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Contact Lens Solution Slime Recipe 2


Pour the entire bottle of glitter glue into a medium mixing bowl.

TIP: We stick with name brands like Elmers Glue because generic formulas dont seem to work as well.

Add water and stir until until well mixed with glue. We pour the water into the glue bottle first that way we get ALL the glue out of the bottle and there is no waste.

Add baking soda and stir until dissolved.

Finally, add contact solution and stir. Slime will begin to clump together, but may still be sticky

Finish kneading slime by hand until it is no longer sticky. If after 3-5 minutes of mixing, slime still sticks to hands, work in another spoonful of contact solution.

Slime Troubleshooting: If your slime becomes too rubbery or starts to break, its likely overactivated. theres even a video tutorial to show you this cool trick!

How Long Does It Last

Depending on how much you play with the slime, and how airtight the container youre storing it in is, this slime will last about 1 to 3 weeks.

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Contact Solution Slime Recipe #2 Glitter Slime

Pretty much every store we shop at, whether it is a craft store or just the grocery store has a section for slime supplies. And glue manufacturers are making all kinds of different glues from glitter glue, to glow in the dark glue.

There are so many options to make unique slime recipes!

Glitter slime is one of our favorite slimes recipes because it is just as easy to make as basic contact solution slime, but you can make it in a variety of colors!

In the photos below, we used metallic glitter glues for our gold and silver glitter slime. Our metallic slime turned out stunningly shiny!

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How Do You Make Easy Slime

There are so many different slime recipes but some require more ingredients or steps. I am always amazed at the many different ways to make slime.

The easiest slime only calls for 3 ingredients and is so simple to mix together.

Keep reading to find out just how easy it is. You are going to love making slime.

Dont let the worry of mess or expense scare you away. Slime really is very inexpensive to make for a fun activity for your children. It also isnt that messy and a great idea to try.

If you have been putting off making slime or hesitant to try it, this is a great one to start with. It is just so simple and easy but loads of fun.

How To Make Slime With Contact Solution With Free Slime Printables

Ladybug Clear Slime Recipe with Contact Solution

Do you want to know How to Make Slime with Contact Solution that can mix with anything and be Amazing every time? It has a fantastic smooth texture and feels soft when you pull and poke it with your fingers. It makes a great sensory activity for kids and makes a perfect party gift too. This easy Slime Recipe with Contact Solution is one of our favorites you can make it fluffy slime, scented slime, or even a jiggly slime.

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How To Make Slime With Baking Soda And Shampoo

If your kids are clamoring for slime but you dont have any contact lens solution in the house, you can still make up a batch with this easy recipe using ingredients you have on hand. If youre wondering how to make slime without contact lens solution, all you need is baking soda and shampoo or dish soap.

  • 1 cup Arm & Hammer baking soda
  • Shampoo or dish soap
  • Optional: food coloring

This slime recipe is imprecise, so dont worry about being exact with your measurements. Pour the 1 cup baking soda into a bowl. Squirt approximately 1 tbsp of dish soap or shampoo into the baking soda and stir. The slime will have the color of the shampoo or dish soap add food coloring if desired. Add more shampoo until you have a creamy substance.

If you accidentally add too much shampoo and your slime becomes too runny, add a pinch more baking soda. Experiment to obtain the texture you prefer. Plain shampoo works best, but it will still work with a 2-and-1 shampoo plus conditioner. The resulting texture will be softer and more slippery.

How To Make Fluffy Slime With Contact Solution

Save this idea for later so you don’t forget to use it!

Making slime recipes is one of our favorite screen-free activities. We make lots of slime every summer, but youll also find us making seasonal slime recipes every time of year.

Today, we decided to make fluffy slime with contact lens solution as the activator. Keep reading to learn how to make fluffy slime with contact solution.

Fluffy slime is tons of fun to play with and there are a lot of fun ways to play with it!

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Slime Recipe With Contact Solution

Once you decide what color glitter slime you want to make, youre just a few steps away from having fun!

Empty the glitter glue into a bowl.

If you want a stretchier glue, you can add some water to the glue. About 1/4 cup mixed into the glue will give you some extra stretch.

Add baking soda to the glue and stir.

Baking soda is what helps the slime firm up and form well. We sometimes tweak how much we use to get the consistency we like. I like to start with about half a teaspoon and add more if needed.

It impacts the ooze and squish factor of your slime. So if you want it to ooze a bit more, try less baking soda. If you want it to be firmer and thicker, try using more.

Mix contact solution into the glue mixture.

Go slow! The contact solution is what will activate your slime. You dont want to add too much too quickly. If you do, it will get hard and isnt fun to play with at all! So start with a bit and mix it in to see what consistency youre getting.

