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What Is The Extreme Fat Smash Diet

Fat Smash Diet – Phase 1 – Shopping Day Pt.2

The extreme fat smash diet plan helps the dieters to lose 5.4 kg of weight in 3 weeks if followed precisely without any modifications.

This diet aims to improve the metabolic rate by portion control and by maximizing the intake of high-fiber foods with a low glycemic index to maintain the blood sugar levels.

The dieter needs to push themselves beyond their limits and out of their comfort zones to reach their goal.

The meals and snacks should be consumed on time in every 2-3 hours to avoid hunger pangs.

The dieter is recommended to take meals more frequently i.e. 4-5 small meals and 2 snacks per day.

The dieter is also advised to do a 40-minute routine workout for strengthening and conditioning the heart, muscle, and lungs.

Dr. Ian Smiths book Extreme Fat Smash Diet includes 75 recipes to prepare the meals easily.

This book also involves meal plans, research journals, a maintenance plan and policies that help the dieter to imitate the maintenance plan.

Add Food Choices With The Fat Smash Diet

You should try as many of the below list of 100 foods as you can find at your local store. As long as you set your focus on trying new and healthy foods, you will not be hungry or feel like you are missing something. This will accomplish the goal of this phase and re-set your taste buds to a more healthy pallet.

Next time you sit down for dinner mix some beans with some curry power or throw several different vegetables in boiling water and add some spices. You will be amazed at the favors you can create without adding fatty items to your dishes.

Also, many fruits will satisfy your sweet tooth much more than a snickers bar will ever accomplish. Just cut up a melon of any sort and see. After the 9 days you will not be able to go without fresh fruit and several types of veggies in your daily menu.

What Else You Should Know

Cost: Grocery costs are likely to be similar to what they were before you started the plan.

Support: Many Fat Smash dieters have joined the online support communities linked to Smith. The Facebook and Twitter community âShredder Nationâ is particularly active. Though itâs associated with Smith’s later book, Shred, many members are using The Fat Smash Diet and his other programs.

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Chapter : Phase Iv: The Temple

In the maintenance phase of the Fat Smash Diet plan, even more food and beverage options are allowed, while the exercise requirements are increased to compensate for increased caloric intake. In order to accommodate the fluctuations and changes that characterize the ebb and flow of real life, Dr. Smith includes recommended guidelines for weekly consumption of a broad array of foods and beverages, ranging from beer to pizza to pancakes. In terms of exercise, Dr. Smith requires five hour-long sessions of cardiovascular exercise each week, as well as consistent strength training in order to increase the bodys lean muscle mass and further enhance fat-burning efficiency.

What Is The First Phase Of The Fat Smash Diet

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The Fat Smash Diet was created by Dr. Ian K. Smith, who claims that you can lose weight and improve your health by following the plan. The diet lasts for 90 days and includes four phases, including the Detox phase, which is the first one. There are certain dietary and lifestyle changes that are necessary to be successful with the Detox phase, but always ask your doctor before starting the diet plan to be sure it’s right for you.

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What Are The Benefits Of The Fat Smash Diet

The fat smash diet is initially strict and restrictive, but later it becomes more flexible and easy-to-follow.

It is a sustainable approach that promotes the consumption of fruits and vegetables and includes only those food items that are easily available.

The fat smash diet focuses on portion control thereby maintaining the daily calorie-intake.

The people who consume unhealthy food can lose up to 10-15 lb within a year through portion control without changing their daily routine.

Dr. Smith stated that dieters could easily lose up to 6-10lb during phase 1.

He also claims that the fat smash diet helps the dieter to lead a healthier life as it detoxifies the body, promotes weight loss and encourages the dieters to maintain their weight.

It is recommended that the dieter should minimize the intake of saturated fat and maximize the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Therefore, it reduces the risk of heart diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and diabetes.

The Second And Third Cycles

The second week is less restrictive, capitalizing on your weight-loss momentum. You will start to add some fruits and higher-calories foods that were not allowed in the first cycle. Drink plenty of water each day. You may also drink two 6-ounce glasses of wine or two 12-ounce bottles of light beer during the week. Limit caffeine from diet soda, coffee and tea. Exercise continues daily for weeks two and three. The third week adds a variety of other food and drinks, including an additional mixed cocktail. All three cycles have a daily food plan and recipes. After you finish the third cycle, you have the option of moving into maintenance or repeating the cycles to lose more weight.

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Think Of It As Added Food Choices

Opening up your allowable food options is a much more positive message to send your brain, it will make this phase seem almost simple. At theend of this article there is list of 100 foods that you may have up to 50 or more that you’ve never tried.

Use this time to have fun and test foods with new spices and seasonings. McCormick has some great options to just shake on your veggies, that can make a world of difference to your taste buds.

Precautions Associated With The Fat Smash Diet

Fat Smash Diet Phase 1 Day 1

It can be hard for some dieters to stick to the fat smash diet, mainly during the detoxification phases it is established on the idea of calorie restriction and therefore allows only little extravagance.

