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Mix Lions Mane Into Your Smoothie

THIS MUSHROOM Tastes like CRAB Meat – LION’S MANE Mushroom Crab Cakes

Looking for something a little more fruity than fishy? No problem, lions mane can easily be mixed into delicious smoothies and smoothie bowls.

Try this Matcha Smoothie Bowl recipe, with bananas, mixed greens, pineapple, mango, matcha green tea powder, and of course, Lions Mane. Not only is this bowl fruity and fabulous, it will also support your focus and healthy energy.*

For a sweet treat, try this Lions Mane Cacao Shake recipe. With healthy ingredients like bananas, cherries, Lions Mane, and chia seeds, it allows you to satiate your sweet tooth in a healthy way.

Tasty Lions Mane Mushroom Recipes: Simple Tips And Benefits

If you are looking for Lions mane mushroom recipes, this post is for you.

I made a super simple Lions mane mushroom smoothie recipe for you in this post using dried Lions mane mushroom powder. Find lots of other Lions mane recipe ideas for fresh Lions mane here too.

A little background about me: Ive fallen in love with mushrooms for their health benefits and taste. Perhaps the tastiest of all, Lions mane mushrooms, are gaining a lot of popularity for their health benefits.

Yet this fascinating mushroom can still be a little challenging to find.

Luckily, you can find Lions mane powder online or in health food stores, which makes it easier to fit into your daily routine than fresh Lions mane mushrooms too.

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  • Combine all the ingredients in your blender and blend until smooth.

So What Do Powders Of Lions Mane Taste Like

Most Lions mane powder has a taste that is slightly milder than the fresh form of the mushroom. The texture of the powder is close to powdered sugar, as it is finely milled. It goes well with a boldly flavored beverage as it is not nearly as bold and bitter as some medicinal mushroom powders.

That is why the best way to enjoy Lions mane mushroom powder is to mix it in tea, coffee, or even a cup of hot cocoa.

There are also different pre-blended powder preparations that can perfectly complement the flavor profile of Hericium erinaceus mushrooms. Many of these supplements may even contain additional nootropic and apoptogenic properties, so its a win-win situation all the way!

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Lions Mane Souvlaki Recipe

You can make this recipe to enjoy the Lions Mane mushroom barbequed on skewers with a mix of vegetables, or add them to pita bread with tzatziki sauce to make yourself a Lions Mane gyro. This recipe is indeed vegan-friendly, and if you want, use this vegan tzatziki recipe.


  • 600 g of fresh Lions Mane mushrooms, torn into 1 cubes
  • 1 red onion, chopped into large pieces
  • 2 peppers , chopped into large pieces


  • Mix the marinade ingredients into a large bowl.
  • Tear the Lions Mane mushroom into small pieces and add them to the bowl with the marinade. Stir to make sure the mushrooms are well coated.
  • Place wax or parchment paper on top of the marinating mushrooms and add a weight . Refrigerate for at least 2 hours or overnight.
  • Soak your wood skewers in water for 20 minutes.
  • Remove the mushrooms from the marinade and assemble your souvlaki skewers by alternating mushrooms with pieces of onions and peppers.
  • Cook the skewers on the BBQ or over a hot skillet for about 20 minutes, turning the skewers frequently.
  • How To Make Lions Mane Mushroom Coffee


    For this recipe, youll need lions mane mushrooms in powdered form. Youll find these in nutrition and supplement shops, and were only using one tablespoon of it, so a bag will last a long time.We also need roughly a cup of water and ground coffee. Well use a French press to extract the most benefits from the mushrooms and the most flavor from the coffee.Optionally, cream and your favorite sweetener will bring the coffee together for a lovely, apparently healthy drink thats worth trying just for its flavor!

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    What Is Lions Mane Mushroom

    If you havent heard about lions mane mushrooms, we understand.
    It is still quite a new phenomenon but is making quick headway into regular food consumption. Thanks to its terrific health benefits.
    Lions mane mushroom also called hericium erinaceus, yamabushitake, or hou tou gu is a large, white, saggy mushroom resembling the mane of a lion while growing.
    They specifically grow on the hardwood of dead trees in late summer and fall or can be found on the wounds of dying trees.
    Identifying lions mane mushrooms is pretty easy by their white cascading spines and cluster growth on hardwood logs just in case you attempt mushroom hunting. However, beware as many inedible mushrooms may resemble lions mane. So, do work with an expert if wild mushroom foraging.
    Lions mane mushroom is a tasty bunch of plant food that tastes close to lobster or seafood, as many have confirmed. However, most of its attraction comes from the tremendous benefits it offers the body, particularly the brain.
    So, before we jump into the best lions mane mushroom recipe, lets delve into some of its amazing benefits.

    How To Make Mushroom Coffee

    Making this mushroom latte is incredibly simple and is made up of just a couple of steps.

    First, heat your water to around 195ºF/90ºC . Add the coffee and cinnamon to a coffee filter and pour in the water, allowing it to drip into a jar/your cup

    Then, add the remaining ingredients to the glass and stir well.

    Finally, add the milk I like to froth it first using one of the milk frothing methods mentioned here.