Mix the slime until it starts to get less sticky and firm up a bit.

Once the slime starts to pull away from the edge of the bowl, you can pull it out.

Knead the slime in your hands. Dont be afraid to knead it for longer than it feels like it should take!

The key to slime is to keep working it. With contact solution slime, if its still sticky you can always add a bit more solution.

Ive found that clear glue slime and glitter glue slime usually take a bit more of your activating agent than slime made with white glue.

Making Slime With Contact Solution

Making CLEAR SLIME with FUNNY BALLOONS!! Satisfying Slime Video #129

If youve tried any of our other slime recipes then you know that Im a fan of making slime without Borax. We often go the Liquid Starch route because I think its the easiest way to make your own slime.

But for this recipe, I went with a different approach and decided to make contact solution slime to see how it worked out.

For this slime recipe, all youll need is black glitter glue, baking soda, and contact lens solution.

Ive discovered that not every glitter glue is made equal. Elmers Glitter Glue always gives us the best result.

Ive also found out that not everyone contact lens solution is equal when it comes to making slime recipes. Weve tried quite a few and some of our favorite brands are:

  • Bausch and Lomb Renu Advanced Formula
  • Up& Up Clear Comfort Multi-Purpose Contact Solution
  • Opti-Free Express Everyday Comfort
  • Equate Sensitive Eyes Saline Solution

Not all contact solutions work well for slime. You want a solution that contains borate or boric acid.

But the great thing about using contact solution as your slime activator is that its easy to find! When we make liquid starch slime, we order a big bottle online. You can order your contact solution online or pick it up at any store near you.

It makes it easy to make a last minute batch of glitter slime!


  • 1 bottle of black glitter glue
  • 1/2 1 teaspoon of Baking Soda
  • 1/2 1 Tablespoon of Contact Solution

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What Type Of Glitter For Slime

Although we have a tons of glitter and confetti, we just had to buy more and found a set of glitter bottles called tinsel glitter. This type of glitter gives our contact solution slime recipe a whole new look.

We decided to choose aqua, purple, and magenta for our slime colors, and its a stunning effect once they start to blend together. Now, I have had a few people discouraged with the fact that eventually the colors all mix together and become one color, and yes this happens!

If you have different types of slime that are of similar shades, it still looks cool. If you make a rainbow of slime, you will end up with an ugly dirty color by the end.

Learn How To Make Clear Slime Without Contact Solution

Follow along with our recipe to make clear slime below, but first, get our best tips and tricks for making perfectly transparent slime!

Remember, the longer your slime rests, the clearer it will be! And make sure your hands are dirt and dye-free to keep the slime as transparent as possible!

The secret to making clear slime is to keep as much air out of the slime as possible. Sometimes letting the slime rest for a few minutes or up to one day will make your clear slime even more transparent!

But of course, that eliminates some of the fun of customizing your own slime like you can with this clear slime recipe. Its fun to play with different additives in slime and you won t find that in a slime kit!

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S To Make Slime Contact Lens Solution

  • Use a big bowl to mix all ingredients thoroughly
  • Pour the 120ml of glue in the container. Add 2 Tbsp of water and stir with a spoon or spatula
  • Add the shaving cream and stir again
  • Add the bicarbonate of soda and stir
  • Add the food colouring and glitter. You can add them gradually and stir several times until you get the desired consistency
  • Now add the contact lens solution. Add slowly whilst you continue to stir. Check the consistency, too much and the slime won’t be elastic
  • As the slime becomes less liquid, take it out of the bowl and knead it with your hands. If you feel it still sticks too much to your hands, add a bit more of solution.
  • Knead, knead, knead TIME TO PLAY!
  • Your slime with contact lens solution is ready! Feel free to experiment with different amounts for different textures: for example, adding less shaving cream so the result is less fluffy, adding different or multiple colours, tweaking the amount of solutionthe world is your slime oyster!

    Ladybug Clear Slime Recipe With Contact Solution

    Ladybug Clear Slime Recipe with Contact Solution

    Making Theme Slimes are a great way to include fun sensory play into your week of learning activities. This Ladybug Clear Slime Recipe is stretchy, squishy and keeps the kids entertained for hours. If youve wanted to learn how to make clear slime with your kids, youll find several recipes here. Mix up a batch of this clear slime recipe with contact solution to add a little science into your day. Your children will love it!

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    Ingredients For Basic Slime

    This recipe makes four colors of basic slime. For more or less colors, add or subtract the ingredients accordingly.

