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Best Recipe Apps: Build Your Cooking Inspiration In 2022

Great iOS Recipe Apps To Make Cooking Easier
  • By Nikhil Jassal
  • Cooking your own meal could be an individuals best choice as you dont have to be dependent on anyone. One can be sure of the ingredients they are putting in and can control the seasoning amount. It saves money and time and is probably the best choice for health, but the question arises of where one can start? This is where the best recipe apps enter.

    These apps can play a significant role as it offers plenty of recipes. Before technological innovation and mobile app development, there were cookbooks running the food world.

    But, today is different because of a few inventions in the cooking world flipping pages to find recipes now considered to be old school. The recipe app offers several features, including search features that can help an individual with the recipes.

    Mealime Meal Plans & Recipes

    Mealime keeps it simple in the kitchen for iOS and Android users. Each recipe tells users how much time it should take and comes with a cooking list so that users know what to grab from the store. But the app doesn’t just come with thousands of recipes, it’s also a meal-planning service.

    Users can create a meal plan with over 600 customizations, including allergies, restrictions, likes, dislikes, and how many people the recipe should feed. Once users select a meal plan that works for them , a shopping list is created, which allows users to check off what they already have or have bought. It’s perfect for foodies and cooking beginners alike.

    What Sort Of Recipe Apps Are You Looking For

    Considering how choosy most food lovers are, I have picked out a variety of recipe apps. As most of them offer a mammoth library of dishes from around the world, you will always have something really yummy to try out. Just in case you are on a mission to shed a lot of pounds to get fitter, some of these apps also provide a super handy meal planner that can let you plan your meals wisely, saving you from falling prey to junk foods.

    For those hunting for the recipe apps to discover pro cooking tips, I have made sure to choose apps that provide top-notch video tutorials and food blogs to help you cash-in-on some amazing cooking secrets. That all being said, its time to explore the top recipe apps for iOS and Android.

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    The 9 Best Recipe Apps To Channel Your Inner Chef

    Last year, we all spent a lot of time on our cell phones searching for recipes. Our new normal has led us to get in touch with our inner chefs. We also learned that searching for recipes via the web on your mobile device can be a laborious task in and of itself. Nine times out of ten, when you find a recipe that looks good, youre directed to a food blog where you have to scroll through pages of the authors story about the dishs history, where they got the ingredients, what the food means to them, and other SEO filler. Not to mention the pop-up ads!

    If you havent realized it by now, this is where recipe apps come in very handy. In some instances, youll have to endure ads , but in most cases, recipe apps are direct and to the point. They take you to the recipe, with a clear list of ingredients and how to prepare them. They have a photo with the finished product , and thats it. Some apps even have set-by-set video instructions that will walk you through the cooking process. Unlike food blogs, you can choose to click on additional content. Plus, depending on the app, they have tons of other useful features. There are even apps dedicated to your dietary restrictions .

    In 2022 these apps are an example of how technology can work for you, not the other way around. Note that some of the features described below may not be available in the apps that charge for a premium subscription.

    Why Mela Is Top Chef Of Recipe Apps Awesome Apps

    The Best Recipe Apps For Making Tasty Meals  Review Geek

    Forget your whisk, chefs knife or food-mixer. Apples iPhone should be your go-to device when it comes to preparing delicious meals in the kitchen. While its incredibly handy having Siri nearby to set multiple cooking timers, our iPhones, iPads and Macs can also double as digital recipe-books. And when it comes to recipe apps, trust me: The best out there is Mela.

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    Hearty Vegan Red Bean Chili

    Generous amounts of red bell pepper and onion give this stovetop chili a rich and flavorful base, while fire-roasted tomatoes add smokiness, kidney beans provide bulk, and millet adds a subtle chewy texture thats surprisingly pleasing to the palate. Shares a reviewer, Delicious and not too much in the way of prep and ingredients. I will definitely make this again!

    Our Cooking App Reviews

    Android | iOS

    Yummly starts things off right by getting to know your food preferences and making suggestions based on the recipes you like. Its core features include a meal planner, a built-in shopping list, and a pantry-ready search tool, which allows you to enter ingredients and find a recipe that uses items you already have on hand. These tools, in addition to its hands-free voice control features, make Yummly our top pick for cooks of all skill levels. Most recipes are free, but you can sign up for a Pro subscription to get access to video tutorials and guided recipes.

    Notable features:

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    What Makes One Cooking App Different From Another

    In the last couple of years, home cooking is enjoying revival helped by the likes of Martha Stewart, and Rachel Ray. There will always be those that love dining out, but theres been a definite defiance against the fast-food revolution in the form of apps helping us cook healthy, delicious homemade food. Traditional recipe books are so-20-years-ago and cooking apps have been springing up all over the place as an alternative to your grandmas yellow stained recipe books.

