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Ideas For Throwing The Perfect Recipe Or Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower

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Traditionally, bridal showers were occasions during which a bride-to-bes female friends and relatives provided her with small gifts that she could use to set up her new household. This basic idea remains intact, but todays bridal showers span across many different themes.

If youre in charge of planning a bridal shower, youd probably like it to be special, practical and fun!

A recipe or kitchen themed bridal shower fills the bill nicely. This type of shower is special because guests share their favorite recipes with the bride-to-be.

Its practical because it gives a bride-to-be a stockpile of unique recipes, and its fun because everyone can contribute in her own special way.

Learn more about planning a recipe themed bridal shower below.

Additional Ideas For Collecting Recipes

These days, many family recipes are posted online. In addition to having each guest fill out a customized recipe card, you could ask each person to include a URL for the recipe as well if there is a URL available.

The bride-to-be will be able to access her favorite recipes from her computer as well, and she can even bookmark them so that they are always available.

Your guests can email you the links prior to the shower and you can collect them in a list to provide the bride. You could also print the recipes off and add them to the recipe binder you are creating.

Bridal Shower Invitations With Recipe Cards

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Potluck For A Recipe Themed Bridal Shower

Depending on your particular circumstances, you might want to have each guest bring along a physical sample of the recipe that she is contributing!

Everyone will be able to sample the recipes that will go into the recipe binder, and the bride-to-be will have first-hand examples of how each recipe should taste.

This will also give her the opportunity to ask questions if she has any as well. It will also help the guests decide which recipes they might want to collect themselves.

Most importantly, its a whole lot of fun, and it is an easy, built-in way to provide food and refreshments for everyone and drum up conversations.

Have a lot of paper and pens around so that people can share their recipes.

Some Ideas For Wording Your Recipe Themed Bridal Shower Invitations

Items similar to Retro Kitchen Bridal Shower

If you are including recipe card inserts with your invitations, youll want to provide some instructions on the recipe card itself or on the invitation.

An alternative is not to provide the inserts, but instead to just ask guests to bring their favorite recipe to the shower with them. In this case, you might want to ask for a particular paper size. 8.5×11 paper is a good bet so that it fits easily in binders.

Here are some wording ideas for you to consider. You can get creative and make up your own recipe themed bridal shower invitation verse as well.

The perfect ingredients for a successful marriage:lots of love, a pinch of spice and no shortage of answers to Whats for dinner?

Please join us for a Bridal Shower in honor ofAshley Blackon August 12th at 11 amat the home of Amanda Green1234 Some Street

Please bring your favorite recipe on 8.5×11 paper.

Regrets only to Amanda 555-4567

Ashleys joy is getting to cookSo please give her a recipe from your book.Breakfast, lunch or dinner for twoappetizer, dessert, or fondueWhen she cooks it she will think of you!

Please join us for a Bridal Shower in honor ofAshley Blackon August 12th at 11 amat the home of Amanda Green1234 Some Street

Please fill out the enclosed recipe card with your favorite recipeand bring it with you to the shower.You may also bring, if you like, agift to help set up their kitchen.

RSVP by August 6th to Amandaat 111-222-3333

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Getting Started First Steps In Planning A Recipe Themed Bridal Shower

One of the first things to do is to choose coordinating invitations, announcements and recipe cards. It can be fun to select a recipe binder or recipe box that features the same basic design and color scheme as the invitations.

Personalized recipe cards, announcements and invitations are a lot of fun, and you can even find personalized recipe binders as well.

The bride-to-be will cherish these items as mementos, and you will have a blast browsing through the many stylish options that are available these days.

Custom recipe binders can be put together like scrapbooks and feature photos of the happy couple, words of wisdom, and the recipes collected from the shower guests.

My store has a variety of coordinating personalized invitations, recipe cards, and binders available for purchase on Zazzle. You may also want to consider adding coordinated personalized envelope seals and/or address labels to your invitation set. Ive included examples of some of our recipe themed bridal shower invitation sets throughout this post.

Special Instructions For Large Groups

If your bridal shower guest list is exceptionally large, you could divvy up the recipe cards into different categories.

Send requests for main dish recipes to one group of women, and send requests for dessert recipes to another.

You can also break them into categories like side dishes, soups and salads and beverages.

When you put the recipe binder together, you can sort it into different categories.

The bride-to-be will be thrilled by the huge assortment of recipes that she receives, and shell appreciate the fact that she can create entire meals from ideas in her binder.

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Custom Bridal Shower Invitations

Begin your path to planning the perfect bridal shower by choosing unique bridal shower invitations that represent the bride-to-be. As the bride is wedding planning for her big day, throwing an unforgettable bridal shower can help alleviate some of her wedding stress. Taking the time to choose a bridal shower invitation and plan out the details makes all the difference when honoring your friend, sister, or loved one. From watercolor templates to floral party invitations, you can customize a bridal shower invitation that suits the bride’s style and is one-of-a-kind just like she is.