    Heres what youll need:

    • 4 Bottles of White Elmers Glue
    • Baking Soda
    • Your choice of food coloring For this batch, we used red, orange, green and yellow.
    • Optional glitter, sparkles, confetti shapes, etc.

    How To Make Clear Slime Stretchy

    One question we get asked a lot is how to make the slime extra stretchy!

    After lots of failed attempts using lotion and other products, weve found the easiest way to make any slime recipe extra stretchy is two fold.

    First, you want to be sure to add the water to the slime. The added moisture really makes the slime bouncy and stretchy so dont leave it out.

    Second, make sure youre only adding the minimum amount of saline solution necessary to reach the consistency you want. Whenever you add too much contact lens solution to your slime it causes it to become stiff and to break, instead of stretching.

    If you accidentally added too much contact solution already there are a couple of ways to try to fix it.

  • Soak the slime in some hot water for 5-10 minutes. Once the time is up, rework the slime with your hands. If its become too runny, slowly add more contact solution until you reach the consistency you like.
  • Try adding lotion to the slime. Weve tried this approach a few times and have had moderate success with it. If your slime is only slightly too stiff, this option will work. If youve gone way overboard and your slime immediately breaks instead of stretching, we suggest you try option #1 or start over with a new batch.
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    Our Contact Lens Solution Slime Recipe

    I share our favourite contact lens slime recipe here, but as a quick run down and yes it really is this simple! Add your glue to the bowl . Add a 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon of baking soda. Mix. Add food colouring. Mix. Then start adding contact lens solution. Start with about a teaspoon and mix. Once it pulls into a ball, add some contact lens solution to your hands and and start working it. Kneading it like bread. It will start out sticky but eventually turn into this super stretchy slime!

    Now, the big issue with this recipe is that people get impatient and add too much contact lens solution. Once you do that the slime will start to break and it is toast. You will need to make a new batch. Remember, little bits with LOTS of kneading in between is the key to successful slime. I will knead a batch for a full 5 minutes before adding more contact lens solution. It is an amazing hand work out!

    What I love is that recipe is super forgiving. As long as you are careful with the contact lens solution, it should result in a great slime. Plus, it is super gentle and doesnt trigger any of my health issues or allergies. WIN!

    By Step Directions To Make Fluffy Slime With Contact Solution

    BEAR SLIME ð?»ð¤ Mixing makeup and glitter into Clear Slime ð¯% ASMR Satisfying Slime Video 1080p

    Making fluffy slime is easy, and when you use contact solution, its even easier!

    First, mix about 1/2 a cup of white glue with whatever color you want your slime to be .

    Next, add 1/2 a cup of shaving cream to your glue. Mix a bit, but not too much or some of the fluff will get taken away.

    While mixing, squeeze in contact solution. When you use contact solution, you sort of measure by eye because not every contact solution has the same amount of slime activator in it.

    Keep adding slime activator and mixing until the slime is the consistency you want. Fluffy slime should be stretchy and pillow-y, but not stringy or sticky.

    You can store your fluffy slime for several days to a week or more in an airtight container.

    If you have any problems making your slime, check out our slime troubleshooting guide for help with fixing common slime issues.

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    How To Make Glitter Slime With Contact Solution

    This slime recipe is so easy and comes out looking AMAZING. First, start by mixing your glue and baking soda in a bowl.

    Next, add your gold glitter and mix it well.

    Add your contact solution and mix it up until the slime starts to become solid.

    Finish mixing the slime by hand and add more contact solution if it is too sticky.

    You will have the perfect St. Patricks Day glitter slime. Your kids will love stretching it, squeezing it, pulling it and squishing it all day long.

    How To Make Fluffy Slime With Glue Shaving Cream And Cornstarch

    Making fluffy slime with glue and shaving cream is a great way to get kids interested in science. Plus, its super easy to make at home!

    Mix up these three ingredients and some food coloring of your choice, and start playing with fluffy slime. Its a little stickier than other slime recipes, but it will easily come off skin by sliding or rolling it off. To be safe, have the kids wear old T-shirts, and if you have carpet, put an old towel or sheet down.

    Note: A previous version of this post contained instructions for making fluffy slime with contact solution, shaving cream, and Elmers glue. Because contact solution requires safety precautions when handling, we have switched to a fluffy slime recipe that uses cornstarch as the slime activator.

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    Pour Slime Into A Lidded Container

    Pour the slime into an air-tight plastic container and leave it for two to five days, or until all bubbles are gone. Keeping the slime in the container will allow air bubbles to rise to the surface and disappear, resulting in a perfectly clear slime.

    After a couple of days, the slime shouldnt stick to fingers when picked up. If the slime is still sticky, knead it for several minutes to create a compact mass that doesnt stick to fingers.

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