Best Vegetarian Recipes For Weight Loss

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Planning A Healthy Vegetarian Diet

13 Healthy Vegan Recipes For Weight Loss

Choose a variety of healthy plant-based foods to get the most out of a vegetarian diet. Include foods such as whole fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts, and whole grains.

Cut back on less healthy choices. For example, avoid fruit juices, sugar-sweetened beverages, and refined grains at the same time. If you need any help, consult a registered dietitian. They will assist you in creating a vegetarian plan thats perfect for you.

Aim to get the following food groups in to your diet daily:


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Vegan Sweet Potatoes Burrito Bowl

This make ahead sweet potato black bean vegan burrito bowl is the ultimate plant based dinner for a flavorful weeknight meal and easy to pack in your meal prep container! Its loaded with flavor, naturally gluten free and made ultra delicious with a lime cilantro avocado dressing. Youll want to devour this healthy, satisfying meal all week long! Check the vegetarian meal prep recipe here.

Garlic Mushroom Pasta Bake

Calories: 466 | Fat: 22.7g per portion

Mushrooms are one of our favourite ingredients because they are meaty and filling but also low in calories. They make the perfect swap for chicken, pork, or beef as they’re packed full of protein but are much less fatty and calorific than some cuts of meat. With plenty of vitamin C from the spinach and antioxidants from the garlic, this dish has a variety of health benefits as well as being one of our top low calorie vegetarian meals.

Get the recipe: Garlic mushroom pasta bake

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Meal Prep Sweet Chili Tofu Bowls With Brown Rice Garlic Red Bell Pepper And Carrots

Skip the delivery and whip up these easy vegetarian Meal Prep Sweet Chili Tofu Bowls with brown rice, garlic, red bell pepper, and carrots. This healthier version of take-out is not only delicious, but its simple to make and good for you, too! The best part? These bowls can be prepped ahead of time, so you can enjoy a healthy, home-cooked meal all week long.

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Gnudi With Tomato Sauce

20 Skinny Healthy Vegan Salads For Weight Loss

Calories: 280| Fat: 20g per portion

These hearty dumplings are filled with a creamy ricotta and Parmesan mixture so while they are under 300 calories they are higher in fat than other dishes in our round-up. Our simple tomato pasta sauce is quick and easy to make and healthier than jars which often have added sugar and salt.

Get the recipe: Gnudi with tomato sauce

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Eat Beans Pulses Eggs And Other Sources Of Protein

Pulses include beans, peas and lentils. They’re a low-fat source of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals, and count as a portion of vegetables. Nuts and seeds are also a source of protein and other nutrients.

Pulses are particularly important for people who don’t get protein by eating meat, fish or dairy products.

Other non-dairy sources of protein include eggs and meat alternatives, such as tofu, mycoprotein , textured vegetable protein and tempeh.

You need to eat a variety of different sources of protein to get the right mixture of amino acids, which are used to build and repair the body’s cells.

Pesto Gnocchi With Green Beans And Tomatoes

Mess with the simplicity of pesto by adding things like cream, and you can kiss your chances of healthy eating goodbye. When you make this pesto gnocchi, figure 2 tablespoons per plateand throw in some healthy extras like tomatoes and green beans to bring substance and balance to the bowl.6254a4d1642c605c54bf1cab17d50f1e

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Top 5 Myths Around Avegetariandiet

There are so many so-called facts aboutvegetarianeating that are false. Lets bust some here:

  • Vegetarianismguarantees weight loss

As stated above, everyvegetarianand vegan diet are not always healthful. Processed foods, especially in restaurants can pile on 1000s of extra calories even if it isvegetarian.Thus, the key to weight loss is a healthful diet along with regular exercise.Yet, there is evidence following a plant-based diet and weight loss. For example, a review published in Translational Psychiatry states that:

We found robust evidence for short- to moderate-term beneficial effects of plant-based diets versus conventional diets on weight status, energy metabolism, and systemic inflammation.

Another review in BMJ Open Diabetes Research and Care examined the impact of plant-based diets on diabetic people. The authors concluded that these diets associates with a significant improvement in weight loss, among other benefits.

  • Vegetariansand vegans cannot get enough protein

Another myth aboutvegetarianismor veganism needs to be smashed. Proteins are the building of plants and everything you eat has proteins. The RDA for proteins is set as low as 0.8- 1.2 grams per KG of bodyweight. So if I am 55 kilos, my protein requirements would be 40 grams per day. Just a cup of lentils could have as high as 10 grams.

  • You cannot get B12 from avegetariandiet
  • Dairy is essential for strong bones

Spiced Red Lentil And Sweet Potato Soup:

8 Healthy Vegetable Recipes For Weight Loss

Sweet potatoes are loaded with resistance starch. Resistance starches are 1- 2 calories for every gram! That’s 1/4th the calories of proteins and sugar. But they act similar to how fibre acts in the body. Thus, filling you up for minimal calories.

