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What Is The Best Vegan Lip Balm

DIY lip balm! Without beeswax!

I believe that the best vegan lip balm is one you make yourself! This ensures that all the ingredients are vegan-friendly, and you will know exactly what you are putting onto your skin. A good lip balm will have a thick texture that is easily spread as well as ingredients that are hydrating and protecting.

Homemade Diy Natural Lip Balm Recipes

These days, there are a lot of commercial lip balms available in the market. However, many people have reported allergic reactions and negative side effects of these products. It is always better to make your own natural lip balm at home because you can control what ingredients go into it and avoid artificial flavours. This article will provide you with 10 DIY Hydrating Natural Lip Balm Recipes that are perfect for chapped or dry lips during the winter months.

  • What essential oils are good for a natural lip moisturiser?
  • This Lip Balm Will Care For Your Lips All Year Round

    The lack of beeswax is compensated by a selection of wonderful carrier oils, a well-chosen cosmetic butter, a dash of vitamin E oil and a few drops of beautiful peppermint essential oil as well. Honestly, its just as good as my DIY beeswax lip balm, and if youre vegan I definitely recommend you give this a try.

    If you read my last post about lip balm and chapstick youll know how versatile they are! Not only are they great for lips, but also any area of irritated, dry or chapped skin. If I graze my skin, Ill use some balm on it. Itll speed healing and stop dirt or anything getting in. Lip balm isnt just for the lips anymore!

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    Diy Healing Lip Balm Recipe

    Article image from countryhillcottage

    See how to make a healing lip balm recipe to care for chapped, peeling lips! This homemade natural lip balm for dry lips with coconut oil and hemp seed oil is ready in minutes. This easy DIY lip balm without beeswax is a great moisturizing lip balm for winter and comes with free printable labels.

    About The Author: Jenni Mac

    DIY Lip Balm without Beeswax â Easy Homemade Vegan Lip Balm

    Hi, Im Jenni! I am a health and beauty blogger that loves making homemade beauty products. I have been blogging for over three years now, my first blog is – it is all about natural products, DIY skin care, inner beauty, and anything else to do with natural living.

    Here you will learn all about DIY lip balm! From DIY recipes, to recipes for lip scrubs and glosses, this site has it all! With witty posts about how to take care of your lips in the winter, you’ll find everything you need to keep them happy and healthy.

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    Honey Lavender Lip Balm

    Article image from getinspiredeveryday

    This recipe is easy to make, you simply melt everything together in a small saucepan. Then theres one easy but crucial step to make sure it emulsifies. Since this recipe contains honey, its essential after the ingredients have been melted together to whisk the lip balm over an ice bath until it thickens.

    Mixing A Hydrating Lip Balm

  • 1Add castor oil, shea butter, and coconut oil to a small pan. Pour in 1 tablespoon each of castor oil and shea butter. Measure out 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, and add that to the pan, too.XResearch source
  • If you want, you can substitute petroleum jelly for the castor oil in the same proportion. Petroleum jelly seals in moisture.XExpert SourceMakeup ArtistExpert Interview. 27 August 2019. Castor oil soothes chapped lips and hydrates. Both shea butter and coconut oil hydrate, but shea butter has vitamin E, too, which is good for your skin.
  • You can also leave out the shea butter if you’d like. Try adding more coconut oil.
  • You can also heat these in the microwave if you’d like to, use a small microwave-safe bowl.
  • 2Place the pan over low heat to melt the oils together. As the oils warm up, stir them occasionally to distribute the heat evenly. Once the coconut oil and shea butter have melted and the oils are all incorporated, take the pan off the heat.XResearch source
  • If you heat it in the microwave, start with 15-20 seconds and check on it. Heat it up in 5-second increments until the oils are melted and mixed together.
  • 3Pour in a few drops of the essential oil of your choice after you take the oils off the heat. Try 10-15 drops of citrus essential oil, such as grapefruit, lemon, or orange for a summery lip balm. Alternatively, add peppermint for a cooling lip balm. If you like floral flavors, use lavender or rose oil.XResearch source
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    Vegan Recipes Of Homemade Lip Balms Without Beeswax

    Lip balm is probably the number one item in my care routine. I carry at least one everywhere.

    Because I constantly lose it, I make many lip balms and always keep one literally in every pocket of all my pants, jeans, blazers and in every purse. And in the kitchen. And in my nightstand. And in my car. And.well, you get the picture lol.

    Many people have been asking how to make lip balm without beeswax. Some people are sensitive to beeswax and propolis in it. Some people also find beeswax drying for their lips.

    Also if you are looking into making vegan lip balm, then you would also want to avoid using beeswax.

    That is why I am including a recipe of diy lip balm without beeswax.

    Chocolate Mint Lip Balm

    How I make LIP BALM WITHOUT Beeswax at home!

    This lip balm is almost like a dessert and will give you an amazing taste along with moist lips.