Kitchen Themed Gifts For The Bride

How to Make Bridal Shower Invitations – Easy & Cheap!

In addition to having every guest fill out a recipe card, you could suggest that they contribute a small kitchen item as a gift. Its impossible to have too many kitchen tools and gadgets, and each person can select something that they just cant live without.

Before her wedding day even arrives, the bride-to-be will have an assortment of indispensable tools that she can use to whip up delicious meals at home. As an added bonus, each guest can give advice about putting the various tools to effective use.

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Selecting A Custom Bridal Shower Invitation Theme

Shutterfly offers a vast collection of bridal shower invite themes for every type of bride. Pop the confetti! It’s time to celebrate the bride in your life. If you’re a bridesmaid, you’ll be a part of the bridal shower party planning and should help customize the invitations. Whether youre organizing a large daytime celebration or going small with a simple and chic brunch, Shutterfly carries an assortment of bridal shower invitation styles and photo card designs to match. If youre looking for dainty and rustic bridal shower invitations, choose from an array of lovely floral shower designs, inspired by all things garden. Our wide selection of floral bridal shower invitations make for a memorable tea party bridal shower theme or a rustic shower soiree! Choose from gorgeous typography and brunch invitation styles to make the perfect bridal shower invitation that will live on as a memorable keepsake from her big day.

Designing Unique Bridal Shower Invites

If the bride has a large and bubbly personality, opt for a colorful and modern bridal shower invitation with champagne-inspired graphics or pretty polka dots to stand out. You can also celebrate the bride with a photo bridal shower invitation. Select your favorite photo or re-use her engagement photos to craft a fun and personalized bridal shower invitation. We also offer fun and themed shower invitations such as chalkboard or wedding dress invitations, perfect for complementing your bridal shower theme. If you don’t know what to write in the bridal shower card, leave a heartfelt message or an inspirational quote. To treat the bride-to-be in your life, browse through our bridal shower gifts that she will cherish for years to come.

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Unique Bridal Shower Invitation Idea With Recipe Cards

Friends, did you think I had disappeared? After sharing the guest room reveal last week , Ive been a little M.I.A. Ive been focusing on work, life, getting the house ready for summer, and among a a lot of little things, helping to plan my future sister-in-laws bridal shower. My mom is technically hosting in her home next month- Ive just kind of inserted myself and named myself co-host because I love being able to use a little creativity to help make this a special day for the bride. The setting will be in south Alabama at the end of June Im planning on sweltering to be an understatement with a simple garden party theme. After talking general details and a few specifics, the invitations were first on the list to tackle. We also considered the invitations as an opportunity to arm Madeline, the bride, with a special shower take-home. What would be a keepsake that would be meaningful? More than a simple notebook of well wishes that would end up in a drawer? The bridal shower invitation idea with recipe cards was born.

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The Kate Spade recipe box comes with 40 cards inside , but I ordered an extra pack to make sure Madeline has room to grow.

I came up with the little poem-esque rhyme below. Fact- I cant ever resist the opportunity to use a pun, rhyme, or alliteration haha. Im always looking for simple ways to personalize where I can.

Recipe For A Successful Marriage Tips And Tricks For The Bride

Rustic Wood Bridal Shower Invitations Recipe Cards Water

Hand out recipe for a successful marriage index cards and have everyone jot down at least one or two special tips and tricks for a successful marriage.

People always have words of wisdom they can provide the bride-to-be and these will become mementos that she can peruse for years to come.

Or, have everyone jot down at least one or two special tips and tricks for the kitchen. Everyone has special little things that they do to keep their kitchens tidy or to produce the best results in the kitchen possible, and an event like this is the perfect opportunity to compile everyones best advice.

The bride-to-be is sure to refer to these cards again and again as she sets up her own kitchen, and shell remember each person who contributed each suggestion.

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Bridal Shower Invitation With Recipe Card

Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower Favors

A great bridal shower favor might be to provide the guests with small potted fresh herbs plants. You can get fresh herb plants for a good price and you can also generally find cute little plant pots for fairly cheap as well.

Plant the herbs in the pot and include a personalized favor sticker or tag on the plants.

My store on Zazzle has a variety of sticker and favor tag designs to choose from and others can be created on request.

If you like to bake or can, you can also give away baked goodies like cookies, fudge, chocolates, salsas, sauces, pickles, or jams. Again, you can just wrap them up and tag them with a personalized thank you sticker.

Of course, your bridal shower favor can be commercial chocolates, cookies or other food items as well. Maybe even flavored popcorn.

Other ideas include inexpensive salt and pepper sets, measuring or serving spoon sets, oil and vinegar sets, egg timers, pot scrubbers, kitchen towels, and more. There are lots of ideas online.

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