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    It Could Protect Against Dementia

    As we age, the brains ability to create and form new connections declines hence, our ability to store up memory lessens.
    Even worse, with the busyness of life, keeping the memory of events and important details are prone to get lost with age.
    Recent studies found that two compounds found in lions mane mushroom hericenones and erinacines showed tendencies of stimulating brain cell growth.
    Both lions mane mushroom and its extract have proven to reduce memory loss symptoms and significantly improved mental functioning after four months of daily consumption.

    Lions Mane Tacos Recipe

    Orange lions mane (vegan orange chicken)

    One of the main benefits of the lions mane mushroom is that it can protect your brain from neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. In addition, this delicious lions mane tacos recipe includes some rich pickled onions, avocado full of healthy fats and amino acids, and a touch of cilantro, which also benefits the health of neurons.

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    Why Use A French Press

    The French coffee press is fantastic for making coffee, but also infusions. The process lets you extract flavors and benefits in many things, including coffee, chicory, tea and edible mushrooms.If you dont have a French press, get one. I know, Im a huge fan of espresso, but there are many things you can do with a French press that you cant with a regular coffee machine.

    Barbecue Lions Mane Mushroom Steak

    Theres nothing better than a good old steak made with plant food and perfect for dinner.
    Lions mane mushrooms embody the texture of a finely cut piece of beef except that it would contain more moisture than fats.
    This dish is an embodiment of simplicity yet hitting excellently with amazing flavors. After all, simplicity with quality equals the best.
    This dinner is perfect for several occasions, which makes it our preferred lions mane mushroom recipe to share with you.
    Have it for a one-person dinner paired with some greens and herbs, serve it with some mashed potatoes for the family, or if youre having a mini party at home, create it as a unique piece for anyone that hasnt had lions mane mushroom yet.

    Unexpected flavor with amazing healthy benefits. So glad I stumbled upon this awesome hairy mushroom lol.

    Melissa P.

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    How To Store And Clean Lions Mane Mushrooms

    Lions mane mushrooms need air circulation in order for them to stay healthy and good to eat.

    Its also true that the colder temps will help keep the fresh mushrooms in better conditions as opposed to keeping them in the heat or directly hit by the sun.

    The fridge is going to be the ideal location to store your lions mane mushroom but you dont want to just stick them in without any protection.

    They could release spores that would end up getting on your other foods and the direct exposure to air would cause them to dry out or become bad.

    What you want to do is stick them in a brown paper bag with the top folded down so they have some protection but its also possible to get slight air circulation.

    You dont want to stick them in a drawer in the fridge because this could also leave them without enough air circulation.

    Whenever youre ready to eat them, make sure to give them a quick wash before cooking.

    Since these mushrooms grow on wood, there could be some excess dirt or debris that you wouldnt want to eat.

    Dont soak them in water though or keep them under running water for too long. They will end up getting soggy and wont be any good to cook.

    It May Quicken Recovery For Nervous System Injuries

    The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves that run all through the body and supports its entire function.
    An injury to this system is a serious health threat, which slows down or stops parts of the brain from functioning properly. Common cases may result in stroke, memory loss, paralysis, and a range of depressing ailments.
    Meanwhile, treating such ailments has proven to be some of the most difficult but all hope isnt lost.
    Thankfully, lions mane mushroom and its extract when used in patients has resulted in speedy recovery as it quickly stimulates the repair and growth of new nerve cells.

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    Pour A Lions Mane Extract Cocktail

    Have you ever been drinking alcohol and thought, Gee, I wish that I could spice this beverage up with a dash of something healthy?

    Then youll LOVE these Lions Mane extract cocktails! Adding subtle depth to traditional drinks, Lions Mane is an excellent addition to traditional alcoholic beverages.

    For a refined, refreshing drink, try a Manehatten, or if you want to sip a foamy, buzzy concoction make a Foamy Lion. Lions Mane extract is versatile so you can really add it to any cocktail recipe.

    Why Lions Mane Mushroom Coffee

    This lions mane coffee combines the flavor profiles of your favorite coffee with the unique flavor of lions mane, and the flavor and health benefits of cinnamon and cardamon. Cardamon is traditionally used in Turkish coffee, and the additional flavor that it adds is unique and delicious.

    The lions mane and cardamon both serve to moderate the bitterness of the coffee. So if you are sensitive to the bitterness and acidity of regular coffee, this blend may be less irritating. I find that this coffee doesnt need any additional sweetener or creamer to be delicious.

    Once the blend is prepared, you can make up your cup of coffee in whatever manner you wish. I like using a mocha pot, but you can use a French press, drip coffee maker, reusable and refillable coffee pods, or even cold brew technique.

  • Grind your coffee in a coffee grinder, or spice grinder, to your desired fineness.
  • Grind your lions mane mushroom to the same fineness as your coffee powder.
  • Sift the ingredients together until they are well blended. Pour into a seal-able storage container.
  • Store prepared coffee in the fridge or freezer to preserve optimum flavor and freshness.
  • This recipe makes enough blended lions mane coffee for 5 mocha pots, or 15 cups of coffee.