    • ¼ tsp alkanet root


    Melt the beeswax in a double boiler. Add the rose oil, castor oil, and cocoa butter into the mixture. Put in vanilla extract for a nice fragrance and the alkanet root for the red colour. When the mixture cools, transfer it into a lip balm tin or tube. Put the balm in the refrigerator for some time to set and use whenever you want.

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    How To Make Natural Lip Gloss

    So, to make this lip gloss, really all you need is a carrier oil and butter-no, not the kind you eat. For real, it is that simple. I am using olive oil and coconut oil, but any carrier oil will do. You could also use sweet almond oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, or grapeseed oil. Learn more about carrier oils here.

    For the butter, I am using mango butter. You could also use shea butter, cocoa butter, or a combination of all three. Mango butter is my favorite for lips because it is very smooth and hydrating. Mango butter also works well in whipped body butter and natural deodorant.

    You can add in natural skin-safe dyes or herbal powders to add color to your lip gloss. Or you can leave it just the way it is, and it will still work great!

    This post contains affiliate links, which means I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Get my full disclosure HERE.

    What Essential Oils Are Good For A Natural Lip Moisturiser

    A natural lip balm is a good option for those who want to avoid harsh chemicals and potentially dangerous substances in their beauty products.

    There are many different options when it comes to what essential oils can go into your lip balm, and depending on the desired effect, you may not need any at all. For instance, if youre going for a more soothing and moisturising type of lip treatment with minimal colouration, consider using chamomile or lavender oil because they have properties that will soothe dry skin while also providing hydration. Another great option would be to use tea tree oil this one works well as an anti-microbial agent against bacteria that cause problems like cold sores. A third option might be pepper.

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    Why Should You Make A Vegan Lip Balm Recipe

    A vegan lip balm has a much less environmental impact as opposed to one that is made from animal products, including beeswax. In 2019, about 40% of honey bee colonies in the US perished because of intense farming and urbanization. Of course, the use of pesticides and fertilizers is also to blame, and so is climate change.

    The research showed that losing bees and insects will trigger a collapse of the entire earth ecosystem, read more on the first global review of its kind, It looked at 73 historical reports on insect declines around the world and found the total mass of all insects on the planets is decreasing by 2.5% per year. If this trend continues, we may not have any insects at all by 2119. This is really terrifying!

    No matter what product you use, if it is vegan, you are contributing to a sustainable future where there will be less climate change and water depletion, adequate land use, and marine and freshwater eutrophication. A recent study published in The Lancet also added that all the above-mentioned categories were 84% less affected when plant-based products were used.

    Moreover, a vegan diet lowers about 42-84% of the environmental burden. Food for thoughts!

    What Is Vegan Lip Balm

    Peppermint Hot Chocolate DIY Lip Balm Recipe Without Beeswax

    Vegan lip balm is a lip balm that is made without any animal byproducts. Many lip balms utilize waxes to give them the proper texture to protect and moisturize lips.

    One of the most popular waxes to use in balms is beeswax which is not vegan-friendly. While it does not contain any animal products, it does use an animal byproduct.

    In this vegan recipe, we will be using candelilla wax and carnauba wax, vegan alternatives to beeswax!

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    Lip Balm With Shea Butter

    I love using shea butter for lip balms. I really like the texture. Some people do not like the smell, but I do not really mind it.

    You can actually use shea butter by itself as a lip balm. Just apply it to your lips and thats it. However, if you want real lip balm and other ingredients in it, you would love this recipe.

    I offer you to use calendula oil in this recipe . Calendula oil has healing and moisturizing properties, that are perfect for chopped lips.


    • That is it. You got yourself a healthy homemade lip balm without beeswax.

    How To Make It:

    To make the heart you need a shaped heart silicon mold similar to this one. If you dont have a shaped heart mold you can use any other shape you like.

    To start, melt the cocoa butter in a double boiler or water bath and dd orange colorant and orange essential oil.

    Pour it into the mold and place it in the fridge. Once it has hardened is ready to unmold.

    Next, we are going to make the rest of the balm. We begin by melting soy wax and Shea butter in a water bath.

    Once melted add almond oil and vitamin E and stir. Then add green colorant and peppermint essential oil. Stir again to make sure all the ingredients are well incorporated.

    Place the cocoa hearts in the center of an empty container and with a dropper add the melted Shea butter and soy wax mixture.

    Place them in the freezer until they set . Your lip balms are ready to use. Enjoy!

    They also make cute gifts for family and friends.

    If you dont have any cutter shape at home you could improvise by using a lip balm, just like in the pictures below. Or for a simple lip balm make it two layers in different colors.

    These lip balms are pack with antioxidants vitamins like E and A. They are highly moisturizing and will prevent dry and cracked lips.

    It is also said that peppermint essential oil helps stimulate blood circulation making the lips appear temporarily fuller.

    It will last from 6 months to one year if kept in a cool dark place.

    Other skin care cosmetics you can make at home:

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    Easy Homemade Lip Gloss Recipe All Natural

    Once you have made your own easy homemade lip gloss youll think twice before reaching for those pricy lip gloss at Sephora. I hate dry lips. We all hate dry lips, especially during the winter months. Because of this, a very good friend of mine says she makes sure to always have lip gloss around. That means, she keeps a bunch in her office, a few in her gym bag and at least one or two in each of her many totes and handbags.