The dieters who prefer to eat at restaurants might find this diet tough to follow.

The extreme fat smash diet can be too extreme for many dieters, and therefore the dieters should never give up before reaching their target weight.

The recipes prescribed in Dr. Smiths book are inconsistent as some phase 1 recipes do contain the forbidden food items.

Hence, one should always consider a nutritionist before starting the fat smash diet.

The workout routine becomes longer and harder as the dieter moves to the next stage.

Therefore he/she should start with 30 minutes of cardio exercise and gradually increase the duration.

Weight training should be included in the last phase of the diet plan.

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Chapter : Phase Iii: Construction

Once again, the third phase of the Fat Smash Diet plan builds and expands upon the system set forth in the previous phases. In this phase, which continues for a duration of four weeks, dieters continue to build upon the changes and successes of the previous phases, while also beginning to gradually reintroduce additional food and beverage options and increasing the length of the five-times-weekly sessions of cardiovascular exercise.

With a continued schedule of four to five meals daily, participants in the Fat Smash Diet plan focus on maintaining their newly-honed nutritional and fitness behaviors during this phase of the diet, using the structured guidelines to make positive choices among a broader array of food and beverage options. As with the previous two phases of the diet, Dr. Smith recommends that foods should be eaten raw, steamed, baked, or grilled, in order to minimize the amount of fat added in preparation. It is also recommended that participants revert back to the stricter Phase I guidelines for at least one day a week during Phase III in order to boost their rate of weight loss.

Foods To Eat And Avoid

Fruits and vegetables will make up the bulk of your diet during the Detox phase. There is no limit to how many fruits and vegetables you can eat, so Dr. Smith recommends eating as much as it takes to fill you up. The fruits and vegetables you eat must be eaten raw, steamed or grilled with minimal fat. You’re allowed to brush grilled produce with a tiny amount of extra-virgin olive oil or use low-fat butter sprays on cooked vegetables. You’re also allowed 3 tablespoons of low-fat salad dressing on raw salads. All other foods, including meat, dairy and grains, are off limits during the Detox phase.

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notahusker from Kansas on December 22, 2010:

Day 7 – I went to a family gathering today, and was a little worried, but with a veggie and fruit tray available it was easy to not go off course. New foods today were roman lettuce, cherries, cucumbers, a peach, and milk.

Day 8 – New foods were Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, and watermelon. Not a lot as the frig. was full of leftovers.

Day 9 – New foods were chickpeas, corn, lemon, and strawberries.

In total I made through to number 53 on the list below and my total weight lost was 5 pounds. That’s > 3% of my total, so I feel great about the last nine days of my life.

notahusker from Kansas on December 19, 2010:

Day 5 – Full again and found it easy to not grab one of the cookies that my kids were eating. For dinner I had a 15 bean soup , so the new items today were allot of bean types, northern, lima, black-eyed, garbanzo, kidney, cranberry bean, white, pink, small red, yellow slip, navy, white kidney, and black bean.

Day 6 – Lost another pound today, and added new foods such as cantaloupe, honeydew, peas and pineapple. I haven’t gotten board with what I’m eating because there’s new food choices every day.

notahusker from Kansas on December 17, 2010:

Day 3 – I couldn’t even hit 1000 calories today, because I was so full. I ate much of the same but added, asparagus, squash, red bell peppers, cauliflower, brown rice, and snap peas.

Best of all I’ve lost 3 pounds. That’s 2% of my body weight in 4 days!!

Vegan Fat Smash Phase 1 Menu Planning Monday

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Geeky spouse and I signed up for a 3 month program at the Y to finally get some of this extra weight off. Its a great program with tons of extra classes for beginners and a food plan. The food plan is the Fat Smash Diet. While I put no faith in diets, this seems to be a program where you eat gluten-free vegan for phase 1. No pasta, avocados, white potatoes, sugar, caffeine, or wine. Phase one is 9 days, so it should be pretty easy.

The sugar will be the hardest part for me, but you get all the fruit you want. So I have splurged and gone off my buying local seasonal produce to keep my sweet fix. I have cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, and grapes. That should keep me busy enough to actually become less dependent on sugar. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Breakfast of the week: Oatmeal with unsweetened vanilla almond milk with banana, apple, or blueberries

Sweet of the week: slow cooker fruit

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Level Of Effort: Medium

The plan starts out strict, but it becomes pretty easy to follow later on, and it leaves you with good habits that last.

Limitations: You have the most limitations during the dietâs first phase. It only lasts 9 days, but it’s a big change from the typical American diet.

Cooking and shopping: You can buy many foods ready-made. But preparing at home is recommended so that you control portion sizes and know exactly what’s in it. The book includes easy sample recipes for each phase.

Packaged foods or meals: No.

In-person meetings: No.

Exercise: Exercise is required, and you’ll work out longer and harder in each phase. You start with at least 30 minutes of cardio training, and gradually add more time. You start weight training in the last phase of the plan.