Lentils/ pulses are food for the non- inflammatory good gut bacteria. They heal your gut and reduce insulin resistance. Ideally, you want to eat 2-3 servings of lentils per day. This is a perfect dinner recipe that is wholesome and healthy. Enjoy the same with brown rice or even daal.

Recipe from Rainbow Plant Life

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Innovative Ways To Lose Weight

Other lifestyles changes can help lose weight. Adopting the following healthy habits will help you maintain a healthy weight. Watch this to understand more:

    • Increase Activity: Try to increase the number of steps you take every day, even if you don’t exercise formally. It is a humble way to burn more calories and get fit. To lose weight, aim for a goal of walking 7700 steps per day and work up to that goal over time.
    • Practice Mindful Eating: Most people eat on the run or consume meals while distracted. Make it a point to focus on your meals and pay close attention to feelings of fullness and hunger. It is a great way to get more in tune with your body. In addition, eating slowly promotes weight loss by increasing feelings of fullness and decreasing hunger.
    • Make Smart Choices: Well, eating healthy can become a challenge sometimes. Therefore, set goals ahead of time and try to stick to them. It will help you maintain your plan, even when you feel tempted to make an unhealthy food choice. Further, reminding yourself why you want to be healthier can also make you feel empowered.

Blackberry Cashew Chia Pudding

Though the dish can be as simple as mixing together chia seeds and nondairy milk, that can be a bit, well, gloopy. What chia pudding really needs is a little help from cashews and a blender. Blended cashews are basically nondairy cream, and which pudding isn’t immensely improved with a bit of cream?

Get the recipe for Blackberry Cashew Chia Pudding.

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Homemade Beans On Toast

Calories: 360 | Fat: 13.1g per portion

This popular low calorie breakfast is just 360 calories per serving. The beans in this dish are full of protein suitable for vegetarians. They’re also super low in calories and fat too. Ready in just 20 minutes, this dish is one of our quickest low calorie vegetarian meals. If you like spice, add a pinch of paprika and a few dashes of Tabasco hot sauce – a whole bottle of Tabasco sauce is just nine calories, so a splash or two won’t impact the calorie count much.

Get the recipe: Homemade beans on toast

How To Make Vegetable Soup

Top 10 Vegan Recipes For Weight Loss (Gluten

Homemade vegetable soup is perfect for make-ahead lunches or batch cooking. I learned to make this healthy weight watchers soup recipe years ago and its always a staple in our kitchen.

  • Cook garlic & onion until softened.
  • Add cabbage, carrots, & green beans, cook until tender.
  • Add remaining ingredients & simmer as directed in recipe below.
  • Add zucchini & cook until soft. Remove bay leaves before serving.
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    Tofu And Capsicum Paratha:

    Soy beans have been widely studies not only for their weight loss benefits, but also in helping reduce symptoms of PMS, help with irregular periods and reduce menopausal symptoms. Soy beans have also been proven to help prevent breast cancer. This is why, I highly recommend my clients to consume at least three servings of soy beans per week.

    I also suggest you switch paneer for tofu. You get all the proteins and calcium from tofu without the cholesterol and growth hormones that are found in paneer. Tofu has zero cholesterol, unlike paneer and is nutritionally more dense than panner. This dish is my personal favourite. Watch out to use minimum oil while cooking though!

    Recipe by Archana’s Kitchen

    Stuffed Peppers With Couscous Courgette And Mozzarella Cheese

    Calories: 243 | Fat: 13.2g per portion

    Kim explains: “Bell peppers are exceptionally high in vitamin C and they are available in a variety of colours, ripening from green to red, or purple when they are completely ripe. Although peppers are available throughout the year, one study found that they actually have the highest concentrations of bioactive compounds and antioxidant activity in September, so another reason to eat seasonally.”

    Get the recipe: Stuffed peppers with couscous, courgette, and mozzarella cheese

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    Healthy Eating As A Vegetarian

    5 Healthy Vegetarian Recipes For Weight Loss

    The Eatwell Guide shows the different types of food we should eat to have a healthy, balanced diet, and in what proportions.

    You don’t need to achieve this balance with every meal, but try to get the balance right over a day, or even a week. Choose options low in fat, salt and sugar whenever you can.

    As outlined in the Eatwell Guide:

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    Vegetarian Sources Of Omega

    Omega-3 fatty acids, primarily those found in oily fish, can help maintain a healthy heart and reduce the risk of heart disease when eaten as part of a healthy diet.

    • egg enriched with omega-3

    Evidence suggests that vegetarian sources of omega-3 fatty acids may not have the same benefits for reducing the risk of heart disease as those in oily fish.

    But if you eat a vegetarian diet, you can still look after your heart by eating at least 5 portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables each day, eating less saturated fat, and watching how much salt you eat.

    Choose Safe Storage Containers

    Safe storage containers for meal prep for vegetarians include aluminum foil and plastic, glass, zip lock, or other airtight containers.

    But according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, certain plastics that contain number codes 3, 6, or 7, arent the safest choice as they might contain bisphenol-A , polystyrene, or polyvinyl chloride .