    Nice lip gloss isnt cheap. And all natural lip gloss, like Burts Bees Natural Lip Gloss and bareMinerals Natural Lip Gloss, is even more expensive. It adds up when you are always keeping 4 or 5 or more tubes of lip gloss around.

    You know what though?! You can make your own lip gloss following this easy homemade lip gloss recipe. Your homemade lip gloss will not cost you $8 or $10 a pop. It will cost you a whole lot less. You can also customize your lip gloss to any shade you like. Most importantly, the lip gloss you make following this easy homemade lip gloss recipe contains only all natural ingredients. Say good bye to synthetic ingredients and artificial flavoring and give the recipe a try. Soon, you will be proudly making your very own all natural easy homemade lip gloss, and sharing/gifting your creations with your appreciative loved ones.

    Whats In A Diy Lip Balm Without Beeswax

    2 Easy DIY Tinted Lip Balm Recipes Without Beeswax !!!!

    The ingredients in our vegan lip balm are cocoa butter, coconut oil, avocado oil and candelilla wax.

    Candelilla wax is what helps to bind the ingredients of the lip balm together. It comes from the leaves of the candelilla shrub, native to Mexico. It is very similar in texture to beeswax and has similar properties.

    Candelilla wax has a very mild scent so it doesnt overpower the rest of the ingredients. Cocoa butter, on the other hand, has a very strong scent and I find that its too overpowering for essential oils so I usually leave them out when Im using it.

    If you want to add essential oils, try adding peppermint essential oil to make it a chocolatey minty lip balm . You could also switch out the cocoa butter for kokum butter. It has the same texture as cocoa butter without the scent and then you could add whichever essential oils you desire.

    When I use kokum butter instead of cocoa butter, my favorite essential oil combination is peppermint + grapefruit. Its so refreshing on the lips.

    Once you learn how to make lip balm without beeswax, the possibilities are endless!

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    What Is Lip Balm

    Lip balm is often made from petroleum jelly or some other ointment and is applied to your lips to soothe and moisturize them. It was originally used as an ingredient in lipstick, but it became popular as its own product. Lip balm has many uses beyond just the basics, such as preventing chapping or cracking and also helping with dry skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis.

    Tips On How To Make Lip Balm From Personal Experience

    • If you are planning to prepare or already preparing lots of DIY products with butters, wax and other ingredients that you have to melt I STRONGLY recommend buying this special water bath. I finally gave up and bought it from Amazon and it is so much easier and more convenient to use. Otherwise, use old perfect water bath: small pot goes into bigger pot Works just as well.
    • Wax and butter mixture cools off and solidifies very fast in given recipes. You can do two things to make your work easier
    • a) Use less wax (but then your end product will less solid, which is, actually fine.
    • b) Reduce burner heat to the very minimum and have your mixture warming up in a double boiler . So it is always liquid and ready to pour
  • It is the easiest to work with tiny containers. It is easy to pour your liquid
  • It is much harder to work with lip balm tubes. You will see me using a syringe to fill out the tubes . So you will need to get creative while working with tubes.
  • The best and the easiest way would be to use these syringes. However, remember, all your wax and butters will solidify inside and you will have to spend some time cleaning them. I recommend cleaning your syringes under hot water.
  • I DO NOT recommend using disposable dropping pipettes. I tried it and it did not work. So I do not see the point of wasting your money.
  • _____________________________________________________________________________________________

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    Is It Possible To Make Lip Balm Without Beeswax

    However, one of the most common ingredients found in homemade lip balms, Beeswax, is drying and allergic for some people. People lately have also been avoiding Beeswax since it is a non-vegan product. So if youre one of them and are desperately looking for DIY lip balms without Beeswax, youve come to the right place!

    The Complete Guide To Making Lip Balm

    DIY Lip Balm without Beeswax â Easy Homemade Vegan Lip Balm

    Want this recipe in a printable, PDF format you can take with you? Or just want to skip the ads and have this recipe handy at any time?? Ive compiled this post, as well as my other posts on lip balm into a 30-page book that is a complete how-to make lip balm guide. It includes everything you need to know to get started making your own lip balms, with a focus on teaching you how to use ingredients to customize your balms just for you. Learn more.

    Instead, I use a combination of candelillia wax, shea butter, cocoa butter, almond and jojoba oils. These are some seriously rich and nourishing oils, yall that makes a fabulous homemade lip balm!

    I love this combination of natural wax, butter, and oils because it makes a luxurious feeling balm that is not too heavy on the candelilla wax . You will find you dont need to apply all day every day because this lip balm works so well. A couple times a day tops, and your lips will be silky smooth.

    Lets recap: this is the best lip balm recipe without beeswax you will find, your lips will be nourished and soft AND its so great you could sell it.

    And since I know many of you are wondering..

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