Chapter : Busting Through The Plateau

Dr. Smith notes that every sustained weight-loss efforts are beset at times with periods of seemingly inexplicable failure and stagnation. This, he explains, is a vestige of the periods of famine that often faced our distant ancestors. A plateau represents a manifestation of the bodys preventive defense against starvation.

The strategy that Dr. Smith suggests to break through a weight-loss plateau is varying the nutrition and/or fitness routine slightly. For example, increasing the duration of exercise by 10%, or focusing on another type of cardiovascular exercise than the one usually engaged in, can both fool the body into dropping its overprotective defenses against starvation and help dieters move past even the most stubborn plateaus. During extended periods of stalled progress, or after a weight regain, Dr. Smith recommends that dieters return to the limitations of the first phase of the Fat Smash Diet plan.

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The Fat Smash Diet Phase One Foods

Suburban GrandmainHealth

As I mentioned to you in my previous post about the Fat Smash Diet, there are 4 different Phases you go through during this program, and each phase has a list of suggested and excluded foods.

Some of the excluded foods in one phase are being introduced back into your diet in the next phase, so for ideal success, you need to follow these food suggestions, eat 3-4 smaller meals per day, follow the same eating schedule, and continue to exercise.

Just think, this phase is only 9 days long.you can do it!!

It is so worth it.

Chapter : Phase : Detox

Fat Smash Diet Review

This chapter lays the groundwork for the entirety of the Fat Smash Diet plan. Although the diet evolves over the course of the four phases, the basic parameters for the plan are outlined in this initial phase. Dr. Smith suggests a formal introductory weigh-in, accompanied by three unvarnished photographs in a swimsuit that depict the front, side, and back of the body at the starting point of the dieting process. Before describing the nutrition and fitness components of the Fat Smash Diet plan, Dr. Smith emphasizes the importance of mental and emotional focus on success, reminding readers that diet success is at least 50% mental.

The first component of the diet that Dr. Smith outlines is the increased number of meals that participants should eat, with a recommended guideline of 4-5 daily meals consisting of small portion sizes. He also reiterates that meals should not be skipped as a means of decreasing caloric intake, as this actually has the effect of slowing down the metabolism and slowing the weight loss process.

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The Extreme Fat Smash Diet Involves Three Cycles:

The first cycle is a restrictive phase with a day-to-day menu which needs to be followed exactly without any substitutions.

The dieter is suggested to perform 45-60 minutes of cardio exercises daily and keep a record of everything that he/she consumes during the day.

Some fruits such as banana and pineapples are forbidden during this stage.

The second cycle is less restrictive and aims at healthy weight loss. The dieters are allowed to consume more fruits, bread, peanut butter and other calorie-rich foods that were prohibited in the previous phase.

The dieters are suggested to drink sufficient quantity of water, but they should limit the consumption of caffeine.

The third cycle is strict yet flexible including a variety of other foods and drinks. The dieter is suggested to perform exercises daily during both the second and third cycle.

After finishing the three cycles, the dieter can move to the maintenance stage or repeat the cycle to lose more pounds of weight.

‘extreme Fat Smash Diet’ Meal Plan

The “Extreme Fat Smash Diet” by Dr. Ian K. Smith, is the follow-up book to his popular Fat Smash Diet used on VH1’s television show, Celebrity Fit Club. The Extreme Fat Smash promises faster results in a shorter time period. If you have between 10 and 25 pounds to lose, this diet is designed for you. Consult your doctor before starting any type of weight loss program.

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Is The Fat Smash Diet Safe

The dieter is suggested to eat a well-balanced diet that has a few health risks.

It is recommended by The National Institute of Health and most experts that weight loss at a moderate pace is healthy but rapid weight loss while following the extreme fat smash diet might be harmful to some people.

Also, the risks coupled with the detoxification diets are not known. Hence, one should remain extra cautious while following the fat smash diet.

What Maryann Jacobsen Ms Rd Says:

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Does It Work?

There is no research on the success of this specific plan or the long-term results people can expect. The plan includes a very restrictive first phase and semi-restrictive second phase, but overall it is based on healthy eating principles, which make weight loss likely.

Is It Good for Certain Conditions?

Except for the first two phases, the plan is in line with major health organization recommendations for weight loss. It promotes eating a diet low in saturated fat and high in fruits and vegetables, making it a sensible choice for people with high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease.

That being said, you will still need to talk to your doctor for guidance on medication changes and how much exercise is right for you. Changes in diet, exercise, and weight loss affect the amount of diabetes, blood pressure, and other medications you might need.

You also still need to follow the advice of your doctor or nutritionist about how much salt and carbs you should be eating.

The Final Word

The strengths of this diet are its focus on healthy eating and exercise and the fact that it does not exclude food groups.

The diet might work for you if you want lots of direction about what to eat, though it may not provide enough long-term support, because itâs only a 90-day plan.

The cons are that it starts off very restrictive, isnât very flexible, and doesn’t have a plan for weight maintenance.

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