    Weve sorted through the best cooking apps on the market, ones that save you time and money- not to mention help your organizational skills in the kitchen. Well be explaining the best features of each and what type of app will work best for you and your specific needs.

    The 9 Best Recipe Organizer Apps To Replace Your Cookbooks

    Paprika // The BEST Recipe and Meal Planning App

    Is your cookbook a mess? Throw it out and try one of these best recipe management apps to find and organize recipes instead.

    How many times have you jotted down a recipe on a slip of paper, only to lose it when you actually need it? When your cookbook is stuffed with tons of sticky notes, loose-leaf papers, and old family recipes, its disorganization can drive you nuts.

    Luckily, installing a recipe management app on your smartphone can easily solve this issue. Recipe managers can help you find, create, and keep recipes in a single place. You can even save handwritten recipes without typing them in one by one.

    The following are some of the best recipe organizer apps for Android and iPhone that will make you want to do away with your cookbook altogether.

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    Fit Men Cook: Best Healthy Recipe App

    I think we are well past the gender stereotype of only women doing the cooking. So heres a recipe app that primarily caters to men who want to stay fit. While working out is essential, the root of your health is in the kitchen. Get dozens of meal ideas in varied categories such as post-workout snacks, low-carb lunches, etc.

    This app will change your mind if you think that healthy food is tasteless or boring. It guides you with easy-to-make nutritious meals that will help you stick to a healthy diet without spending a lot of compromising on variety.

    Along with step-by-step instructions, it helps with meal planning, grocery shopping, and macro counting for bodybuilding or weight loss. All in all, a remarkable tool that will inspire you to take charge of your health.


    Best For Weight Loss: Platejoy

    • Cost: $69 for 6 months and $99 for 12 months, but some health insurance providers will pay
    • Creates Grocery Lists: Yes
    • More expensive than competitors

    PlateJoys highly personalized meal plans are a boon to those with specific dietary restrictions. Users take a lifestyle survey, which includes things like food preferences, fitness and calorie goals, allergies, and schedules, and the app uses 50 data points to create a unique meal plan just for you. It even accommodates those who are diabetic or on a low FODMAP plan.

    The meal plans are designed by nutritionists, who are available by phone or chat too, and recipes include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. The meal plans will automatically generate a shopping list, which can be integrated with Instacart or other grocery delivery services. You can also add your own recipes manually.

    Users can sync the app to their FitBit, so itll automatically add their meals nutrition info to their calorie tracker. Even better, if your health insurance provider has joined the companys PlateJoy Health division, you can get a free subscription, free Fitbit, and free scale.

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    Best For Shopping On A Budget: Mealboard

    Meal Board

    • Building and editing your pantry takes some work

    MealBoard doesnt have a database, but it allows users to upload recipes from pretty much anywhere on the web, and categorize them how they see fit. When youre ready to make a meal plan with your collection, just add them to the calendar where you can drag and drop them to specific days.

    The app will generate a grocery list based on your meal plan, but the best part is you can add prices for items so you can see if youre staying on budget each week. Also, its Pantry function allows you to catalog all of your staples and sync them with your recipes. When you make a recipe, click the update pantry link and the amounts used in the recipe will automatically be subtracted from the amounts in your pantry. Setting up the pantry takes a little extra work on the front end, but it means you wont end up buying more than you need and wasting it.

    Mediterranean Artichoke And Red Pepper Roll

    The best recipe apps for iPhone and iPad

    Need a quick idea for lunch or even just a snack? These roll-ups are the perfect noom recipe for you!

    They put a noom friendly twist on the traditional grilled cheese. Use a low-carb tortilla, to keep the carb count down.

    Try swapping out the sour cream with Greek yogurt to increase protein in the sauce.

    Even the pickiest eater will not be able to resist them!

    Have you ever tried fresh homemade hummus? If you havent, you are missing out.

    It is rich and creamy and a great low-carb choice.

    This noom diet recipe provides you with all the tips and tricks to make it like a pro.

    Still, searching for easy noom chicken recipes that are full of flavor?

    This Mediterranean one-pan meal fits the bill and can be ready in under 30 minutes.

    It is low in both calories and carbs, yet still deliciously high in flavor. The end result is a tender piece of chicken that pairs well with a salad.

    Love lasagna, but not all the calories that come along with it?

    The is one of those noom dinner recipes that lets you have the best of both worlds.

    Whole-wheat pasta and low calories cheese are combined to make a drool-worthy healthy version of lasagna that you can feel good about eating.

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    Overall Best Cocktail App

    When you are going for a cocktail app, it could be that you want most of the factors that we have already listed for you. Yet, not all apps are going to have every option available. The overall best app for making cocktails, as was rated by a wide variety of websites, is Cocktail Flow. Cocktail Flow provides a wide array of helpful features, including searches for occasion, strength, and ingredients, making it easier than ever to find the exact drink that you may or may not have known that you were looking for.

