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Making the Perfect Black & White Cookie Recipe | Melissa Clark | NYT Cooking

1 week agoCookie Monster Cookie – CookThink . 6 days ago Show details . Jul 26, 2022 · Preheat oven to 350F degrees. Line baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside. Crumble 4 Oreos and 4 chocolate chip cookies into large pieces for cookie toppings and set aside.

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The Cookie Jerry Seinfeld Made Into A Tv Star

Jerry Seinfeld is almost as beloved in New York City as the Black and White. This cookie is found everywhere from the corner bodega to that most upscale of bakeries, William Greenberg. Seinfeld used it to make an interesting commentary on race, of all things. You can click on the link and see what we mean. Scented with vanilla, almond, and lemon, this cake-like cookie has a fine crumb and velvety texture. Its achieved by using sour cream in the cookie batter. But the piece de resistance of a Black and White is, of course, its icings. Vanilla and Chocolate. That classic combination makes up the glazes to be eaten both in one bite or separately, take your pick. Best eaten within 24 hours of baking, this 125-year-old cookie is New Yorks own.

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2 weeks ago1 day ago ·4tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil. 2tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil. 2medium red onions, sliced in 1/4-inch half-moons 6bell peppers, in assorted colors, if possible, sliced 3/8-inch lengthwise Kosher salt andblack pepper. 3garlic cloves, grated or minced.

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Where Is The Best Black And White Cookie In Nyc

In my humble opinion , William Greenberg takes the cake. The cookie has the perfect level of softness and slight moistness, theres great flavor, the texture of the frostings are almost chewy-tender without being too soft and messy, and the flavor of the chocolate and vanilla frostings are also flavorful without being saccharine. Donut Pub was my second favorite from the trip!

Leave me a comment if you think I got this answer totally wrong!

How To Make Black And White Cookies At Home

A Perfect Recipe for Black and White Cookies

1 week agoAug 16, 2022 ·For Cookies. At 180°C preheat the oven and with parchment paper and silicone baking mats line 2 baking sheets. Set aside. In a medium bowl whisk salt, flour, baking soda, and baking powder. Set at the side. Beat butter and sugar

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Made In New York Since 1902

Unlike most recipes that are claimed by multiple chefs, the Black and White is traced exclusively to Glasers Bake Shop in Yorkville on the Upper East Side. Owned by Bavarian immigrants, it opened in 1902. Yorkville was then a German enclave. Before it became the posh place it is now, it was a middle-to-working-class neighborhood. While there were Czechs, Slovaks, Irish, Polish, and Hungarians living there, the Germans predominated as did German foods. John and Justine Glasers recipe dates from the very opening of their Bake Shop and it was their original recipe, one of many created by the Glasers. The Black and White has close cousinslike the Half-Moon cookie baked in Utica, NY. That cookie dates from 1925. So the Glasers get full credit for its invention. Sadly, after 116 years, Glasers closed for good in 2018. The Black and White lives on. It even found its way back to Germany by way of American GIs in the 1950s. There it was called the Amerikaner although its most often only iced in white.

What Are Black And White Cookies

Black and white cookies are soft and cakey vanilla cookies that are frosted with half chocolate, half vanilla frosting. Occasionally the cookie or the vanilla frosting may be infused with lemon flavor .

Most people seem to agree that black and white cookies originated in New Yorksome believe that they originated from Glasers Bake Shop) while others believe the half moon cookies from Hemstroughts Bakery in Utica, New York may be the original inspiration.

It is not clear the connection between these cookies and the ones at Glasers Bake Shop. It is assumed that they share a common German root, but the cookies are distinct enough that many believe them to be two separate cookies. While black and white cookies are more flat with a shortbread base and fondant icing, half-moon cookies are more dome-shaped and use a cake base with frosting.

Untapped Cities

Most of the black and white cookies that I tried in New York veered on the side of a cake base vs. a shortbread baseie. they were quite cakey, which I prefer. It seems that more authentic black and white cookies should have a drier texture with smooth and shiny frostings. I was informed after the bake off that an important component of a black and white cookie is an overlap in the vanilla/chocolate frostings .