    To Brew:

    Use one tablespoon of your coffee blend per cup of coffee. Brew as per your normal brewing method.

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    Cacao Butter Mushroom Coffee

    Integrative nutritional health coach, Edith Agoston, developed this take on the classic bulletproof coffee recipe for the Real Mushrooms audience. This butter coffee recipe amps it up a notch by adding some extra special ingredients like cacao butter, collagen, maca root, and Lions Mane powder extract. The final result is this gorgeous, frothy cup of coffee that is sure to excite all the sights and senses.



    Add everything to a blender and blend for roughly 10-20 seconds. It will come out nice and frothy as a result!

    Find the original post here. You can use Lions Mane powder extract in any of our 11 mushroom coffee recipes.

    How To Make It

    Lions Mane Mushroom Crab Cakes

    Bring the water in a kettle to a near boil.

    In a French coffee press, add the ground coffee and the Lions Mane mushroom powder.

    Pour the boiling water into the French press and stir.

    Place the plunger and press.

    Let the coffee sit for 4 minutes and pour into a cup.

    Add the cream and sweeten it to taste.

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    Speeds Up The Recovery Of Nervous System Injuries

    Research has determined that extracts from Lions Mane Mushroom can reduce the time needed to heal from the nerves, spinal cord, and brain injuries.

    A research study published in 2011 determined that extracts from Lions Mane mushroom can reduce the recovery time needed by rats with nervous system injuries by 23% to 41%.

    Exactly How To Cook Lions Mane Mushrooms

    When harvesting lions mane, it will come as a big block of mushroom almost how cauliflower looks.

    But instead of tearing the cauliflower like you would broccoli florets, you can simply cut right into the mass to create half an inch pieces that are flat. You can probably create two or three depending on how big your lions mane is.

    The entire mushroom is edible so you dont have to worry about cutting off pieces when cooking lions mane mushroom.

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    Where To Buy Lions Mane Mushrooms

    You can buy fresh lions mane mushrooms in grocery stores in the section with other fresh specialty mushrooms and at farmers markets. The following are where I have found fresh lion’s mane mushrooms near me in southern California:

    • Beverly Hills Farmers Market, Sunday
    • Hollywood Farmers Market, Sunday
    • Culver City Farmers Market, Tuesday, from Golden State Papayas
    • Santa Monica Farmers Market, Wednesday, from GoldenStatePapayas
    • Venice Farmers Market, Friday, from LAFungHi

    If finding them fresh is not as easy, even via online, look for dried lion’s mane. The mushrooms can be re-hydrated and then used in almost the same way as fresh mushrooms!

    If youre up for it, you can also forage for wild lions mane, or grow them at home! More on that later.

    Far West Fungi Specialty Mushroom Farm In Monterey County California


    I learned a lot about specialty mushrooms, including lions mane, after visiting Far West Fungi, one of the stops on an agri-tour of Monterey County sponsored by California Grown.

    Far West Fungi grows 12 varieties of specialty mushrooms and forages another 70+ types. If youre in the San Francisco Bay Area, you might have seen them in the Ferry Plaza Market or at other weekly farmers markets in the surrounding area. Lucky for me down in Los Angeles, I was able to find Far West Fungi lions mane, along with shiitakes and oyster mushrooms, in my local grocery store.

    As I mentioned previously, if you want to make this Lion’s Mane Mushroom Recipe and cant find them in your grocery store, you can grow your own with a Grow Kit from Far West Fungi. The mushroom mini farm is the same kind of spore-infused block that Far West uses in their own farm.

    Though Far West Fungi mushrooms grow in tightly controlled indoor environments, the proximity of the farm to the ocean certainly helps to maintain the cooler temperatures required for optimal mushroom growing. In fact, Monterey Countys geography creates many micro-climates that supports a wide range of agricultural products from artichokes to wine.

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    What Do Lions Mane Mushrooms Taste Like

    Many people describe the taste of these mushrooms to be seafood-like. I agree with this, as they remind me a bit of both the taste and texture of crab meat when cooked.

    By the way, you want to cook these or eat them in a powdered supplement form. Do not eat them raw.

    The Healthy RD

    To me, they taste great, as do all mushrooms. Lions mane mushroom recipe ideas are endless because they can sub in for any mushroom in your recipes. I havent yet met a shroom I havent enjoyed for the taste!

    Learn More About Growing Mushrooms At Home

    Sarahs new book, Growing Mushrooms for Beginners, A Simple Guide to Cultivating Mushrooms at Home, is available on and Barnes and Noble. In this concise resource Sarah guides you step by step through growing mushrooms on logs, on straw, on wood chips, or even in Mason Jars at home. The book includes instructions for growing seven mushrooms including shiitake, oyster, lions mane, garden giant and more. Learn the unique characteristics, flavors, health benefits, and specific growing requirements for each mushroom as well as space saving tips and recipes to get the most out of your mushroom harvest. In this interview Sarah and Chris discuss ways to grow mushrooms in the garden, and highlight some expert tips from Sarahs book, Growing Mushrooms for Beginners, A Simple Guide to Cultivating Mushrooms at Home.

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