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Are Spent Grain Dog Treats Safe

Spent Grain Dog Treats – Homebrewing Recipes

Yes, spent grains themselves are not just safe for dogs but they are very healthy. However please note though that hops are not safe for dogs, and do not use peanut butter that has Xylitol in it as it is also toxic to dogs. This is so important to understand that I have devoted a complete section on it further in this article. For now just know to keep your grains separate from your hops if you plan on making treats for your dog after brew day.

As you know the brewing process breaks down the grains, allowing us to get the sugars and starches out of them. But it also allows us to access the nutrients stuck inside the grains much easier.

Although the nutritional value can change depending of course on what grains you use when brewing, in general, most have the following nutritional values and benefits:

  • Fiber levels between 20 and 70%
  • Protein levels between 20 and 30%
  • Reduced levels of carbohydrates

All of which means they are an excellent food source chock full of nutritional value.

All Natural Minimally Processed Ingredients

Brew Chew treats is the result of our obsession with dogs and beer!

We use 5-6 ingredients and no artificial preservatives to make our healthy, delicious, naturally preserved dog treats. All of our treats are baked and dehydrated until crunchy and crispy, so they are naturally preserved with no artificial flavors or colors added.

Oh and.. Because of our preservation process, each bag of Brew Chew treats has a shelf life of a year! Each bag has a resealable lock to keep the bag fresh.

What To Do With Spent Grains

Now that I was using grains to make my beer I had a problem at the end of brew day. What to do with my spent grains. My first few batches I simply threw them out, which always bothered me, and I could tell it bothered my dog also. He must have had some inner dog intuition that he was missing out on some treats.

So I took to the internet to see what other people were doing with their spent grains. The following are a list of ideas I came across:

Although I would love to say I jumped right into making dog treats, as my best buddy Scampy Boy will tell you that is not the case. I composted the spent grains most of the time.

I do not have any farm animals so I did not feed them, although there are lots of white tail deer where I live and I found out by accident by leaving my composted spent grains uncovered one time that deer also have a taste for them. I came home to about 15 deer in my yard eating away.

When I owned my brewery I did have an arrangement with a local farmer who took them and fed his livestock.

It was actually while I owned my brewery I discovered that my dog loved these treats. One of the guys who brewed with me took some leftover grains from brew day home with him so his wife could try and make some dog treats out of them using a recipe she found.

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Peanut Butter Banana Spent Grain Dog Treats

The Dear Zymurgy section of our magazine features a column called Brew Dog, where our members send in photos of their trusted brew companions and we pick one to feature.

The previous Brew Dog was Frank, the best dog, friend and brewing assistant for over eight years. His favorite part of the day was getting a big bowl of spent grains, which got us thinking about other ways you can reward your four-legged pal.

It feels like a waste to throw out your spent grains. When saving them, the majority of homebrewers seem to compost them, feed them to their dogs, or use them to make flour for bread. I like all of these ideas, but what about making dog treats?

If you dont homebrew, many breweries donate their spent grains, so just show up with a big bin and fill up!

A few notes before beginning:

  • DO NOT use grains that have been in contact with hops. Hops have been shown to be toxic to dogs.
  • Store the grains in a large pot or bin after mashing.
  • If youre not going to use all the grains, you can store them in the refrigerator for later use to ensure they dont get moldy.

How To Make Spent Grain Dog Treats

Spent Grain Dog Treats

Im Trent Musho, and this is The Bru Sho. Lets make some nutritious dog treats with our spent brewing grains.

Recipe & Transcript: If youre an all-grain home brewer, you often have a large quantity of spent grains after brew day. But what do you do with them?

Today well look to mans best friend for the answer.

At the end of a brew day youre left with a bucket of grains. An easy option is to throw them in the compost. However, there are many other things you can do with the grains. Breweries will often donate their grains to local farms, but on a small scale, I have another idea for our animal friends at home.

These dog treats are simple to make and also inexpensive. And the best part is that, you know, every ingredient thats going in. Lets jump into the recipe.

Before we get baking, go ahead and preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit or 177 degrees Celsius. This recipe can easily be scaled up to accommodate any size dog and however many treats you want.

To start, well need one cup of spent grains from a brew day. The sooner you make this recipe after the brew day, the better as the grains will start to go bad.

But if you cant make it the same day, you can refrigerate the grains in an airtight container for up to one week.

The next point is extremely important. Whatever you do, do not use grains that have been mashed with hops. Hops are extremely toxic to dogs.

Parchment paper will help them from sticking. The treats need to bake for 30 minutes.

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Dogs And Beer Are Two Of The Things That Make Me Happy In This World And Who Knew That Making Beer Could Also Be Used Make Dogs Happy My Lovely Hippie Friends Nicole And Christopher

There are few things better than sitting down after a long day and enjoying a quality beer. It’s even more satisfying when you brewed that beer yourself! Maybe that’s why my husband and I find ourselves homebrewing about every other weekend. That or the fact that we are in the planning stages of starting a real life brewery. More to come on that front.

