fruits to make your cancer fighting juice include apples, cantaloupe, pineapple, blueberries, and pears.

Pomegranate juice has polyphenols. This chemical compound has anti-inflammatory properties and can be used to suppress cancer.

* Grapefruit juice should be excluded! This is because it can interact with chemotherapy or other drugs.

  • 2. Vegetables
  • Carrot juice is a popular choice. Carrot juice contains Beta-carotene that helps prevent certain side effects such as white spots, swelling, and ulcers. Here are a few other popular options for vegetables.

    • Beets: Contain betalains that are anti-inflammatory and high in antioxidants.

    · Celery: Has tons of vitamins and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

    • Leafy greens: It is usually advised to go as green as you canthe darker, the better! Some examples are kale, Watercress, spinach, and collards.

    Add spices for flavor and health benefits.

    Ginger can help reduce inflammation and decrease cancer cell growth.

    Turmeric has been shown to possess powerful anti-inflammatory properties and anti-cancer properties.

    Which Are The Best Juicers For Cancer Patients

    You may know there are mainly two types of juicers: one is a slow or masticating juicer and other is Fast or centrifugal juicers. Both have their positives and drawbacks.

    Both slow and fast juicer are good.

    If you are new to juicing and not so sure whether juicing is for you. and if you are busy and have less time for juicing ..then you can take Centrifugal juicer / speedy juice extractor).

    But if you want your juice to be high quality only and Want to continue your juicing journey as a healthy lifestyle ..then you should choose slow or masticating juicers .

    Unlike fast juicers, slow juicers produce high-quality testy juice and possible to keep that juice longer .

    • High yield

    And even Though a slow-juicer is usually an expensive investment, it will reduce your cost in the long run. These machines west less as leftover than that of other fast juicers.

    So you will need less vegetable and fruits compared to other juicers. So you can save more by using the slow-juicer. You can produce juice from the pulp without making big west.

    • Cleaning is easy too.

    I recommend slow juicers over fast juicers:

    Slow juicer type
    Breville BJS600XL

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    The Medical Treatments From The Big Pharma Companies That Includechemotherapy Radiation And Other Invasive Medications Are Really Good When They Work The Problem Is That They Only Work Sometimes If Mainstream Standards Of Care Haven’t Or Didn’t Work For You This Alternative Cancer Treatment Will Give You A Real Chance

    The mainstream approach can be successful in many cases, but many times it doesnt work and can also lead to failure or worse yet death from other health complications.

    But there is still real legitimate hope left. Because what those who are suffering from cancer dont realize is that theres an ALTERNATIVE CANCER TREATMENT approach thats based on the human body and real science that can reduce or even fully eliminate dangerous cancer cells and therefore keep you alive.

    While this may sound too good to be true, the approach that youll soon discover has been successfully used for men and women of all ages who have not only fought the battle with cancer but have come out the other side cancer free.

    These are people just like yourself who were initially battling all types of cancer from skin cancer, to breast cancer, to lung cancer, and just about every kind of cancer in between.

    And the best news of all is, You Can Potentially Save Your Life By Trying Something For Less Than 30 Days. This powerful and effective alternative approach works in as little as 30 days. Once you understand and research the mechanics and science behind this approach for yourself, youll quickly see why it can be so effective so quickly.

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    How To Prepare Cancer Killer Juice At Home

    you should first understand that cancer cells thrive in a sugary environment, avoiding diets with too many calories should be an advantage.

    Secondly, avoid any other food other than the cancer diet until you finish the treatment .

    Below is how you can prepare vegetable juice for prostate cancer

    • Get 3 beetroots
    • One-quarter of pineapple fruit as a sweetener

    Put them into a juicer machine and blend.

    Sieve off the chaffs and enjoy your homemade juice.

    You can also make your own choice of ingredients from the above nutrition list but always remember to moderate beets and carrots inclusion, to regulate glucose level.

    Some of the most frequently asked questions on green juicing for cancer patients.

    Can I Consume My Fruits And Vegetables Exclusively Through A Juice

    No! This is a common misconception. The truth is that people need to eat whole fruits and vegetables to reap the benefits. While many of the nutrients in fruits and vegetables can be passed through the juice , other nutrients like fiber cannot be consumed via juice. Some advocates of juicing explain that drinking fruits and vegetables via juice gives the digestive tract a much needed rest, especially from fiber. However, the average adult doesnt consume nearly enough fiber each day, and therefore, does not need a digestive tract rest. The average adult consumes an average of 15 grams of fiber per day when they should be consuming 25-40 grams.

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    Include Bitter Herbs In The Juice To Prevent Cancer Outbreaks

    Including bitter herbs in juice to prevent cancer is always recommended. Bitter herbs include ginger, turmeric, milk thistle, cilantro, dandelion greens, and others.

    These herbs improve the liver, gallbladder, and digestive enzymes. They also contain powerful antioxidants that assist in cancer cells breaking down.

    Carrot Juice And Cancer Treatment

    A Cancer Healing Juice

    Despite tons of testimonies on carrot juice and cancer treatment, more awareness needs to be created about this juice drink.

    Carrot is one of the root vegetable plants with cancer-fighting abilities. It is a rich source of bioactive compounds like beta-carotene and other natural antioxidants, which helps in cancer healing

    Adding this vegetable to a cancer diet while juicing for cancer treatment may help kill the cancer cells. However, the inclusion rate should be 1-3 carrots, to avoid excess sugar in the recipe.

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    Use Beetroot Juice For Cancer Treatment

    Using beetroot juice for cancer treatment started in Germany in 1920 and has been gaining momentum to date. Beet juice contains vitamin A & C, calcium, betaine, potassium, iron, manganese, and folic acid.

    These phytonutrients aid in body detoxification and in circulating nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the body.

    Studies have also linked the anti-cancer properties of beets to its betaine content. This flavonoid increases the level of blood oxygen by 400% while protecting all the anti-cancer nutrients in the cells.

    This higher oxygen in the cells improves cellular respiration, which helps in killing cancer cells.

    In another finding, extracts from beetroot were used on mices skin and lungs to test their anti-tumor effects. The result proved that beetroot consumption can help prevent cancer.

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