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Recipe Testing: What Works & What Doesnt

What I love most about ATKs The Perfect Cookie cookbook and what I know youll appreciate as well is the comprehensive breakdown of each recipe. Why it works, how it works, tips, tricks, lessons, troubleshooting, and more. Its the book for the baking nerd in all of us. Here are a few of the things that really worked in these black and white cookies:

  • All-purpose flour: Americas Test Kitchen tried to make these cookies with cake flour at first , but the cake flour made the cookies too crumbly. For best results, use all-purpose flour.
  • Salt: After I tried my first test batch, I found the cookies to be cloyingly sweet. Obviously theyre intended to be sugary cookies, but increasing the salt to 1/4 teaspoon helped balance out that sweetness.
  • Sour cream: Were confident sour cream is the secret to perfect homemade black & white cookies. This ingredient creates that iconic texture. It also reacts with the baking soda to produce enough lift in the cookies.
  • The Secret To The Best Black And White Cookie

    Marbled Tahini Cookies | NYT Cooking

    Three iconic recipes put to the test.

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    I cant stay quiet any longer: This perfect black and white cookie recipe isnt actually perfect. If you grew up in New York, youd understand. The moon-shaped black and white cookie, with its yin-yang chocolate and vanilla frosting, is ubiquitous there, sold in diners, delis, and bodegas . Grabbing a black and white is like grabbing a slice of pizza quick, easy, satisfying, and always there when you need it.

    Based on popularity alone, youd think everyone bakes black and white cookies at home. But they dont. Making them is a bit of a patshke, and they never seem to come out as well as the ones you buy at the store.

    My mother has been collecting black and white cookie recipes for nearly three decades. She keeps them in a stack on a shelf in the pantry next to her cookbooks, and every year or so, we muse about making them all eight or nine recipes at once to figure out which one yields the best results. So far, we havent gotten around to it, but when the New York Times published Melissa Clarks recipe for the perfect version earlier this summer, I immediately called my mom.

    Perfect is Subjective

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    Small Changes Yield Big Results

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    My Secrets to Making the Ultimate Black and White Cookie

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    About This Black And White Cookie Recipe

    After making batch after batch, I finally figured it out. Its not the cookie I dont like, its the quality and balance of ingredients. So heres what I did to make my version of Better Black and White Cookies:

    • Omit almond extract. Replace with ground almonds or almond flour for nuttiness.

    • Use vanilla bean pod instead of vanilla extract.

    • Reduce sugar and add an extra pinch of salt in the cookie dough recipe.

    • Swap boiling water for heated milk of choice .

    • Substitute natural agave for artificial corn syrup.

    • I personally prefer dark chocolate, so I used Special Dark Cocoa instead of Dutch Cocoa.

    The result is a cookie that has a more cookie-like texture from the ground almonds. The cookie base has a better salty and sweet balance from the extra pinch of salt and reduced sugar. By using whole ingredients , the almond and lemon flavors complement each other better and are less jarring together. For the icing, theres a creaminess that was missing from the NYT Cooking recipe. I love the specks of real vanilla bean, less sweet dark chocolate, and how the agave gave the icing that fondant chewiness and shine without the sickly sweet artificial flavor.

    Some Black And White Advice From Andrew

    The word cookie comes from the Dutch word koekje which is pronounced nearly the same as its English counterpart. It means little cake. And the Black and White is more cake-like than what we generally think of as a cookie. With Black and Whites quality counts. The temptation to buy the saran-wrapped, mass-produced version at the deli cash register may be strong. But dont give in to it. Theyll set you up for an oversweet headache. Go out of your way to find a traditional bakery where, unwrapped, youll get the real thing. Or better yet, make them yourself. And here is the recipe to do so, followed by some other great cookie treats.

    Black and White Cookies from Melissa Clark

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