We began homebrewing our own beer after I bought my husband, Christopher, a homebrew kit for his birthday. The first couple of batches were from kits that included the malt extract, hops, and yeast. All we had to do was add water and presto! We made beer.

After we didn’t screw up the first couple of brews and realized they tasted pretty good, Christopher wanted to advance his skills and move to all grain brewing. That’s where you don’t get this nicely packaged liquid malt extract you just need to add to water but you actually have to steep the grains in hot water for an hour or so to create the sugary wort yourself. So we went to a local homebrew store and bought our 12 lbs of various grains and brewed our next batch.

As brew day was coming to a close and the yeast was doing its thing to the wort we just created, we looked around and started the cleanup process. Now instead of just having a dirty, empty pot to clean we now had a cooler full of wet, soggy, spent grains. What to do? Well for that first batch they went into the garbage. Ugh. I didn’t like it from the start.

Image provided by Huskypup Brewing

Amber Shehan December 17 2015

Spent grain dog treats are amazing! Spent grain dog treats are hearty, healthy snacks for your puppy friends that are made from the leftover grains from brewing a batch of beer. How good are they? Just ask this adorable beggar, Sandy : I live in a town that won the title

Spent grain dog treats are amazing!

Spent grain dog treats are hearty, healthy snacks for your puppy friends that are made from the leftover grains from brewing a batch of beer.

How good are they? Just ask this adorable beggar, Sandy :

Pleeeeease? Can I have some treeeeats?! Or maybe beer? Huh? Please?

I live in a town that won the title of Beer City USA a few years in a row. Asheville, North Carolina is so besotted with beer that you can barely walk downtown without spotting a brewery on every block. I didnt even like beer before I moved here, and now Im brewing my own at home and frequenting my local favorite pubs with the best of the beer drinkers!

One side effect of brewing is spent grain. Spent grain is the leftover grains and husks from the boiling of beer mash. Our local breweries offer their spent grain to farmers for their cattle or pigs, or for customers who can make use of it. Many folks add spent grain to their compost or make bread or other foods from it.

A stack of spent grain dog treats that I made in my own kitchen!

Use a cookie cutter or just cut the dough into squares, however you choose!

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Beer Hound Brewerys Spent Grain Dog Treats Recipe

After he devoted nearly four years to perfecting the art of brewing, former construction worker Kenny Thacker founded Beer Hound Brewery in 2014. The dog-inspired brewery became the first craft beer establishment in Historic Culpeper and gained significant attention for its tasty microbrews. Its tap list now catalogues well over a dozen varieties of porters, brown ales, IPAs and seasonal stouts, all named after famous hounds from history and cinema.

With dogs at the epicenter of Beer Hounds operations, brewery team members quickly realized a need to give back to their four-legged patrons. The solution became to repurpose spent grain into dog treats.

Beer Hounds signature Spent Grain Dog Biscuits are brewer-tested and served for free at the brewerys weekly Yappy Hour, held every Friday from 5 to 7 p.m. The snack is derived from a traditional homebrewers recipe and can be easily recreated at home following the steps below. To ensure the freshest ingredients, Beer Hound recommends purchasing spent grain from a local brewer.

Spent Grain Dog Biscuits Recipe

How to Reuse Spent Grains – Beer Grain DOG TREATS ð?¶

Here is what youll need for your spent grain dog biscuits:

  • 4 cups spent grain
  • 2 cups flour
  • ½ cup dried cranberries, finely chopped OR ½ cup pumpkin OR ¼ cup peanut butter
  • Parchment or wax paper
  • cookie cutters optional
  • a good dog mandatory

Spent grains have a short shelf life, two days in the refrigerator at the most. Use promptly, or freeze.


I made two flavors and, yes, my dog is spoiled.

Alternate Method:

I have found that dogs dont really care what shape their treats are.

How do you spoil your dog? Karen

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Spent Grain Dog Treats Recipe

Spent grain can be used for so many things outside of brewing beer – breads, muffins, even burgers! My particular favorite is using it as the main ingredient in dog treats for my two dogs, Gus and Charley. You can get spent grain from any local brewer that’s willing to spare it. Just bring them your own, clean container to haul it away. Our three easy steps will get you into doggy-pleasing-food-manufacturing mode quickly and easily.

Spent grain from a pale ale brew day.

Making A Dog’s Breakfast Of Your Beer Mash

  • 4 cups of spent grain mash
  • 4 cups of ordinary flour
  • 1 cup peanut butter
  • Feed to chickens or pigs
  • Add to your compost or mix into your garden directly.
  • Throw it on the lawn or birdfeeder, the local birds will love the feast
  • Add some to your own bread recipe
  • Turn it into beer crackers

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Diy Spent Grain Dog Treats

I started with the recipe offered by the Deschutes Brewery, and modified it to suit the ingredients that I had on hand.