    Minute One Pan Chicken Fajitas

    Fajitas are delicious, easy to make, and are a classic Mexican meal.

    This simple noom chicken recipe, is a one-pan, low-carb meal that takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish.

    Is there a better choice for a busy weeknight? Once the filling is made, it can be enjoyed in a variety of ways to accommodate your dietary needs.

    The filling goes well in tortillas, over rice, or even in lettuce wraps.

    Fajitas taste great on their own but can be made even better with customized toppings. Cheese, avocados, sour cream , and salsa are just a few ideas.

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    Best Recipe Apps: The 7 Finest Apps For Cooking Inspiration

    Delicious downloads to get your tastebuds firing

    Bored of the cooking the same four meals every week? We know the feeling. Well, we did until we started researching and testing the best recipe apps around, which we’ve handily boiled down into the simple menu below.

    Why bother with a recipe app when you’ve got a shelf full of inherited cookery books? Well, the latest apps feature handy extras like step-by-step videos, digital shopping lists and mouth-watering photography.

    Many apps also have huge online communities, which not only contribute recipes from all over the world, but add useful features like user-generated tips to help you tweak each recipe to taste.

    So before your stomach rumbles any louder, let’s dive into the delicious cake mixture that is our round-up of the best recipe apps around for both iOS and Android…

    Paprika: Best Recipe Organizer App

    Top 5 Cooking apps to learn new recipes at home! EASY FREE

    If you love collecting recipes the way I do, you need this app in your life! Its perfect for organizing every aspect of your meals, from grocery lists and meal plans to recipes from your favorite websites. It beautifully syncs across devices so that you can access it anytime, anywhere.

    Whats more? You can import from other apps such as MacGourmet, YummySoup!, MasterCook & Living Cookbook. Lastly, keeping things organized and sharing recipes is a breeze. Its straightforward to use and makes it convenient to catalog all your food needs in one app.

    Given the all-around utility, Im sure youll use Paprika for years to come, which makes it well worth the one-time price!


    • Manual entry for personal recipes

    Price: $4.99

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    What Is A Meal Planning App

    Meal planning is the process of gathering recipes and deciding on meals to prepare in advance. A meal planning App takes this process digital offering meal plans based on your activity level, food preferences, and dietary goals. Many Apps provide different tools, such as the ability to scan recipes, search functions, and more, to aid the meal planning process.

    Greens And Things Sandwiches With Carrot Hummus

    This hearty sandwich features cucumber, pepperoncini , fresh baby kale, and toasted sunflower kernels. What really completes the sandwich is the homemade hummus, which gets a golden hue and subtly sweet flavor from sauteed carrots, while fresh dill adds a fragrant touch. Notes a fan, I am delighted to be introduced to carrot hummus. It is sweet and delicious and no tahini is needed.

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    Best For Meal Preppers: Mealpreppro


    • Complying with suggested plan takes time

    MealPrepPro is designed for people who want to cook large batches of healthy food so they just have to heat and eat later in the week. The recipes are quick to make and designed for you to make a big batch one day, and then youll eat it for several days after. Sure its repetitive, but if youre watching what you eat and dont have a lot of time, youll always have a healthy meal waiting for you. If youd rather cook fresh every day, or cook an even bigger batch to freeze, you can set the app to do that too.

    Set up your preferences according to your diet and either let the app determine your macro goals based on your health stats or you can set them manually. The app will create a weekly plan of lunch and dinner from its collection of recipes. While the app focuses on lunch and dinner, you can easily add breakfast and snacks.

    You can customize the plan if you want. Itll even offer suggestions if you want to swap out a dish with something else. The recipes are easy to follow with step-by-step videos, but theyre made for one or two people, so if youre feeding a family youll have to increase the serving size to scale up. You can also add your own recipes. The plan generates an organized shopping list, and you can cross things off as you pick them up.

    The app syncs with Apple Health and the Apple Watch, so you can keep track of your calories/macros, water consumption and follow the shopping list from your wrist.

    Slow Cooker Tuscan White Bean Soup

    The best recipe apps for iPhone and iPad

    This is one of those noom diet recipes that could not be easier to make.

    Simply throw all the ingredients, except the pesto and salt, into your crockpot and let it do its thing. In 8 hours, your house will smell amazing, and dinner will be ready.

    The addition of the pesto at the end brightens the flavors up and the result is a restaurant-quality soup.

    Another great perk of this soup is that you can tailor its texture to your palate. Prefer a chunky soup?

    Then leave it as it. If you prefer something smoother, blend it with your immersion blender.

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