    Instead, choose plastics with number codes 1, 2, 4, or 5 listed on the bottom of the container. Never reheat foods in plastic containers, however.

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    A Vegetarian Diet During Pregnancy

    During pregnancy and when breastfeeding, vegetarians need to make sure they get enough vitamins and minerals for their child to develop healthily.

    If you’re bringing up your baby or child on a vegetarian diet, you need to make sure they eat a wide variety of foods to provide the energy and vitamins they need for growth.

    What Is Body Mass Index

    Delicious, Healthy Vegetarian Recipes for Weight Loss

    Froma bodymassindexof25, apersonisconsideredtobeoverweightaccordingtotheguidelinesoftheWorldHealthOrganizationWHO, andfromaBMIof30isconsideredtobeobese. TheBMIiscalculatedbyweight dividedbyheightsquared . Thus, forexample, apersonwithaheightof180 cmandaweightof81kilogramswouldbeoverweightandobeseat98kilograms.

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    How To Make Vegetarian Meal Prep For Weight Loss Recipes:

    Make the Meal Prep Homemade Dressing:

  • In a medium bowl combine the Homemade Dressing ingredients. Mix well .
  • Make the Meal Prep Quinoa:

  • Rinse the quinoa in cold water.
  • Add the quinoa and water to a small pan, cover and bring to a light boil over medium heat.
  • Reduce the heat to low and cook until all the water is absorbed.
  • Remove from heat and set aside.
  • Put Meal Prep Lunches Together:

  • Lay your meal prep containers out in a line.
  • Divide the quinoa into each container.
  • Top each with 1/3 of the dressing.
  • Divide the mozzarella, then the tomatoes, and finally the basil between the 3 containers.
  • Store in the fridge for up to 5 days. This meal prep recipe is great cold!
  • Special Tip: You can find these directions, along with measurements, nutrition and more in the sharable recipe card in the next section!

    Up next, a sharable recipe card for a healthy meal prep lunch for weight loss

    How Do Vegetarians Meal Prep For A Week

    With more limited choices, meal prepping especially if you are a vegetarian can get quite challenging. You always have to come up with meals that you wont ever get tired of. However, whats good about this type of meals is that you can have your boost of nutrients and proteins in an even easier manner! You can easily just open a can of beans and youre actually good to go.

    Just like anyone else who meal preps, vegetarians have almost the same strategy in meal prepping .

    With that said, here are some tips and strategies on how to meal prep for a week if you are a vegetarian:

    • This is one thing that you should always have or stock up on because where else are you going to put your prepped meals?
    • If you have at least one day free , then you might want to go out and do some grocery shopping for the whole week. Get ingredients that you want to put into your meal. The more options, the better! On the other hand, if you really dont have time, then you can always order online or have your grocery delivered!
    • Chop and store. Chop your vegetables ahead of time so that you can just easily mix these into a salad or other meals you plan to prepare. If you store your veggies in the fridge, it can last for about 4 days. If you opt for the freezer, it can last for about 3 months.
    • And lastly, you just need to cook your meals so that it will easily be reheatable the next time you reach for it!

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    So On This World Vegetarian Day Try Out These 5 Healthy Vegetarian Dinner Recipes For Weight Loss:

    1. Sweet Potato And Quinoa Bowl RecipeAn easy, one bowl meal with sweet potato, coconut nuts and quinoa is perfect for the ones looking to shed some extra kilos and for the ones who want to keep their blood sugar level in control. Both sweet potato and quinoa are known to help manage weight and diabetes.

    World Vegetarian Day 2018: Quinoa and Sweet Potato


    Healthy Vegetarian Meal Prep Recipe

    4 Salad Recipes For Weight Loss Vegetarian | Healthy Salad Recipes

    This Healthy Vegetarian Meal Prep Recipe is low calorie, high protein, and can be made in just 20 minutes no matter how many meal prep lunches for work you make!

    At just 297 calories, and 15.2 grams of protein, this healthy lunch is a fantastic vegetarian meal prep weight loss recipe!

    We didnt skimp on the cheese either! You get a full cup of mozzarella in this low calorie meal prep lunch for work its a huge filling meal that we know you will love!

    Try this easy vegetarian meal prep recipe this week its great for Meatless Mondays or low cost lunches. And its packed full of good for you ingredients that will help you stay full for hours!

    This Healthy Vegetarian Meal Prep Recipe is just 297 calories, and has 15.2 grams of protein!

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    Vegetarian Weight Loss Recipes Dont Sweat It Here Are 65 Of Them

    Reach those body goals and have a delectable time while youre at it by trying out some of the great recipes below!

    And, if you need more help, theres also a FREE full one-week vegetarian weight loss diet plan right over here. Its completely free and available as a downloadable PDF.

    Bonus: delicious and healthy, can be stored for a while in the fridge272 calories per serving

    This easy and healthy Red Lentil Spinach Soup is a hearty and delicious vegetarian meal thats ready in 30 minutes! Its only 7 Weight Watchers Freestyle Smart Points.

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