  • 2 C spent grain
  • 1 large eggs
  • 1/2 C peanut butter


  • Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
  • Grab a large bowl and throw all of the ingredients into it. Mush it all together with your hands this is a GREAT job for kids if you have any spare ones around.
  • Roll out the dough once it is all blended and cut out your treat! Use a cookie cutter if you like, or just cut the dough into small squares.
  • Put the treats on a cookie sheet and put them in the oven for 30 minutes. Reduce the temperature to 225 and let them stay in there for an hour or two more to make them last longer.
  • Once done and cooled, I split the cookies into a few plastic baggies and popped all but one in the freezer. Theyll stay fresh in there for a good, long time!


  • NO HOPS! Dont use grain that was boiled with hops, nor should you add hops to the grain as they are toxic to dogs.
  • You can freeze spent grains if you dont plan to use them within 24 hours.

Dawg Treets incorrect spellings crack me up. I often put kat fud on the shopping list.

Why I Started Making Spent Grain Dog Treats

Spent Grain Dog Treats: Simple Recipe For Using Spent Brewing Grains To ...

Like most homebrewers I got my start making my first batches of beer from the pre hopped malt extract kits, or as I like to refer to them as the olcan of goo. The olcan of goo is filled with malt extract that has all of the base grains, specialty grains and hops already in it.

Simply dump the contents of the can into your fermenter, add some water, pitch your yeast and you are off to the races. Clean up is a cinch, wipe your counter, throw out the empty can, no spent grains to have to try to figure out what to do with. But unfortunately for my best little buddy no dog treats to be made either.

I then eventually moved into partial mash brewing. This is where you now make your batch of beer using either unhopped liquid or dry malt extract, hops and specialty grains. When making this beer you steep crushed grains in warm water and add the liquid it creates into the fermenter along with the malt extract. The specialty grains give the beer its flavor, color and aroma. It is one step away from all grain brewing where of course you make the beer from nothing but grains and hops.

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Recipe: How To Make Spent Grain Dog Treats

Im a total dog person but I cant commit to having a fur baby because the husband and I are split between California and Washington and would hate to have to board or bring our pup on a plane. Fortunately, Ive found a clever way to con dogs into loving you unconditionally even when youre just their neighbor. SPENT GRAIN DOG BISCUITS!

Ive been feeding these things to every dog I encounter on a regular basis and now in California dogs follow me to my second floor apartment door, sometimes they even beat me to it. Washington is even crazier. My neighbor dog, Maja, showed up at my house unannounced and were in the country and have some seriously long driveways to traverse.

Enough with the long winded stories before the recipes. I have two versions of the recipe, one vegan and one with eggs that you can find below.


  • 2 cups spent grain
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter
  • veggie oil to grease the pan
  • 2 flax eggs (mix 2 tablespoons ground flaxseed meal with 6 tablespoons of water. Mix together, and let sit for 15 minutes to thicken.


  • 2 cups spent grain
  • 1 cup flour
  • veggie oil to grease the pan

OK, you have the ingredients of your preference, now mix them all together and make biscuits. Ive made ones with cookie cutters, silicon molds, and just your standard roll them into a ball and smoosh them method. Try to make them so theyre one dog serving.

The Best Quick And Easy Spent Grain Dog Treats Recipe

When you switch from extract to all grain brewing, you will likely find yourself wondering what to do with all of that spent grain leftover from your brew day. Sure, you could throw it away, but it seems like such a waste! There are a lot of great things you can do with spent grain , but why not use some leftover grain to make some treats for your four-legged friends? Spent grain dog treats are easy to make and are a great way to share your brew day with your favorite furry assistant brewer!

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Spent Grain Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits

Show some love to your little friends, too! Give them the gift of a healthy treat, considering their nutrition and health as much as you consider yours.

I whipped up this recipe specifically to make use of the spent grain from all of the beer my brother brews. Yes, he brews beer, and yes, its pretty awesome, but I hate to see so much of the ingredients go to waste. It is the same to me as leftover pulp from fresh juices, you dont want to waste that goodness!

Slightly off topic of the recipe, but has anyone ever brewed beer or been around the process? The smell is so unpleasant for me. It reminds me of pet stores I used to go to as a kid .

Anyways, there are always so many oatmeal peanut butter dog biscuit recipes out there, and there are also spent grain dog biscuit recipes that include eggs as a ingredient. Why not try and veganize this? I mean, even if the biscuit isnt presentable, dogs will eat it anyways, and Im sure of it. So, I gave it a shot. To my surprise, it was a success, and all of the dogs that got to partake in the taste test agreed.

If you dont have spent grain, by all means, use oatmeal! I have not tried it, but I am almost certain it will work just fine.

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